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Age Difference Thread 11
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"Adult Differences" Edition
Previous Thread: >>25876820

Come in here, all you /ss/, loli, MILF, and cougar lovers! Talk about or write about relationships between characters with a big age difference here.

BasedPastebinFucker's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/BasedPastebinFucker

LoreLove's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/LoreLove

Kid Anon and the Spa Ponies: http://pastebin.com/604wKseg

Right and Wrong (Anon x RD): http://pastebin.com/34vUjssQ

Blue and Orange on the Rainbow: http://pastebin.com/LTHRbaVn

Anon x Changelings: http://pastebin.com/JzKpr3yw

KidAnon and Babysitter Fluttershy: http://pastebin.com/LSXpUfUs

Anon x Ginger Snap (filly scout): http://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/24611358/#24621083

Anon x DT: http://pastebin.com/VX9AexTa

The Wonderful Misadventures of Scootaloo and Kid Anon: http://pastebin.com/BAne48b7

White Cream (Twilight Velver x Moondancer): http://pastebin.com/F13LxLWN

Spike x Rarity x Fluttershy Magic Dragon-cock Harem two threads ago (Get a pastebin or something!)

KidAnon's Family Lesson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JCuAgpY6DhDHmR7oXTB0tFMi0_

The Nightlight - Young Anon x Twilight: http://pastebin.com/KGAwSJH3

Pretty damn violent, you been warned
Parent's Night Out - Child Anon x Cadance:
1: http://pastebin.com/zwC0NpR4
2: http://pastebin.com/h5PL42Ep
3: http://pastebin.com/KSGt3cXy
4: http://pastebin.com/3cYrn5i9
5: http://pastebin.com/etFHephx
6: http://pastebin.com/jmK3Cpat
7: http://pastebin.com/fsW6SPA3

Babs Tease: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR

Too Fast, Too Young: http://pastebin.com/ktSs353f

MA KidAnon: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ8oVIcOiNMfeOsJCpw2lw3ARAhUBOFnhDOrvnDqw9M/edit?usp=sharing

An Uncle and Niece story: http://pastebin.com/fnSHbcsX

>You walk into town with Fluttershy, who is still elated over the whole carrot ordeal
>Right off the bat, you spot one of the five vegetable vendors town
>”Hey Flutts. Go over to that stand right there, and ask for some onions.”
>All the color that was in her face drains in an instant
>You take the carrots from her mouth before continuing
“You heard what I said.”
>”But Anon, I don't know if I can…”
“Look, Fluttershy, do you want to be a doormat for the rest of your life?”
“Then get over there, and ask for some onions.”
>She nervously walks over to the fruit stand, while you pretend to study some sort of cog at a nearby stand
>”Wanna buy somethin’?” the mechanic asks gruffly
“Nah, just perusing,” you respond
>”Look, if ya ain’ gonna buy anything, git away from my stand.”
>You look up from the gear, somewhat bemused, somewhat annoyed
“Look mac, do you know who I am?”
>”Quite frankly, I don't give a-”
“I'm Twilight Sparkle’s kid.”
>That was enough to shut him up
>”N-no you're-”
“I'm adopted fucker. And if you really wanna find out, I can just mosey on down to the library, and we can find out firsthand. Now unless you want your business to burn in front of you, and your family to be sold into slavery, I suggest you shut up, and let me loiter here.”
>The stallion begins nodding vigorously, and sinks back into his stand
>”Twelve bits per onion!” you hear the vegetable salesmen declare.”
>”But last week it was only ten bits per onion!” Fluttershy complains
>”That's the economy for ya. Do you want it, or not?”
>”No… I can't afford anything beyond ten bits…”
>”Then leave my stand.”
>You glance over, and watch Fluttershy slowly sulk away
>After a few moment’s hesitation, you walk over to the vendor
“Hey there!” you greet in the most cheerful tone you can muster. “How's it going?”
>He looks up at you, annoyed, before huffing
>”’S alright. Was a lot better a second ago."
Bump oh lordy bump
bump for moar
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ponies are so cute! :3
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a babs is fine too.jpg
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So... Board game "night" turned into board game three-day-marathon and the only computer I could get ahold of kept freezing up every half minute.
Just finally got home less then an hour ago, sick with an annoying cold and sad to see the previous thread died before it's time.
Ah well, I suppose it didn't have all that far left to go anyway, but I'm still disappointed that I couldn't help keep it alive all the way to 500.
>Fighting back any and all urges to sock him in the jaw, you continue your path of dialogue
“I was wondering how much do onions cost here?”
>”Seven bits per onion.”
“Then why'd you tell my friend it was twelve?” you ask with a bitter edge in your voice
>He looks up, somewhat shocked, before sighing to himself
>Apparently this fatass really likes his air
>”Oh brother, you’re here to stand up for that pussy, aren’t you? Tell ‘er prices are sixteen bits from now on.”
“Oh no they’re not. From this point onwards, you’re only gonna charge her six bits per onion.”
>The old man snarks at you, and quickly rises to his forelegs
“Oh yeah? And who sa-”
“Says the son of Twilight Sparkle. Now, are we gonna lower the price, or am I gonna have to rain white-hot justice upon your business?”
>His eyes go wide, but his stern glare soon returns, with a hint of fear though
>”There’s no way you’re-”
“No? Wanna try me? My house isn’t that far away. I can go bring her back here if you want to. Although bear in mind, she’s currently undergoing detox, and is probably even crankier than usual. I wouldn’t drag her out of that if I were you.”
>”You’ve gotta be bullshitting me, there’s no way Twilight would quit drinking.”
“Wanna find out?”
>He merely glares at you in response, before grabbing an onion
>”Six bits. Take it, or leave it.”
>You smile, and motion for Fluttershy to join you
“We’ll take it,” you say when she’s in earshot
>After paying the man the six bits, he pushes the onion towards you, and you take it with pride
“Thank you. Pleasure doing buisness with you.”
>You put the onion in your pocket, and turn away from the stand
>Fluttershy catches up not long after, and looks at you with a puzzled expression
We hope you feel better. I'm sure we are sill waiting for that green of yours. But get better first.
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kill them all yes.jpg
60 KB, 463x657
Woot, more MAnon!

Honestly, I can totally see him doing the Dexter/Cupcakes sorting hat thing on some asshole ponies.
Ha ha, nepotism.
My favorite kind of abuse of power.
Slow once again
Dangit, I know I've been lazy, crap. Bump.
Welcome to the club.
I blame Viral.

>”Um… Anon? What was the point of bringing me out here if you were just gonna fight my battle for me?”
>You don’t stop walking, but you do ponder your answer for a moment
“Baby steps ‘Shy,” you explain. “As of right now, you’ve got a tarnished name, and no one takes you seriously. You need a powerful ally in your corner. Someone who’s got a lot of connections, and can make gears turn. We need to boost your image some, just so people won’t treat you like a pushover.”
>”Oh… well… thanks I guess. But will this make other ponies scared of me?”
“Are they scared of Twilight?”
>You can’t even respond to that, so you just keep walking
>Soon enough, you tread back to her cottage, and swing the door open
>”You never answered my question Anon,” Fluttershy remarks
>After a brief run of your tongue across your dry lips, you respond
“Fluttershy, I can’t guarantee that you’re not gonna have any enemies. Applejack has enemies, and she’s probably one of the most grounded ponies I know. But that comes with the territory. People can be jerks. Sometimes you just gotta ignore them.”
>”Well that’s great life advice and all Anon, but it doesn’t really answer my question.”
“Oh… uh… nah, I think you’ll be fine.”
>”Alright. If you say so Anon, I’ll trust you.”
“Atta girl. Now, let’s continue with our lesson.”
>She takes her spot back on the couch, and you stand in the middle of the living room again
“Now then, let’s focus less on being assertive, and more about breaking out of your shell. As of now, you’re still really awkward, and really timid around other ponies. I think a good way of helping reprieve some of these feelings would be to correct people when they get your name wrong.”
>”But the only pony who gets my name wrong is Twilight.”
“And who’s the biggest thorn in your side?”
>I blame Viral
O-oh... O-okay, senpai...
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>Previously pastebinned: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR
>>You honestly have no clue what you guys are watching. Some sort of B movie on Netflix that somehow got in the Orange’s queue. Something about mummies and mannequins? Is this supposed to be horror? I dunno, but the girl is pretty cute.. It doesn’t really matter. You’ve been nuzzling Bab’s neck the entire time, planting kisses, her parents presence be damned.

>>Bab’s attempts to stifle her moans are driving you crazy. Suddenly, you hear a surprised “MEEP” from your left. Startled, you and Babs both turn. Her earlobe had been in your mouth, though fortunately it slipped free easily due to the fact that you’ve been suckling it like a baby.

>>Auntie Orange is sitting on Mr. Orange’s lap underneath the covers. Their faces are both very suspicious. Like their hiding something. Babs has a look of pure terror on her face and slowly turns back to the television.
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Praise The Sun.png
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Age difference measured in centuries...

Muh dick...
>Being called Senpai

I-I apologize Viral, it was just a joke Pls no leave.

Further jesting aside, it just now dawned on me that I just paraded a shaven Fluttershy around town for all to see.

'Scuse me, while I shoehorn the trip to Rarity's into the story.
File: lleeewd.jpg (4 KB, 166x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 166x200
>shaved Fluttershy

H-how leeewd.
Well I mean it's just the one spot on her back.

I was originally going to have them go to Rarity's first-thing, but I forgot about it during my Christmas Special.

Is this what it feels like to be Akira Toryiama?
File: 1441022785384.png (200 KB, 296x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 296x454
>>just got done watching Resurrection F
>>did the readings and Dexter Angel short
>>yeepz mentions AT

You aren't me, right? You are probably required by law to tell me if you are.

>>Her eyes continue to stare away from her parents as she whispers to you through clenched teeth.

>>”Anon, we gotta git outa heah, right now.”

“But won’t they get suspicious?”

>>“Theah gonna be even more suspicious if we ah still here once mah starts movin on mah da's dick.”

>>The clouds part and the sun shines through. You did always have a thing for Auntie Orange, always so ni-

>>Your train of thought crashes as Babs yanks your head to face her, and the only two survivors, a pair of kids, are eaten by a polar bear.

>>”Don’t even think aboudid, short stuff. The only Orange you ah gonna peel is mine, capisce?”

>>You are unceremoniously yanked up and dragged from the living room. Squeaks and barely concealed panting quickly follow.
Nah, I watched Resurrection F a few months back.

I mention based Toryiama because he is notorious for forgetting aspects of his own universe.
Well... If it was only a joke a-and you're not really mad at me...
Then I forgive you. I won't ever leave. I am the one who constantly watches after all.

Whoops, I know that feeling.
In my earlier attempts at writing, I would constantly forget plot points I had planned out.
In one story, I reached the end of the chapter, realized I had completely forgotten about this one thing I really needed to include and had to re-write almost the whole chapter.
I'm just gonna be lazy and go:

>"How did neither of us notice this until now?!"
“My point exactly. Now then, let's try something. You're gonna pretend that I'm my mom, and I'm going to intentionally get your name wrong. When I interrupt your correction, you're going to further correct me. Got it?”
>”I think so…”
“Good! Let's get started then. Hey Butterscotch. How goes it?”
>”M...my name is Flutter-”
“I know your name!”
>As she continued to do her best snake impersonation, her voice began to quiet substantially
“What? I can't hear you Butter Buiscut!” you shout in a near-perfect intimidation of your mother’s vocal patterns
>”M-m-m-my name is-”
“I know the name! Gosh Biscuit and Gravy, do you think I'm too stupid to remember your name?”
>”T-then stop saying it wrong,” she responds with some confidence
“Your name isn't Butterfly? Are you sure?”
>”No it's Fluttersh-”
“I KNOW. YOUR NAME. My goodness, how stupid do you think I am?”
>”Pretty stupid right now!”
>The mare then covers her mouth in shock, and you try… and fail to suppress a fury of giggles
“O-ho, w-well then,” you stammer out in between snorts. “At least this stupid person is smarter than you, Flu-”
>”My name,” she interjects solemnly. “Is Fluttershy.”
>Your laughter suddenly ceases, as you look at the yellow mare, both impressed and stunned by her actions
>You suddenly begin to clap, and walk over to where she's standing
“Yes you are,” you begin, wrapping your arms around her. “Fluttershy.”
>”I-if it's not too much trouble…” she begins nervously. “I would prefer you call me Flutterbutter… I really like that nickname.”
>You pull away, and look her dead in the eye with the most serious glare you can muster
“Make me,” you respond with a coy smile
>She hesitates for a moment, and then gulps down her fears and inhibitions
>”You're going to call me Fluttershy. Otherwise, I'll see to it that my elephant friend makes you leave the premise.”
>You smile warmly, and stand upright
“Flutterbutter it is. Just don't get used to threatening random people when you can get your way piecefully, alright?”
>She returns your smile and nods
>”I will keep that in mind when interacting with other people.”
>She nuzzles herself into your hand as you stroke her mane, and you chuckle to yourself
>Although in this moment of stillness, something suddenly felt… incomplete
>As if you had forgotten to do something today that you said you were going to do
>As you look to the cute mare in front of you, it quickly dawns on you what you had forgotten
“...Shit. Fluttershy, we forgot to get you a dress before heading into town today…”
>Her eyes go wide for moment, and she looks to the blank patch on her coat to confirm it
>”I had forgotten all about the patch honestly… luckily, I don't think anyone really took note of it.”
“Hopefully not. Anyway, we should get you into town. Let's try to avoid any further embarrassment on your end.”
>”Ok… but what should I wear though? I don't really have any clothes considering we’re mostly naked all the time…”
“What about your Gala Dress?”
>”I don't want to get that dirty. It takes a lot of fancy materials that I don't have to wash it out, and it costs a fortune to have someone else clean it for me…”
“Damn. And I'm not sending you out with a blanket on, that'd just be stupid… so what can we do to hide your patch?”
>As an elbow rests against the fabric of your shirt, you realize what you should do
>After quickly yanking off the black tee, you offer it to Fluttershy
“Here, wear this. It should be big enough to cover the shaved area.”
>She quickly tugs it on, and it covers all of the patch, save one small segment poking out
Sorry for letting the last thread die prematurely.
Had the oppourtunity to bump but chose not to.
Cost us dearly.
Hey, no biggie.
Besides, I can post the green without worrying about running out of space now, which is good.
I miss your green.
We miss you.
When are you going to write again Senpai!?

>You spend most of your afternoon sitting on your ass doing nothing.
>Hell of a chance of pace.
>You texted Snowdrop after you remembered that you forgot to tell her when to go to your house.
>You both agreed on her coming over at around five in the afternoon.
>You needed some time to get the place in a presentable state, and there’s no way in hell you’re getting up early on a weekend.
>After cleaning up the place (Read: stick everything where no one will find it) you tell your brother to clean up his room.
>”Awgh, do I have to?”
>As you’re about to tell him to stop being a lazy fuck, you realize something.
>No one but him is going to go to his room.
>Telling him to clean it up is kind of pointless, actually.
“You know what, never mind, do what you want.”
>You hear the noises coming from the TV spot, and your brother jolts out of his room, baseball bat in hand.
>”Who are you, and what did you do to Anon?”
“Yeah, real funny, dickwad.” You say. “No one’s going to go to your room, cleaning it is a waste of time.”
>Your brother throws the bat inside his room again, crashing into something.
>”By that logic you just wasted all afternoon then, we’re the only ones here.”
“Snowdrop’s going to stay over the weekend here, that’s why I’m cleaning up.”
>Your brother looks at you for a moment, then smirks.
File: pic related.jpg (9 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pic related.jpg
9 KB, 300x300
>”Well, seems like—“
“Okay, preemptive warning, you make one goddamn blind joke tonight, and I’m throwing you out of the goddamn window, okay?”
>Your brother closes his mouth and crossed his arms.
>”Yeah, I’m sure your girlfriend is going to be happy about you fighting me.”
>Shit, he’s got you there.
“Look, all I’m asking is for once in your life don’t be a twat, is that too much to ask?”
>Your brother looks at you quizzically, then shrugs.
>”Well, I suppose it shouldn’t be that hard.”
>Eh, it’s something.
“Thanks, I guess.”
>You turn around and start heading down the stairs, before your brother call s your attention.
>”Wait, you didn’t get pissed when I called her your girlfriend.”
>You turn your head towards him and pull your best Revengeance smile.
>”You motherfucker.” He says while going down the stairs. “You did not.”
“Hey, if anything, you helped.” You say while going down the stairs. “If you haven’t mentioned it the other day, I wouldn’t have invited her to Sugarcube and nothing would have happened.”
>”So that’s why you were late the last two days.” He says, before shaking his head and laughing. “I want to be mad at you, but come on, I can’t be angry at that.”
“Okay, yeah, that’s great and all, but don’t tell anyone.”
>”Why not? I mean, you’re both minors, it’s not like you’re doing anything illegal.” He asks. “And besides, isn’t the thing, like, half your age, plus four? You’re fine.”
“It’s half your age, plus seven.”
>”Oh. Then yeah, shit’s creepy then.” He says in a deadpan tone. “Hey, don’t worry about, I’m not rating you out, and besides, you’re fucking awful at keeping secrets, everyone’s going to find out in like in a week.”
“Yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence.”
>As you say that, you both hear the doorbell ring.
>”Oh boy, here we go.” Says your brother.
>You turn around and point at him, while making the sternest facial expression you can manage.
>Going by the look on his face, you probably made the constipatedest one instead.
>You walk to the door and open, and see Snowdrop carrying an old, white gym bag.
>”It’s nice to see you, Snow.”
>Snowdrop walks inside and hugs you.
>”It’s good to be here, Anon.”
>”Oh, don’t stop by my account.” Says your brother.
>It hasn’t even been five minutes, for shit’s sake.
>Snowdrop breaks the hug, blushing.
>She clears her throat and looks towards your brother.
>”You must be Anon’s brother, right?”
>”What, don’t tell me he actually talked about me.” He says, faking surprise.
“She never said I said good things about you, though.”
>”Anon, please, I’m sure your brother is a great person.” Snowdrop says.
>Your brother chuckles then then his head towards you.
>”See? Even she thinks so.”
“Yeah, yeah, don’t you have to be insulted by kids over the internet, or something?”
>”As a matter of fact…” Your brother says. “I do. If you’ll excuse me.” He says while heading up the stairs.
>As soon as he’s out of sight, Snowdrop turns to you.
>”He seems nice.”
“As long as you’re not better at a game than he is, yeah, I reckon he’s alright.”
How can a pony be such a fox?
“Well, enough of that.” You say. “Make yourself at home, Snow.”
>Snowdrop is silent for a moment, before piping up.
>”Um, I… kind of don’t know what your house is like.”
>Oh, right, blind.
>Somehow that completely slipped your mind.
>You think for a second, trying to come up with something.
>Other than her sticking to you all weekend, you can’t come up with anything.
>It’s not like you mind, but it may a problem for her in the long run.
“How about I guide you a quick rundown on the house?” You ask.
>Snowdrop looks at you for a second, then nods.
>”Yeah, that may actually work.” She says.
>You walk over to her and grab her hand.
“Okay, follow me.” You say guiding her through the living room. “This is the living room, there’s a sofa on your right, with a small coffee table next to it, be careful of that. To the left it’s the TV.”
>”Right…” Says Snowdrop.
>You walk into the next room.
“This is the kitchen, the dining table in the middle of the room, right in front of us. To the right is the hallway, the room on the left is the bathroom and the one on the right is my parents’ bedroom.”
>”Bathroom to the left, got it.”
>You turn around and lead Snowdrop up the stairs, taking care of not making her trip.
“Okay, to your right it’s the other bathroom, and to the left is my brother’s room. If you appreciate having a sense of smell, don’t go inside.”
>”Yeah, I noticed…” Says Snowdrop while scrunching her nose.
>You open the door to your bedroom and guide Snowdrop inside.
“And this is my room. That’s pretty much it.”
>”That’s it?” Asks Snowdrop with a slightly surprised tone in her voice.
“Eeyup. I know it isn’t much, but—“
>”That’s great!” Says Snowdrop.
“Um… glad you like it?”
>Snowdrop turns to you and blushes.
>”Oh, I meant that… I mean, it’s pretty easy to navigate, it’s great for me.”
“Well, if you want to move in, all you have to do is ask.”
>Snowdrop blushes harder, but turns her head towards you anyways.
>”W-well, maybe if you gave me an incentiv—“
>Your brother throws open the door.
>”Hey, Snowdrop left her in the living roooooo— I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”
>You sigh in frustration.
“No, you’re not, now could you please fuck off?”
>”Well, shit, sorry…” Says your brother while closing the door.
>You turn your head to Snowdrop, who’s red as a tomato now.
“You want to go downstairs before he gets any ideas?”
>”Y-yeah, that may be for the best.” Says Snowdrop.
>You spend the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to read braille with Snowdrop, playing with your brother, or watching a movie.
>At dinner, you put all your effort and willpower into actually cooking something that wasn’t rice.
>Instead, you ordered a pizza.
>Hey, it counts.
>After eating, you and your brother are watching a movie, while Snowdrop is snuggled up to you.
>Before the movie can finish, however, your brother phone rings.
>He gets it out of his pocket, and reads a text.
>”Oh fuck, I completely forgot.”
“What, what happened?”
>”I was supposed to help Button grind and I completely forgot!”
>”Sorry guys, I gotta go!” He says while running up the stairs.
>You look at Snowdrop, who’s still looking towards the stairs.
“Well. That was something.”
>Snowdrop turns to look at you.
>”I’m sure that’s pretty important to him, even if it sounds ridiculous to us.”
“Yeah, maybe. Still, kinda melodramatic.”
>”Well, I won’t disagree on that.” Says Snowdrop.
>You both laugh, and then you check the clock.
>Not exactly late, but Snowdrop seems to be used to getting up pretty early, if her yawning is any indication.
“Hey, want to wrap this up?” You ask her.
>”Oh no, please, don’t worry about me…” She says before yawning. “…I’ll be fine.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you are.” You say. “Come on, let’s go.”
>You turn off the TV and guide Snowdrop to the stairs.
>”So, where am I sleeping?”
“With me.”
>”O-oh, well, that’s unexpected, b-but—“
“In separate beds.”
>You turn around to see Snowdrop looking at you with a half amused, half annoyed expression.
“Oh, come on, I’m just messing with you.” You say. “And besides, if you want to sleep with me, all you have to do is ask.”
>Snowdrop blushes again upon hearing this.
>”D-don’t get your hopes up.” She says, trying to play it cool.
>You finish making Snowdrop’s bed and guide her to it.
“Goodnight, Snow.” You say.
>”Night, Anon.” She replies.
>A couple of minutes later, you hear Snowdrop walk over to your bed.
>”Um, hey, do you… do you mind if—“
“Get in.” You say without even opening your eyes.
> Snowdrop gets in the bed and snuggles up to you.
>You wrap your arm around her.
>”Thanks Anon, I was cold.”
“I’m sure you were.”
>You trace your hand upwards, feeling the curves of her chest, the smoothness of her ski—wait, what?
“Snowdrop?” You ask.
>”…Yes, Anon?” She says meekly.
“Are you naked?”
>”N-not technically, no.”
>You throw the covers off you and turn on the bedside light.
>Well, she wasn’t lying.
>She isn’t naked.
>She’s wearing her panties and some light blue knee-high socks with white polka dots.
>That’s as far as clothing goes, though.
>”I-I’m sorry, I’ll just go b—“
>You grab her before she gets out of bed, making her look at you.
“Come on, we did it on a shed in the middle of the park, do you seriously think I’m going to be too embarrassed to do it here?”
>”But you just said—“
“I was asking, not complaining.“ You say. “Now, wait here a sec.”
>You get out of bed and look through the hallway.
>Your brother’s door is closed and you can hear him playing.
>That’s good.
“Wait here a second.” You tell Snowdrop.
>She nods and you go out into the hallway and into the bathroom.
>You open the cabinet and starting grabbing what you’ll need.
>Condoms? No, Snowdrop said she was on a safe week.
>Lube? Yeah, definitely going to need that.
>You go out the bathroom and into your bedroom.
>As you go in, you catch Snowdrop slowly grinding your pillow.
>”I need that thing to sleep on, you know.”
>Snowdrop jumps a little, then looks at you with a sheepish smile.
>”S-sorry, I got kinda excited and, well, you know.”
>You chuckle and close the door behind you.
“Like I said, I wasn’t complaining.”
>You sit next to Snowdrop, and take off your shirt and underwear.
>Snowdrop grabs your shoulder and turns you around, pulling you into a kiss.
>You lay her down on the bed, not breaking off the kiss.
>You slip your fingers under her underwear and start playing with her, making her break the kiss and moan.
“You know, there was something we never got to do…” You say while sliding down the bed.
>”W-what is it, Anon?”
>You pull Snowdrop panties off and left her crotch to your face, making her yelp in surprise.
>”H-hey, remember what we said about warning each other?”
“Oh, sorry. Do you want me to keep going?”
>”I didn’t say stop…”
”That’s all I needed to hear.”
>You lick the outer lips of Snowdrop’s vagina, making her let out a small moan.
>You trace the lips until you get to her clit, and give it a lick.
>With that done, you start tracing circles around it, stopping every few seconds to suck on it.
>Snowdrop seems content with this, as she’s moaning loudly, and her juices are covering most of your chin.
>”A-anon, I’m g-going to… “
>You let go of her clit and place her down in the bed, making her look at you in confusion.
“Hey, I wouldn’t want to ruin the best part, now would I?”
>”W-well, when you put it like that…”
>You crawl back to where Snowdrop is and pull her into another kiss.
>You interlock the fingers of your hand with hers.
>With your free hand, you line up the head of your penis with her entrance.
>Snowdrop breaks the kiss and brings her free hand to your chest.
>”W-wait, Anon.”
“Uh, what?”
>”Did you remember to lube up first?”
>Oh, right.
>That could have gone south really quick.
>You get off the bed and grab the bottle of lube you left on your desk.
>You squirt some on your dick, then some on your hand, for Snowdrop.
>You turn around to see Snowdrop on her arms and knees, with her ass pointing at you.
>”W-well, Anon? Y-you’re not going to leave me waiting, are you?” She says.
>You crawl back into bed and insert your lubed up fingers into her, making her yelp a little.
“Come on, how could I possibly do such a thing?” You say, taking your fingers out.
>You grab her by the hips and line up again.
“You ready?” You ask.
>Snowdrop nods and then grabs the pillow.
>You manage to easily get the head in first, and then the rest of your penis slowly.
>Snowdrop lets out a long whine through the whole thing, until you hilt in her, making her sigh.
“There we go…” You say. “Can I move now?”
>Snowdrop hums in confirmation, and you take pull out half of it slowly, before going back in.
>After a couple thrusts, Snowdrop turns her head around.
>”A-anon, come on.” She protests. “Y-you can go faster than that…”
>You let go of Snowdrop’s hips and grab her midsection, surprising her a little.
“If that’s how you want it…”
>You pull out until only your head remains inside her, than dive back in.
>Snowdrop arches her back and lets out a small scream, before putting her head against the pillow and moaning into it.
>You keep rhythmically slamming into her, making her moan every time you hilt in her.
>You let one of your hands go of her side, and grab one of her breasts, playing with her nipple.
>Snowdrop moans again, and grabs your hand.
>After playing with her breasts for a couple minutes, you let go of her nipple and start tracing your hand down her stomach.
>You keep heading down until you touch her clit, making her tense up.
>”I-I think t-that may be a-a bit too m-much…” Says Snowdrop between moans.
>You take your hand away from her clit, but not before giving it a flick, making her whine.
>You start picking up the pace, making her bounce against you, and making her moan louder.
>Snowdrop starts thrusting against you, making her hips slap against yours.
>She lets out a low moan, before she clamps down against you, making you cum too.
>Snowdrop arms give in, but you catch her and bring her down into the pillow.
>You pull out of her, and lay down facing her, wrapping your arms around her body.
>”Anon..?” You hear her say.
>You open one eye to look at Snowdrop.
“Hm?” You say groggily.
>”I… I love you.”
>”I love you too, Snow.” You respond, before kissing her.
>The next morning, you woke up to see Snowdrop snuggled up in your chest.
>After waking her up, changing the sheets, and showering, you both head downstairs.
>You check the clock in the wall, and see it says 12:46.
“Huh, quarter to one, we really slept in.”
>”Oh, wow, I never woke up this late before.” Says Snowdrop.
“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”
>Snowdrop looks towards you and blushes.
>”You know, it’s still not lunch time, what do you say if—“
>”If I have you two go at it again, I swear to God, I’m shooting someone!” You hear your brother scream from up the stairs.
“Yeah, thanks for ruining the mood, Red!”
>You look back at Snowdrop, who’s blushing furiously.
“Look, how about we make dinner down, then go outside?”
>”Y-yeah, that would be nice.”
>You start heading towards the kitchen, and Snowdrop sits in the couch.
>Before you enter, you turn around and address Snowdrop.
“By the way, the shed’s soundproof, just saying.”
And that's it, the green is finally done.

Pastebin, of course:

Well, that was certainly fun. I'm gonna take a break now, I have a backlog of things I was planning to do before writing this green, but I'll still be around, so you can shout at me don't worry.
Triple dubs says done.
Holy shit more triple dubs. I use my triple dubs for Viral to get well! So he can finish the green!
Also, because he is my senpai
Maor moar moar
Is there any green with that semen demon?
Here you go, familia.

I miss you too.
I've barely been out of my bed since I got home, nursing my throat with warm milk mixed with eucalyptus (a weird concoction I don't much care for) and tea with honey so I will stop sounding like a hoarser version of Michael Wincott.
I wanna write, but I just feel so damn tired (and I always make a shit-ton of mistakes whenever I try doing anything while sick).

This was a nice ride. Good job, m8!

You would use your trips for me?
That is so sweet/romantic, senpai~
Love you! Senpai/10, would notice again.
>tfw you will never drag a blind girl into your specially built, soundproofed shed

Dammit. Also, great green.
My nigga
Man the ponies in your story seem pretty disrespectful and downright don't like you.
>He looks up at you, annoyed, before huffing
>”’S alright. Was a lot better a second ago."

It's just a couple of dick shopkeepers. Carrot Top is pretty cool to Anon, as are a lot the ponies in the town.

The shopkeeps are sort of based around the dicks in the original "Putting Your Hoof Down", with a bit of Dutch brashness tossed into the mix. Hopefully I'll be able to toss in more side characters here and there to better show Anon's relationship with the townspeople.

It's pretty interesting to write these characters based on the small glimpses Greg's shown of their lives though. Thus far, Carrot Top has been the most enjoyable to write for because she was the most "normal" pony in the old series before the reboot. I'd really like to toss Daisy into the mix, so I can write a character even more timid than Flittershy.
Hey guys, guess what?
“Let’s play a little game, Spike.” Crust purred, as she put the blindfold around Spike’s eyes.

“One of us is going to give you a blowjob, and you’re going to guess which. If you guess correctly, you get to have sex with us,”

“But if you guess wrong,” Spoiled added, planting a kiss on the boy’s cheek. “You have to do whatever we say for the whole weekend.”

Spike thought it over. On the one hand, he badly wanted to have sex with the two older women. However, he couldn’t deny that the thought of being their slave and catering to their every whim was just as tempting.

“H-hey, n-no fair having two at once.” Spike said, in between moans.

The two women stopped, and giggled to each other. “We never said we would play fair, dear.” Spoiled replied.
File: large (2).jpg (351 KB, 1280x809) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (2).jpg
351 KB, 1280x809
This pic does amazing things to my dick.
Then you're gonna love this.
File: 1451937451776.png (106 KB, 325x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 325x279
fukkin UNF
Twilight Velvet, Aunt Orange, Upper Crust, and Spoiled Rich.
Page 9, no.
File: large (1).jpg (79 KB, 458x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (1).jpg
79 KB, 458x1024

Welp, done with all my errands, got a fridge full of beer, and I'm surrounded by suggestive Babs pics. Lets do this.

How's this?

Its good, write more.
File: large (5).png (1 MB, 1280x929) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (5).png
1 MB, 1280x929
>Paste: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR

“Since when have your parents been exhibitionists?!” you ask as you hop on her bed.

>>”Since like fereva. Don’t tell me ya never noticed. I sweah they only act like dat when yer around...”

>>She flicks your dick with a snap of her hand.

>>”Don’t think I didn’ see ya poppin’ wood over my mah.”

“I’ll have you know I got that chub snuggling up with you. The fact that your mom did something chub worthy after I already had one doesn’t mean boner rights transfer over to her.”

>>Bab’s cheeks are still puffed out in frustration, but her eyes soften. You metaphorically stand your ground, legs crossed, boner tenting your pajamas out from your lap. Tired of the stalemate, you roll forward, grab her hands, and yank her onto the bed. Babs sprawls over you in a heap, all anger converted straight to confusion.

>>Its dark. All light is gone from the world, replaced by wonderful marshmallow softness. The gravity in this wonderful, strange land presses you down. A sweet scent fills your nose, compelling you to wiggle your face back and forth. Your arms wiggle and grope, finally managing to wrap around and meet behind the squishy weight on top of you. Grabbing your other wrist, you lock your hands preventing its escape. Muffled sounds are starting to filter through. They probably aren’t important.

>>“Hey, wuts da big ideAAAAAA!”

>>Your mouth finally finds its target as you manage to work a button free with your teeth, freeing a nipple. You greedily slurp it into your mouth as your hands grope beneath Bab’s pajamas. Getting a firm grip on her wonderfully big backside you unconsciously grind your dick between her legs.

>>"Ahhh, don't… jus’ tease me again Anon!”
I'm not doing a very good job of showing the camaraderie of Anon and the townspeople, are I?

>When she's fully comfortable in your clothing, the two of you head for Rarity’s Boutique
>After three knocks on her lavish door, she answers
>”Oh. Hello Anonymous,” she greets flatly. “What can I do for you?”
“Hey Rares.”
>”Please don’t call me that Anon darling. ‘Rarity’ is quite fine.”
“Rares it is. In any case, I’m here for an outfit.”
>”Oh! Are you here to trade in your dreadful apparel for a more classy look?”
“Nope. I’m here to nab something for Fluttershy.”
>”For Fluttershy? Why, is she going to a party or something? Furthermore, who invited her to a party?”
“No, it’s not for a party. It’s for casual wear. You see, I shaved Fluttershy’s back last night-”
>”Why would you shave poor Fluttershy’s back?”
“Let me finish. So I shaved her back because the chocolate syrup that I rubbed in her mane wouldn’t come out-”
>”WHY would you rub chocolate syrup in her mane?”
“LET ME FINISH. Anyway, I was asked to put the syrup in her mane by Pinkie Pie-”
>”WHY would you let Pinkie dictate your actions?”
“That’s personal information.”
>”Oh good lord, she sucked your dick didn’t she?”
“W-what? No!”
>”Oh don’t lie to me. Your face says it all. She laid you back onto the bed, pulled down your trousers, and-”
“Rarity, I’m not going to discuss this any further.”
>”Oh, so NOW you call me Rarity.”
“Oh go fuck yourself.”
>”I don’t need to, I have stallions to do that for me. But unlike you, none of my suitors are crazy.”
“Oh fucking please. The only people who lay your old ass out are the only ones desperate enough to get with your STD ridden ass.”
>”I am clean as a whistle, I’ll have you know!”
“How do you know, when you blowing the trashman when he comes around to collect your used tampons?”

Should Spike guess right or wrong?
File: YES.gif (1 MB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x169
>”Oh, you wanna go? Because if you want to, we’ll go!”
“Bring it bitch! I’ll show you what someone without a horn can do!”
>”A-Anon please-” you hear Fluttershy murmur behind you
>Sorry Flutters, the time for peaceful discussion had long passed
>”Right, like you could take on someone with magic!” Rarity states
“You’d have to hit me with your magic before it takes effect. And trust me, my mom’s training has done more than enough to prepare me for a two-bit magic wielder like yourself!”
>The white mare has apparently heard enough of your talking, as she grabs two scissors with her magic, and thrusts them at you
>Not hard enough to impale, but it would hurt to get hit by them
>Luckily for you, you don’t get hit
>As you dive out of the way of one pair, you grab it other, and hurl it at Rarity, intentionally missing her face by a couple of inches
>As she feels the wind of the blades rush by her head, she realizes you’re in no mood to piss around
>You sprint towards her, weaving across the floor as you do to avoid any chance of her grabbing you with her magic
>After reeling with shock, she grabs the largest pillow she can to sheild hefself from your tackle
>She succeeds, as you run into the pillow with a muffled “oof”
>Now more pissed than ever, you grab the pillow, and toss it at the marshmallow's face
>It hits square-on, and stuns her for long enough for you to grab her around her midriff
>You slam her against the incredibly tacky bean-bag chair that was sitting in the corner collecting dust, and grab her around her horn
>Not even able to lift the pillow unless it was manually, she begins kicking and hollering underneath your compression
>”Let me go! Anon, LET ME GO!” she screams
>You ignore her demands, and put a hand against her stomach
>Her eyes go wide as she stops struggling, and she looks uneasily at your hand
... It appears I used my yes a bit too early. So, um, yeeeeeeeesssss.
Taking requests.
You will have to be patient though.
I hope your boner is pleased.

>”A-Anon please…” she whimpers. “Y-you’re a child! A-a-and, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to… do this to a grown mare… Tell you what, if you let me go, I’ll forget this whole thing ever happened!”
>Too late
>You slide your hand down her body, and she begins to scream
>You then bite your lower lip in a sick smile, as you quickly pull your hand up to her neck, and begin tickling it
>It takes her a moment to register that she wasn’t about to be raped, but eventually she does begin to howl in laughter
>”A-Ahnon, STOP!” she cries in between laughs
“No!” you shout back
>Your expert fingers continue dance across her neck, as she continues to shriek her forced joy
>After you had gotten bored with that wonderful bit of fur, you allowed your fingers to aimlessly explore every inch of the white mare’s body
>With the exception of her sex, of course
>Finally, several minutes after her tickle torture, you take your hand off her body, and allow the red-faced mare to breathe
>As she begins wheezing, she glares at you, to which you can only smile cheekily
>You drag her by the horn back to the center of the room, and let it go
>You hastily make your way back to Fluttershy, all while under Rarity’s stern gaze
“So as I was saying, Rares. Fluttershy needs a casual outfit because of my… blunder. Shall we talk business?”
>She scowls at you, before turning to the startled yellow mare
>”I think I’d rather talk to the customer, thank you,” Rarity states aloud
>You shrug, and allow Fluttershy to take the reins
>”Oh… well OK… so I’d kind of just like a really long shirt… like this one… so that it will cover the bald patch on my back.”
>”Alright. Take off that rag, and let me see the patch.”
>Fluttershy quickly pulls off the shirt, revealing her bare skin for Rarity to admire
>”Good lord Fluttershy! Anon, what did you do to her? Hasn’t she suffered enough in life?”
Alrighty then, see you guys around.
>You roll your eyes at the mare’s comment, but allow her to continue to fawn over Fluttershy
>”Darling, I’m not going to dress you in the same drivel this hairless monkey wears. No, you’re getting my best apparel.”
>You roll your eyes again at her ape comment, but you let it slide, knowing that you just kicked her ass, hard
>”Alright. How much is this gonna cost me?” Fluttershy asks
>”O-oh. I forgot about money…”
“I’ll pick up the tab,” you comment snarkily
>The white mare looks at you wordlessly, and then back to Fluttershy
>”Anon, would you mind meeting me in the bedroom for a moment?” she asks coldly
“Well then. Taking back your comments about it not being right for a child to get with a mare?”
>”Only in your dreams green man.”
“Yeah, you must be drooling at the mouth to get a piece of my hot, monkey dick.”
>”Anon! In my bedroom… please!”
>You laugh, and follow her to her room
>As she shuts her door, and returns a glare at you
>”Anon, I don’t know WHAT game you’re playing, but there is no way in Equestria, or any other country for that matter, I will EVER let you pay for something for Fluttershy.”
>An eyebrow rises without your consent, and you chuckle quite audibly
“And why is that?”
>”I know what game you’re playing. Don’t think that you’re gonna win Fluttershy’s heart by getting on her good side. You’re not gonna get in bed with Fluttershy if I have anything to say about it.”
>Quite the delusional sentiment, but you could understand why
>Especially considering you did in fact, receive oral from Fluttershy
“Rarity, you’re way off base here. I don’t want anything to do with Fluttershy sexually.”
>”What a crock of shit. I know you Anon. You’re conniving little bile stain, and you only care about things that impact you directly. Don’t think that I can’t see your little facade of ‘helping’ Fluttershy.”
If it's writing, we could use milfs. No spike.
Or Dilf. Someone had an idea where Starlight's landlord was 35 year old Anon. She's going to college at 18? 19? She gets fired and has no job so Anon finds another way for her to pay.
Simpsons did it
Ay, South Park reference.
Did they really?
Would love some Harsh horse with anon.
“So what, I act like a bit of a dick towards you, and all of a sudden I’m Satan?”
>”Don’t act like you haven’t taken advantage of nearly every pony in this town! Don’t sit there and pretend that you’re the shining example of what the perfect child should be! I’ve heard the stories Anon, and let me tell you-”
“Let me tell you something that you don’t know Rares. I hate cunts. Could never stand ‘em, never will be able to. And let me tell you, there’s a lot of cunts in this town. Like you. And I like to manipulate cunts to get what I want. Believe me when I say, I want nothing to do with Fluttershy, sexually.”
>”Mhm, sure. How many times has she pleasured you thus far.”
>You don’t answer, but your silence says enough
>”I thought so.”
“It wasn’t like how you think. It… it started out that way. But I’ve learned a few things about the girl that’s changed my mind.”
>”Oh please Anon. You don’t know anything about Fluttershy. I have weekly spa meetings with her so she can get her thoughts out on the table. What could a lowly punk like yourself know about Fluttershy?”
“Do you know anything about her Uncle?”
>”Her uncle, what?”
>Your response is a smugly raised eyebrow
“I thoughts so.”
>”What uncle? Tell me!”
“If she wanted to, she would’ve told you already. Anyway, let’s turn the tables for a minute. You’re deamonizing me for taking advantage of the girl once. I could’ve sunk my teeth deeper, but I didn’t, and you’re not gonna know what happened. But at the same time, I’m the only one trying to actually be her friend. And not even out of pity or opportunity, but out of concern. I'm helping her Rarity, not just giving her a outlet for her to vent her misery and woes. I'm forcing her to step into the adult world, and fight for what she wants. To fight the injustice she's been facing. I don't quite think you understand who I am Rarity because I haven't shown you my political side."
Anyone have the greens of Mayor Mare's human husband constantly trying to impregnate her, despite her protests saying she was to old. Which just made him fuck her silly more often?
File: 1451537586817.png (105 KB, 654x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 654x600
No, but sounds unf.
File: 1451537655472.png (95 KB, 543x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 543x569
That's the best.
I don't have a reaction image strong enough to show how hard I laughed.
>”Oh please, what political side? You’re a child. You don’t have any political influence.”
>Your face could not get any smugger at the moment
“Like it or not Rares, I am the son of Twilight. Even if it is by adoption. That fact alone gives me a powerful ally that I can toss my weight against when needed. And trust me, Fluttershy needs a powerful ally right now. One who can get shit done, and not just give her a shoulder to cry on.”
>”And what, pray tell, has this ‘powerful ally’ done for Fluttershy thus far?”
“Well just today he got her a fair deal for onions and carrots where before she was getting charged out the ass for them. What has her shoulder to cry on done for her recently?”
>”Well… I've given her her a shoulder to cry on! Which is what she needs right now!”
“She wouldn’t NEED a shoulder to cry on if she wasn’t being treated like a piece of shit. And that’s why I’m here Rarity. For once in your life, can you get over your shallow nature, and see the good in someone?”
>She narrows her eyes before responding
>”Not for you Anonymous. Never for you.”
>She turns away from you, and heads for the door
>”Although… if you wish to pay for Fluttershy’s outfit… I will allow it this ONE time. But if I learn you came onto her after today, I will come for you. And I won’t be lightly jabbing at you with scissors either.”
“Well hell, now I want to see what you’d be like if you’re actually trying. Our little scuffle was pretty underwhelming, if I do say so myself.”
>”Don’t press your luck. I can still take my generosity back.”
>You shrug, and head for the door, exiting the room before she does
File: 1443144715612.jpg (1 MB, 3000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3000x3000
>tfw you will never tickle the element of generosity until she wets herself
>tfw the element of kindness won't lick her clean afterwards
>tfw generosity won't beg for your prehensile monkey dick
>tfw you won't fuck her sister in front of her instead
>Bootybootybootybooty rockin everwhare
File: dong intensifies.gif (147 KB, 205x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dong intensifies.gif
147 KB, 205x260
File: 1445630540949.png (442 KB, 804x1632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442 KB, 804x1632
File: 1445028679864-0.png (352 KB, 609x2724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 609x2724
>>Flutterbutter look!
File: 1442614112785.png (228 KB, 834x1023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 834x1023
>implied raep
File: 1451945181873-0.png (615 KB, 1144x2648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
615 KB, 1144x2648
>>yeeeessss Harshmistressssss
"You did WHAT."
>"I said, I volunteered you for Miss Cheerilee's Sexual Education demonstration!"
"No, I heard you, jackass.
>Twilight cringes at your casual usage of racial slurs, but you soldier on.
"Why would you ev-what could have POSSIBLY been going through your stupid horse-brain when you made this decision?"
>"I was thinking about how educational it would be for the foals to-"
>Oh FUCK you forgot about the foals!
>Oh Jesus what kind of weird butt-stuff is Cheerilee going to make you do in front of children?!
"-Nope! Not doin' shit in front of tiny baby horses, thank you."
>Twilight stomps her widdle marshmallow hoof in irritation and makes the angriest scrunchie face you've EVER seen on her.
>It looks like she just finished snorting lemon juice.
>"Anon! You KNOW that the school has undergone budget-cuts! They had to combine two classes into one, and they chose 'Sex Ed' and 'Xenobiology'."
"Why do a bunch of foals need to learn about xen-"
>"-And that's why you need to help out. It's the po-"
"Stop interruptin-!"
>"-It's the pony way!"
>Without waiting for a reply, Twilight picks you up with her magic and fucking air-lifts you over to that shitty fucking schoolhouse.
>What the fuck ever, Twilight.
>Fucking royalty.
>"Here he is, Miss Cheerilee! One living, breathing demonstration of how to penis!"
>You remember when YOU learned how to penis.
>>"Oh, good! Thank you, Princess Twilight. I'm sure that Mister Human will help the fillies and colts understand how the sexing works."
>Kids gotta learn someday, you guess.

>About two minutes later, you are standing in front of a bunch of CHILDREN with your willy hanging out and your arms tied up behind your back.
>Cheerilee said something about not wanting your "silly human nudity taboo" to get in the way of learning, so she had Twilight tie you up a bit before she left.
>Today was a "I had a filly blow me" day.
Man, I remember the first time I learned to penis. They had to condemn the music room.
when i first learned how to penis, they had to condemn one of the rooms in Longleat Manor, because my ex girlfriend was way too eager to learn how to vagoo
Page 8 bump.
We need more stories.
File: 1446.png (2 MB, 1521x1190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1521x1190
Man, whatever is happening to her in that pic seems to be happening hard and fast. Not that she is complaining.
Implying she could complain after a hour long monkey dicking
File: 144_3_1_!_2+_2-r.png (253 KB, 579x579) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 579x579
Good job

This is my first attempt, so it could probably has a ton of errors and stuff that I can't notice at the moment.


Sorry for the delay.
>dat reaction face
I need a sauce for these.

“Alright then, I won’t push the matter any further. Although a word of advice before we get this show on the road. Don’t go picking fights you can’t win.”
>With that, you head down the stairs, and are greeted by Fluttershy sitting patiently on the floor
>”I-is everything OK?” she asks as she sees you
“Eh. Not really. But I don't want to kill Rares… and I assume she doesn't want to kill me, so it's good.”
>Your brutal honesty doesn't really help her nerves any, but her attention soon falls upon Rarity as the mare clears her throat
>”So as we were discussing before Fluttershy, I will make you the finest outfit I can, and... just this once… Anon will pay for it.”
>You smile and wink at the yellow mare, and Rarity ushers her into her fitting room
“So… you got any magazines I can read while you two do your thing?”
>”As if. Just find some way to amuse yourself while we're busy
>You smile, and dramatically begin to unzip your pants
>You chuckle to yourself, and take a seat after re-zipping your fly
>The next thing you know, your vision’s gone black, and the feeling of cloth envelops your face
>”And put this rag back on! No one wants to see your bare prepubescent body!”
>You tug the shirt on while chuckling, and retain your former task of just sitting there and waiting for Rarity to finish her work
>However, as you continue to sit, you hear hoofalls sound against the stairs
>You look to the stairwell, and see none other than Thrakerzod walking down at an oddly normal pace
>Honestly, how no one in the town has noticed that she’s Sweetie Belle possessed by a demon from the Outerworld is a feat in of its own
>If your mother knew, she’d nab some holy water, and make Sweetie take a bath in it
>But you weren't going to ruin the demon’s fun quite yet
File: 1442614144298.png (141 KB, 1032x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 1032x652
Shout is the dude who drew all of them, including Twimilf Velvet. Did a reverse image search and found this:

That's awesome, I really appreciate it, dude.
Hell yeah Thrakerzod. The normal filly.
File: 1410890942200.jpg (121 KB, 791x1447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 791x1447
File: 1411156843789.png (187 KB, 837x929) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 837x929
Man, that shout thread is a goldmine.
File: 1415176341606.png (37 KB, 299x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 299x475
>she's never gonna climb over at this rate.jpg
File: 1427237058789.png (178 KB, 801x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 801x609
>just about anything really
File: d3d.gif (2 MB, 300x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x223
Holy shit where do these marvelous things come from?
I need more...lots more.
File: 1440337881517.png (135 KB, 807x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 807x574
These are amazing.
File: 1440795050720.png (203 KB, 799x653) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 799x653
>Twilight's moms got it going on
File: 1441015765123.png (105 KB, 682x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 682x569
File: 1441313916432.png (102 KB, 636x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 636x531
>forceful horny older mares

Tumblr get.

File: 1443304609969-0.png (77 KB, 582x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 582x384
>it would be rude not to
I love these. Not even in that much of a sexual way. I just think they're hilarious.
They seem to be PROFESSIONALLY funny.
File: 1434796779670.png (233 KB, 1071x802) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233 KB, 1071x802
I want to say weaver, but I'm not 100%, weaver's usually a bit rougher with pony drawings. It's his sense of humor though.
The artist is shoutingisfun (aka Shout)
File: 1450476822090.png (146 KB, 443x1157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 443x1157
I bet it was rape.
>Anon's face
My sides. They are outta here.
Wait, how did anon manage to get a chair?
>Anon suggests Starlight's punishment be her turning into a filly and be molested by him.
>Starlight wants to be forgiven by everyone of her new friends.
>So, Starlight learns an age spell when?
“Hey Thrackerzod,” you greet
>”Hello Anonymous. I see you and my sister have finished your business in the bedroom. Have you finished your coitus in fifteen seconds, per the standard?”
“Yes, no, and no. First and foremost, our business had nothing to do with sex. Second of all, humans last alot longer than stallions do.”
>”How long does the average human last?”
“I don’t know, like five minutes? I’m the only human here, so…”
>”Well how long do you last?”
“Anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, why?”
>”No reason. I just wish to know for personal reasons.”
“Mhm. Sure. So what do you want?”
>”I want you to make love to me. Or have sex with me, whatever ponies call it nowadays.”
>You cock your head in shock, and just stare blankly at the small white filly
>How… sudden of her to request a good dicking
>And quite out of character, given that she wanted to stay out of the spotlight for the most part
“And why do you want to be fucked so badly?”
>”Ah, so that’s what it’s called nowadays. Anyway, because, I have heard most of the mares at my school proudly proclaiming that they have been penetrated by a stallion’s dick on many occasions. I want to ‘get laid’, so that I can blend in with the crowd.”
>Oh the poor nievity of this inter-dimensional demon
“OK, Thrackerzod, a few things. First and foremost, the last thing you want to do to blend in with the crowd, is to get laid. Second of all, even if it did show just how ‘normal’ you are, I wouldn’t do it, because based on everything else you do, you’d probably be an average lay. Third of all, I wouldn’t sleep with you if you gave the best rides in the world, because I don’t need to give your sister another reason to breathe down my neck. Clear?”
This sounds good.
But the loli story that Viral is writing is better.
>”I suppose. However, I do not think your reasoning is very sound. Would doing what everypony else does, not make me ‘normal’ in the eyes of my peers?”
“Not in this case! Having sex is a very finite thing. You’re either labeled as a slut for sleeping with the wrong guy, or you’re auded for having sex with the ‘perfect’ guy. Either way, you’re not going to win by having sex with anyone. It’s best if you just keep it to yourself if you do.”
>”I do not care what the social ramifications could be Anonymous! All I care about is fitting in! And thus far, doing what everyone else has done has allowed me to fit in quite well. So I want to try and continue that methodology in this department.”
“You are aware most of those girls are lying about having sex right?”
>”I doubt that. Why would any girl lie about having sex with a man?”
>It takes everything within you to not deliver a nice smack to your own face
“Well regardless, I’m not having sex with you.”
>”You must. My first time must be with a boy everyone has had sex with.”
“Who told you-”
>”I may not be a social butterfly, but I am good at eavesdropping.”
“I’m not not banging you.”
>”If you do not, I will tell your mother about all the fillies you’ve taken behind the shed.”
>Now she has your attention
“You wouldn’t dare.”
>”I would dare. I do not joke about these kinds of things.”
>With an added shake of the head, you continue to stare at the filly in disbelief
>And after several minutes of hard thinking, you take a quick peak inside Rarity’s fitting room, and see she’s not even close to finishing the pre production state of the dress
>So you make your decision
“Alright, I’ll do it. But I expect a good lay.”
>”I will promise nothing above average.”
>You sigh to yourself, and wait for her to lead you to her room
File: Waifu Wallet Lyra.png (283 KB, 500x1477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Waifu Wallet Lyra.png
283 KB, 500x1477
>Parents Night out

Odipus' wet dream right there, holy shit.
File: 1448397277078.jpg (227 KB, 1147x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 1147x799
>finish reading
>It's your standard little girl's room, with every inch of the box being covered in pink with the exception of the white lace hanging on the walls
>She closes the door, and walks over to you in a perfectly normal strut
>She then stands on her hind legs, and you have to bend down slightly to reach her lips for a kiss
>It's perfectly average, without any tongue whatsoever
>This was gonna be a long fuck session
>”Now then, since we have kissed, shall we engage in the foreplay?”
“I’d rather just get straight to it, if you don’t mind.”
>”Very well.”
>She hops onto the bed, and lays on her back
>She then spreads her legs, allowing you to catch a nice view of her box
>You quickly run a finger across it, and notice it feels surprisingly soft
>Trackerzod is already wet with anticipation, and you’re filled with a certain amount of disappointment
>Because you know that if Trackerzod did anything at an above-average level, this would be an amazing fuck
>You shake your head, as you yank off your shirt, and let it fall to the floor
>After taking off the rest of your clothes, you hop onto the bed, and line up your penis with her young sex
>You take one quick thrust, and…

>Welp, she wasn’t wrong
>After five minutes of hard sweating and grunting, she’s left satisfied, and you weren’t even close to cumming
>What an unsatisfying twist of fate
>You were right though, Sweetie Belle’s pussy felt absolutely amazing
>Hell, Sweetie even had her hymen torn, probably from Thrackerzod using a dildo a little too big at some point in her life
>If she hadn't just laid there half the time and let you do all the work, you probably would’ve had a great time
Fucking a demon sweetie bell and being unsatisfied, wat do?
Bitch about it to yourself in the afterglow.
File: SS.jpg (179 KB, 1811x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 1811x1067
page 9 does not belong here. bump
File: 1449890043728.png (262 KB, 955x812) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262 KB, 955x812
>Sonata is raping them one by one
I consider this one of the best horse words stories involving grey pone taking monkey dick

Dick goes in pone
File: 1452045814210.png (496 KB, 523x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 523x519
not according to
>Dick's getting too hard! We have to abort!
>Stroking intensifies
File: weirdestboner.jpg (41 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 300x300
Almost perfect mirror image.
Same girl.
I want to eat her asshole while she whines at me to be thorough.

Don't care for her photoshopped pics though, she really doesn't need it and they come out creepy with the grey skin tone.
Oh hey, that reminds me.
File: sinister.gif (161 KB, 587x521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161 KB, 587x521
Holy crap those tummies. I want to pet them so hard.
File: large 7.jpg (214 KB, 1280x646) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large 7.jpg
214 KB, 1280x646
Tiny pones are sexy pones
File: rape.gif (543 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
543 KB, 500x281
File: 778095.jpg (583 KB, 2893x2039) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
583 KB, 2893x2039
My niggas
I want to give best filly a rimjob
>"Whh-what are you doing back there?!"
>*tongue-tongue-tongue-prod, swirl*
"Hmm, I could be doing anything, couldn't I?"
>"Th-thats, you can't just... uuhhhh, ahhhhhmmm. Not in front of everyooooone!"
>The shouts and laughter after she tripped had stopped. The crowd of schoolgirls watched silently at the scene unfolding before them. The tears on her face had stopped flowing, the look of heartbreak replaced with confused lust.
>"You can't... ahhh... its dirty..."
"Silver Spoon, there isn't a single part of you that's dirty..."
>For effect, you circle your tongue around her rim before poking it through, just a little bit.
>The girl shudders beneath you as you tongue fuck her rectum. You reach forward and grab an arm, pulling her upright and back harder against your face. The sweet scent of her soaked panties drives you on as you are buried between her tight cheeks.
>Her melodious voice sings out as she cums. You can feel her anus twitch and pucker as her pussy gushes everywhere.
>Taking her in your arms from behind, you grip both her small budding breasts in your hands, planting kisses up and down her neck. In a daze, she turns to meet your kiss, glasses all askew. She grinds back against your dick, purring.
>"Holy shit Anon, I want what she's having," states Sweetie Belle flatly.
>Sweetie Belle still hasn't been tongue fucked by Anon
>Jealousy ensues
Any age difference pregnancy stories?
>But the monkey dick wants what the monkey dick wants
As in A milf gets pregnant from a young adult?
Or a young women gets pregnant from a DILF?
Having a Milf or young adult women getting fucked silly is fun as well.
Either or, mainly of MILF, DILF, GILF, and /ss/
>Page 8
Are we dying?
Where are the writers?
I have no idea where they are.

I really want to know why there's a lack of /ss/ preg ponefics. Maybe it's because I'm a little sadistic but I want to see an young, immature and inexperienced male try to be a parent, maybe it's because they get more than they bargained for or something.
Isn't that what Viral's epilogue was about?
Viral wrote spa pony /ss/. But now he is writing a loli Anon on stallion green.
BUT he is also sick.
What's the story called?
File: 1419211746216.png (449 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 800x533
I actually have a DTxSSxAnon story that I wrote a while ago I could post, it's EqG though with them as little freshman and Anon as a Senior, it's actually pretty vanilla but I think it still counts, would anybody mind of I posted it?
>Whats it called?
Femanon takes a giant horsecock in her tight bald underage human pussy
File: 1444406718615.png (43 KB, 1400x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 1400x1000
Yes please.
Kid Anon and The Spa Ponies.
Sorry. I didn't like the competition.

>You quickly slide out of the bed, and tug your underwear on
>As you’re pulling your shirt on, Thrackerzod slides out of the bed, and meets you at your side
>”I can only assume that you performed above-averagely. I can safely state, that I had a good time. I hope that you had a perfectly average experience.”
“Oh believe me, I did,” you state flatly
>Above-average huh?
>A little more noise besides the occasional moan would’ve been a nice way to let you know
>And while we’re bitching, a bit more emotion in her voice would’ve been nice
>”Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes Anonymous! Continue to thrust into me! My cumulation is close at hand!” you hear her voice echo in your head
>The memory makes you shiver
>You roll out of bed, and grab your shirt on the floor
>”Are you not going to engage in the traditional post-coitus cuddling with me?” she asks as you tug on the black fabric
“Nah, I’m good.”
>”But it is customary.”
“Some traditions can be broken. Besides, I don’t want to be caught by your sister.”
>”...Fair point. I suppose you have fulfilled your duty well enough. You may leave now
>After lacing your shoes up, you open her door
“Thanks for your permission,” you respond sarcastically
>The moment you step into the living room, Rarity steps out of her fitting room, and heads for the stairs
>With Fluttershy in tow, none the less
>”I assume you’ve found a way to entertain yourself then,” she comments as she passes. “For your sake, I hope it didn’t involve my sister.”
“Yeah, and give you another reason to hate me? No thanks. I’m more than content with our current level of tension.”
>She merely shrugs, and heads up the stairs
>Fluttershy doesn’t follow immediately, and instead sulks over to where you’re standing
The loli story: Too Fast, Too Young: http://pastebin.com/ktSs353f
Why do you guys not check the OP?
The people have it, it's just a shorty but hope you guys like it

>"Good, now dance for us!"
>You knew this whole slave thing was a bad idea
>You stand in Diamond Tiara's massive room, wearing a frilly maids outfit and holding a classic feather duster
>Diamond Tiara sat next to Silver Spoon on her bed, both of them staring at you aggressively
"The dress was enough, I'm not gonna-"
>Before you could finish your sentence, a wayward grape connects with your head
>You flinch at the oncoming projectile
>"Shut up! You're my slave and I want you to dance! Or am I gonna have to show you how it's done?"
>You think about it for a second
>Well, the more time she is dancing, the more time you aren't
>Seems like a good deal to you
>Diamond just stared at you, and you stare back
>The both of you stare each other down until she scoffs and hops off her bed
>"Ugh, fine! But you better watch closely, I'm only doing this once!"
>She walks over to her pink bedazzled stereo and presses the play button
>"Okay, now watch me."
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1dYviUzj5U (freshman girls still listen to this, right?)
>The music comes to life, Diamonds body finding the rhythm quickly
>You step back a bit and get a full few of her
>It starts with her legs, tapping her feet until the beat kicks in
>Her hips start swaying side to side flawlessly
>Not to sound like a creep or anything, but you never really noticed her perfect tiny body until now
>As her hip swinging becomes more passionate, her whole body begins to join the rest
>Watching her movements was almost intoxicating, you wouldn't be surprised if she's had lessons on this
>You found yourself staring a little harder than you expected, but she didn't notice
File: 1415517449001.jpg (90 KB, 500x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 500x800

>Although, you forgot about the other little girl in the room
>"Hey DT, I think he likes the way you groove girl!"
>Lost in her own little world, Diamond looks back at you and catches you staring
>"Couldya blame him though? Just look, I'm perfect!"
>Diamonds arms fly up to her head and into her hair, then fly out as her hair dances along with her head movements
>You could only stare as Diamonds puts even more emotion into her dancing
>Her whole body is now moving to the beat, wildly swinging and flashing in perfect rhythm
>Diamond does a spin and faces you, giving you deep bedroom eyes with a smirk
>"I DID tell him to pay attention."
>You could hear Silver Spoon laughing while Diamonds body does a worming motion, puffing out chest and ending with her little rump down to her slender legs
>You never though you'd say this about a freshman girl three grades below you, but...
>Her hands dance across her body, rubbing and touching herself all over
>"Woo! You go girl! Haha!"
>Diamonds lips curl into a grin, obviously enjoying the little show she is putting on
>Suddenly, Diamond shifts her back to you, still moving to the beat
>Before you could even register what's happening, Diamond spreads her legs and bends down, prominently displaying her butt covered by this black shorts
>Your eyes go wide as her hands trail her inner legs, sliding from her calves up to her inner thighs
>Her fingers slide up to her privates, cupping herself for a brief second and arching herself back up
>Something tells you her lessons didn't teach her THAT

>You look over to Silver, she is blushing and is just as wide-eyed as you
>You look back, only to be met with Diamonds hand raised high in the air
>It comes down with a force, resounding in a very healthy *SLAP*
"Oh god I'm gonna get arrested just by standing here..."
>Diamond giggles at your response
>"Hehe, that would be a sight! 'Highschool senior arrested for pedophilia while wearing a frilly dress!' Haha!"
>Oh hell no
"Hey now, they can't arrest me if I haven't even touched you!"
>You raise your hands defensively
>Diamond stares at you briefly
>"Well then, looks like we're gonna have to fix that now aren't we?"
What does she mean by-
>You couldn't even finish your thought before Diamond grabs your hand and yanks you towards her
>You're yanked forcibly, turns out she is a lot stronger than she looks
>The song on the radio ends, and another one starts up
>Oh god, you've been in a room with this playing before
>Anybody under the age of 18 were NOT allowed in that room
>Just as before, Diamonds body finds the rhythm of the song, and flawlessly follows it
>This time though, she is extremely close to you
>So close in fact that she is pretty much rubbing her body against yours
>You could only stand awkwardly in place, almost afraid to move

>With the way she is moving on you, it makes you regret ever putting on this dress
>Jeans could easily conceal any... inconveniences
>But a loose frilly dress didn't
>The heat of your body begins to rise, your heart beating faster as you can feel a certain feeling you DEFINITELY shouldn't be getting by a little girl
>Part of you wanted to get the hell out of here, but another part of you wanted to stay
>It was pretty easy to tell what those parts were
>Before any of those feelings become too much to bare, Diamond backs off
>You thought it was over, until a few dreaded words escape Diamonds lips
>"Hey Silver, care to join us?"
>Silver Spoon was staring intensely, a hard blush crossing her face is this offer is brought to her
>A little too eager for your liking, Silver hops off the bed and joins DT
>She started off slowly, but soon Silver began to pick up the rhythm
>There was no escape now, the girls were surrounding you
>Diamond was in front of you, grinding and rubbing up against you while she dances
>Silver was behind you, planting her hands on your back and occasionally giving you a small butt bump
>Silvers actions would sometimes cause your crotch to hit Diamond, but she didn't seem to mind
>It was almost like it was planned, every time Silver would bump you, your crotch would hit the small of Diamonds back, right above her butt
>You were sweating now, trying tor damned hardest not to give in
>That was getting harder and harder though, their small bodies rubbing against you definitely didn't feel bad
>Well, maybe for your conscience, but fuck that guy right now
>With her back to you, Diamond turns her head back and looks you in the eyes
>"Are you just gonna stand there like a weirdo or are you gonna dance too?"
Is there pregnancy in it?

>Oh god, should you join them? What if someone walks in and sees you grinding against two little girls wearing a maid outfit?
>You think for a second, but your thoughts are clouded by steam
>Aw fuck it
>You begin to move your body slightly, starting with your hips and shifting your shoulders
>"Geez, it's about time!"
"Hey, just be lucky I'm doing this at all!"
>"You know if you were uncomfortable with this then you woulda left by now, tells a lot about you doesn't it?"
>Fuck, she's right
>"Well now that we know your stance on the situation, I think it's time to have a little fun!"
>What could she possibly be-
>Suddenly, you could feel little fingers crawling all over you
>Their hands found their way into your shirt, sending shivers through your body as they rubbed and scratched your skin
>The skin around your waist started to feel a bit cooler
>Only then did you notice that they were actually lifting up your maid blouse
>You'd be lying if you said this was uncomfortable
>The beat of the music practically puts you in a trance, so resisting to their advances proved to be futile
>By now, your entire body was flowing with the music, the blouse on your body now being lifted above your head and removed
>You now stood between two girl bare chested, only wearing a frilly maid skirt
>The girl's hands were now wandering your bare skin
>You hear Silver speak behind you, her breath softly hitting your back
>"Wow Anon, I had no idea you were so toned!"
>"Eh, I've seen better."
>Diamonds comment doesn't faze you, you already know you're no Greek god
>Close enough though
File: 1371234734199.gif (1 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 640x360

>"So Anon, now that you're touching us, why not go further?"
>Silvers comment caught you by surprise
>Do they really want you to?
>Before you could do anything, Silver grabs your left hand and moves it behind you, reaching her left thigh
>Diamond faces you and grabs your other hand, then wraps it around her back, low enough to be just above her butt
>You're in too deep now, much as well enjoy it
>You hold your hands firmly against their bodies, pressing them against you as closely as possible
>"Oh my god, is that what I think it is?!"
>Brought out of your mini trance, you look down at Diamond
>She has backed up now and stopped dancing, looking down at-
>Aw fuck...
>You hadn't even noticed, but it looks like your body and loose boxers have betrayed you
>The thin clothed skirt around your waist was being lifted by your very prominent manhood, which currently stood at half mast
"Oh- uhh..."
>Diamonds looks at you in disgust
>"Wow, what a perv! I know I'm hot but seriously?!"
>Diamond places a hand on her hip, and pinches the bridge of her nose
>"You know, I can't say I didn't think this was gonna happen."
>fuck, maybe this was too much
>You take your hands off of the girls and move to cover yourself
"Fuck- uh, sorry, i- I think I'm just gonna le- AAhhh!"
>Suddenly, you feel a few small digits wrap around your shaft

>You look down and see a grey hand reaching from behind you
>"What's the rush Anon? We didn't say it was a bad thing..."
>A shiver creeps through your body as you feel another hand touch you, this time, a pink one
>"Yeah Anon, don't be such a party pooper!"
>Their small hands grope and prod your clothed shaft, making you release a sharp breath
>The girls begin to dance again, but this time with your skirt covered cock in their hands
"Ah, are you girls okay with this?"
>Diamond gives you an annoyed look
>"We wouldn't be touching your dick if we weren't you idiot, now I think it's time I get a little more comfortable, you're gonna like this!"
>Diamond releases you from her grip and backs up, but Silver remains attached to you
>Her body is still moving to the beat, popping her body and giving a little shake here and there
>Her hands reach to the bottom of her shirt, tugging and playing with the fabric
>She looks at you with half lidded eyes and begins slowly lifting her shirt while dancing
>You couldn't take your eyes off her, the cloth moving above her midriff and farther up
>She moves her body a little more before finally pulling her shirt over her pink bra
>Her breasts are small, but perfectly fitting for her body type
>Your erection has easily reached full mast now
>Her shirt goes over her head and is finally off
>She tosses it to the side and poses in front of you
>Diamond does a few poses in front of you, puffing out her chest and placing her hands on her well toned hips
>"Well Anon, what do you think?"
>Not a word leaves your mouth, you are too caught in the moment
>"Hmp, speechless!"
>Diamond Tiara laughs and moves back to you, rubbing her now bare stomach against your crotch
>She only stand a head under you, so her stomach is pretty level with your dick
>Silver has now resolved to slowly stroking you through the skirt
>She speaks up from behind you
>"You know Anon, this skirt is starting to get annoying, let me help you with that..."

>Silver removes her hand from you
>You feel the button holding the skirt together being fiddled with for a second
>Then a cool breeze hits your bare shaft as the skirt is unbuttoned and falls to the floor
>Your manhood is now in the open, poking out through the flap in your boxers
>The cool air causes it to twitch a bit, sending a small bit of pleasure through your body
>You look at Diamond Tiara, who is now eyeing your penis without saying a word
>You were now, officially and thoroughly turned on
>But a thought crosses your mind, Diamond said she wanted to get comfortable, what about Silver?
"Hey, Silver?"
>"What is it Anon?"
>You could feel her hands snaking around your legs, feeling up all she could
"Don't you wanna get comfortable too?"
>You could tell by her hands that she twitched at the question
>"O-oh. uh, well... that would be nice, I was thinking though, could you maybe... do it for me?"
>The slight curiosity in her voice is adorable
>By now it was hard to believe that you absolutely hated these girls before you got here
"Heh, yeah Silver, I could do that for ya"
>"Wow, could you guys be any more pitiful?"
>You ignore Diamonds question and turn to Silver, who is now sporting a hardcore blush on her face
>Her face is looking up at you with those big purple eyes
>You couldn't help but smile
>Your hands found their way to Silvers waist and slide down to the bottom of her shirt
>The cloth begins to lift with the help of your hands, slowly revealing her perfect grey skin
>Slowly past her midriff
>"Oh, wait."
>Silver removes her glasses and holds them
>You stare for a second
>This girl has beautiful eyes
(I'm actually running out of DTxSS pics, fuck me.)

>She notices your staring and looks away with a blush worse than what she already had
>"Jeez, write a freakin' novel while you're at it!"
>Diamond Tiara seems impatient
>You nod and continue
>Her shirt lifts more and more, and soon reveals a simple black bra
>She is noticeably larger than Diamond, but not by much
>Silver lifts her arms and you remove the shirt fully
>You toss it to the side stand back
>"Thanks Anon, but aren't you forgetting something?"
>You look at Silver and see she is tugging at her skirt
>It didn't occur to you that she wanted to be THAT comfortable
>then again, you did have your dick out
>Silver turns around waits for you to remove her skirt
>Not wanting leave her waiting any longer, and to be honest you couldn't wait either, you grab the waist of her skirt and pull it down
>The waist slides down her figure gradually revealing a pair of this black matching panties, but there was one thing taking both you and Diamond Tiara by surprise
>"Damn Silver! I never knew you were packing so much back there!"
>For a little girl, Silvers ass is practically eating those poor panties
>"Sh-shut up! Can't a girl enjoy her cake?!"
>You fully remove the skirt and toss it with the rest of the clothes
>Holy shit, this girl has a serious ass on her!
>Her hips perfectly curve along with her thighs, both her cheeks jiggling with every move she makes
>"It's not too big... is it Anon?"
>What kind of silly question is that?
>You take both of your hands and place them on Silvers cheeks, giving them a nice squeeze and causing her to let out a small yelp
"I like it."
>Silver calms down and lets out a giggle

>"Thanks Anon, I like your, uhh... thing, too."
>She can't even bring herself to say dick, this is too cute
'I'm sorry, my what?"
>Silver flusters
>"Uh, your... you know."
"No I don't know Silver, what are you talking abo- Ahh!"
>Silver turns around and wraps her hand around your dick again, softly stroking it just like before
>"Wow Silver, you're helpless."
>Diamond shakes her head and walks over to the both of you, taking your dick in her hand along with Silver Spoon
>You sigh in pleasure as both of their soft little hands work on your shaft
>Not being one to receive without giving, you let your hands wander their bodies
>You reach down to their butts and give them both a healthy squeeze, causing both of them to breathe sharply
>"Ah! You really are a perv Anon..."
>Something tells you that the whole dancing thing has now been thrown out the window
>"Say Silver, when was the last time you actually saw a dick?"
>"Hey, I've seen one before!"
>"Our slumber parties don't count, I swear that's like, all you ever use my computer for. I'm starting to get tired of having to delete the search history every time you stay the night."
>"Shut up!"
>"Have you ever sucked one?"
>"Have you?!"
>"W-well, uhh..."
>"That's what I thought!"
>You decide to chime in to their little conversation while they jerk you off
"You know, there's a first time for everything girls."
File: large.png (256 KB, 1138x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256 KB, 1138x1024

>Did this song just seriously come on? Like, right now of all times?
>The both look at you, then back at each other, then back at you
>"You first."
>"You first."
>"... Rock Paper Scissors?"
>Oh my god
>Do you have to spell it out?
"Why not together?"
>They look at you again, then back at each other
>"Wanna try it?"
>"Well, we've gotten this far."
>They both shrug and get down on their knees, both their faces close to each other and your cock
"Hold on, these boxers are starting to bug me."
>quickly, you pull down your boxers and remove them, then toss them to the side
>The looks on their faces is a mix of curiosity and reluctance, but soon their faces get closer to the point of their hot breath hitting your shaft
>Diamond is the first one to make a move, she licks her lips and leans in, wrapping her small lips around the head of your dick
>The sensation is instant, you let out a small gasp and open your mouth
>Seeing Diamonds actions, Silver leans in too and puts her lips on the side of your shaft, moving back and forth along the length
>Their wet inexperienced mouths are starting to drive you crazy with pleasure
>Diamond starts to move past your head and takes more into her mouth, while silver licks and slurps your length, occasionally reaching your balls, giving them nice flick with her tongue
>The feeling alone is almost bringing you to the edge
>But you hold back, not wanting this to end so soon
>Diamond is now bobbing her head, seemingly getting the hang of it
>She would bob her head a bit, then pull back and give your head a few licks, then back into her mouth
>But her movements aren't giving much room for Silver, she she resorts to your jewels
File: 1371216883087.jpg (234 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 1000x750

>Her nose is practically presses up against your crotch, licking and playing with your balls with her tongue, sometimes popping one in her mouth and playing with it for a bit, then releasing it with a *POP*
>For girls who have never done this, they seem to catch on quick
>Although as good as this feels, you think that it's maybe a bit too one-sided
"Hey girls?"
>Both the girls pull back and gasp for air
>Their faces are flush with half lidded eyes and mouth open
>You said it before and you'll say it again
>You think for a second, then come up with a plan
"Say Diamond, would you mind if we took this to the bed?"
>Her face shows confusion, then she seems upset
>"But my sheets!"
>"Oh you can wash them later!"
>"But I- ugh, fine."
>Both girls stand up and the three of you make it to her bed
>But before you proceed
"Am I gonna be the only one fully naked?"
>You look at then and see they are still wearing their underwear
>They realize this too, and nod to each other
>"I get you, you get me?"
>Diamond Tiara turns around and lifts her hair, letting Silver Spoon unhook her bra
>Once it's unhooked, Diamond slips it off, showing her perky pink nipples on top of her small mounds
>Silver crouches down and puts her fingers in the waist of Diamonds tight bike shorts, sliding them down
>Diamonds cute little ass is now out, and you think you can see a faint trail of liquid connecting to her shorts and crotch
>Now fully naked, Diamond turns around
File: 1371233822074.png (436 KB, 695x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436 KB, 695x720

>You can see her perfect little slit, a light gloss covering her lips
>Now it was Silvers turn
>She turns around and moves her hair just like Diamond
>The bra, once again, is removed, revealing Silvers small perky tits, her nipples are poking out as if she was in the freezer
>Diamond leans down and stops for a second
>"I still can't believe you've been hiding this ass from me for so long, is this why you're always wearing those super frilly bathing suits when we go to the pool?"
>"Y-yeah, it's kind of embarrassing..."
"Silver, these days some of the girls here would kill for a figure like that, you should be proud of what you got!"
>Your comments gets a smile out of her
>"Yeah, you're probably right, thanks Anon."
>Diamonds fingers latch onto Silvers black panties and pull then down, then another surprise is revealed
>The crotch area on Silvers panties is absolutely soaked, so much that some of Silvers liquid begins to trail down her leg
>This girl, this girl is going places...
>Both girls now face you, completely naked
>You can't help but feel like you've been staring for longer than you thought
>"Yeah Anon, we're hot, we already established that. What's your plan?"
>Coming back from space, you shake your head and remember again
"Okay, first lemme get on the bed"
>You climb into the bed and lay on your back, then stretch your arms out
>It's a good thing this bed is fucking huge, or else this wouldn't work
"Now, both of you climb in and lay your backs on my arms."
>They nod and climb in, each girl situating themselves to each one of your arms
>Silver Spoon now lays on your right side, and Diamond to the left
>"Okay? Now whaaaa~"
>Before Diamond finishes, you wrap your arms around the girls and begin to touch their bodies

>You start off with their small breasts
>Each hand groping and kneading the soft flesh in your hand, sometimes giving their nipples a slight pinch
>Diamond doesn't reach too much to this, but each pinch drives Silver Spoon crazy
>She whips her head back and forth, letting out small moans and gasps while her hands explore your body too
>Diamond still enjoys the experience though, occasionally letting out a meek moan in pleasure and rubbing her legs together
>Her hands are also touching you, rubbing against your inner thigh and up to your cock
>Eventually, both of their hands find their way to your dick and begin stroking
>Slowly, your hands start to dance across their bodies, touching their chest to their stomach going lower and lower
>"OOoohhh yess~!"
>Finally, you reach their sweet honey pots
>Your fingers lightly rub their lips, coating you in a thin layer of their natural lube
>They have now fully succumbed to the pleasure, letting out strong moans and gasps, now jerking your cock at a faster speed
>Diamonds lips are thin and slick with fluids, but Silvers lips are puffy and soaking the area completely around her crotch
>You rub a bit more forcibly, spreading and rubbing your fingers around and between their lips
>The two voices moaning into your ears are like music
>"Oohh Anon, I'm getting cloose~"
>"M-mee too~"

>You could feel yourself beginning to peak as well, your own moaning added to the symphony
>The girls are now furiously jerking you, your balls are shrinking against your body as a sign of climax
>Your fingers against their pussies rub more and more, and finally, you slip a finger inside both of them at the same time
>They both yell in pleasure, orgasm beginning to rock their bodies
>The swelling feeling in your cock is building up to it's peak now
>Loud moans fill the room as the two girls cum, tightening around your fingers as you try to hold them in
>Your own climax reaches as well as thick ropes of cum shoot from your cock, each pulse sending shocks of pure pleasure throughout your body
>Your cum lands in streaks across you, Diamond, and Silvers bodies as all three of you simultaneously reach orgasm
>Both of the girls are rocked and filled to the brim with intense pleasure
>The three of you ride out your orgasms for a while, Diamond and Silver holding onto you tightly
>Soon, their grips loosen as they pant and gasp for air, their orgasms subsiding
>Diamond is the first to speak out
>"Ahh... that... that was..."
>Silver finishes Diamonds sentence with a sigh
>After a few more minutes of relaxed silence, Diamond wraps her arms around you, as does Silver Spoon
>"So... how many more days does this slave thing last?"
"two more days"
>"O-oh, does that mean..."
>You wrap the girls in your arms and hold them tight
"Girls, I'm not going anywhere..."

Fin, hope you guys liked it

I'm honestly a little worried about Babs getting dicked, so I've been putting off writing.
File: not bad.png (204 KB, 500x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not bad.png
204 KB, 500x402
Didn't take the advantage and fuck them senseless.
Yeah I warned it was gonna be pretty vanilla, I have more of a thing for cute stuff than sexy stuff so in my mind just fucking them till their minds are pudding is more of a sexy thing, but having two little girls jerk you off while you finger them and feel their pussies quiver and tighten around your fingers and hearing their cute little moans and squeaks is cute to me, I don't know.
Meh there are weirder fetishes. Good job
File: delicious-cake.jpg (308 KB, 1512x1208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308 KB, 1512x1208
Well I mean desu in that situation i believe we'd all be in shock of the fact we were being jerked off by two very sexy little girls while our fingers were buried in there tight, underage pussies.

So I can understand your taste.
File: large (4).png (402 KB, 1280x854) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (4).png
402 KB, 1280x854
File: My Little Filly.jpg (88 KB, 736x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My Little Filly.jpg
88 KB, 736x574
What is it about these little ponies that has you so addicted?
What would you REALLY do if you favourite pone turned up on your doorstep as a filly?
Would you really do anything sexual with them?

And perhaps the most important question,
Are they really for sexual?
Depends on whether you have fertility drugs strong enough to make them ovulate or not
File: corruption.png (29 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 300x100
>sexual deviant anon finds their favorite pony as a filly on their doorstep
>Instantly drugs them up and rapes them
>Feeds them a fertility drug in the hopes of knocking them up to make more little ponies to fuck.
>Anon inevitably creates his own pony harem
>Know that fillies' bodies aren't developed or adapted for pregnancy yet
>Make sure they have lots of bedrest
>Have to learn magic to preform C-sections and painkillers
>Have to build wheelchair mechanisms for those that break their pelvis during birth
File: seriously wtf.png (650 KB, 1024x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
seriously wtf.png
650 KB, 1024x3000
Well, he's not wrong.
Regardless if he's right, just THIS: >>26023024
Oh! Idea!
Either Spa Pony twins when they are fillies doing their first massage on a stallion or human. They tell the little fillies how to do "Adult Massages" with their mouths and fillybits.

Or they could be Milf twins that are retired, yet, when they spot a hot stallion or human, they want to do it once more.
If you know what I mean
Either one would make amazing green.
Holy shit, this needs to continue!
Nien nine.
>Stallion gets arrested before coitus
>Femanon blue balled
>Rarity dressed as stallion with big strap on steps in
>Penetration ensues
>The magic of friendship
This story was really disappointing because there was no sex.

I'd give a much better review if your wrote more about DT SS and Anon having sex during the rest of their time together.
Writing drama while listening to a comedian is never a good combo.

But let's see where it takes us.

>”Um… Anon… if you don’t mind me asking.. what exactly did you do to make Rarity dislike you so much?”
>”Fluttershy, are you coming?” Rarity shouts from upstairs
“I’ll tell you later. In the meantime, go get your dress made.”
>The mare pouts for a moment, before she sinks back to the stairwell
>You groan to yourself, and collapse back onto Rarity’s couch
>It was never fun to explain your line of reasoning to ponies, purely because you often hated your line of reasoning
>Considering how many poor choices you’ve made throughout your life, all under the excuse of being Twilight’s kid, it was not fun to recount on the past
>Even though most of your advantage takings were against those who were total cunts, the fact still remained that you were taking advantage of them
>And there came the familiar guilt associated with your past
>However, this time it was quite a bit stronger than before, due to the fact that you had one more sin to top the pile
>Rarity’s accusations echoed in your mind, accusations that you had the gall to deny
>Accusations that you were too proud to admit to
>Accusations that were absolutely true
>Another groan escaped your mouth, as you lean over in your chair
>With your head in your hands, you engage of your usual routine of trying to make your guilt fade
>The usual techniques of recalling the (better) parts of your childhood, the thoughts of friends, and the fantasy of just hanging out with your mom; tinkering with a chemistry set, weren’t helping this time around
>You try beating yourself on the head repeatedly, but all that results from that is some physical pain to top off your emotional pain
What this guy said.
File: 1449122744275.jpg (80 KB, 480x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 480x562
ooh, that slaps me on the knee.
In real life, komodo dragons, as do many other reptiles, have two dicks.
Thought you people should know.
File: gotta go fast.gif (57 KB, 250x209) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gotta go fast.gif
57 KB, 250x209
Anyone got something good with Granny Smith?
How about that old mare they all visited in Pinkie Apple Pie?
Yeah, it would. Picturing two fillies on a dick, giving it tongue, mouth and pussy massage? Unf.
Bonus if they get their cutie marks for doing so.
>Page 9
Pg 8 wtf
We need writers to write their green regardless of competition.
Thread is going down fast. Really fast.
Alright, fine.
Someone give me the skinny on what characters and scenarios usually get wrote here.
I bet it's a lot of harshwhinny.
Surprisingly, no, that'll certainly be a welcome change of pace.
No harshwinny yet get to providing please, writefags haven't posted for fear of interrupting each other.
That is remarkable, really.
I figured this shit'd be all Harshwhinny all the time.
Alright, I might do something with her.

What *kinds* of stories get written here though? Like, 'viewpoint character is male; bangs older female who is kinda, sorta in control of the situation'? That's what I'm expecting.
We got kid anon of TS helping FS's social anxiety problem after almost taking advantage of her and a few other stories. haven't seen them lately though
Jesus Christ, where is Viral? I want him to continue this story.
And the other writers, this thread is dying fast.
Hey, triple 03 dubs.
Not really much but meh...Close enough.
>Viewpoint Harshwhinny molests a foal
Yeah, that could work.
>You as Ms. Harshwhinny.
>You're sitting on a park bench, alone, on a bright, warm morning.
>And you really question why you keep getting assignments like this one.
>"Go speak to these foals about something or other." they'll say.
>"Go arrange this or that with somepony who works with *foals*."
>Today, it was, "Go to the school in Ponyville, and tell the *foals* all about the Equestria Games."
>You're beginning to suspect the pony who dispatches you...'enjoys' the knowledge that you're doing what you're doing.
>That would hardly surprise you.
>Tartarus, they say victims of child abuse grow up to be into that sort of thing.
>So you've no doubt created a few ponies like that yourself...
>But there's no time to dwell on that.
>No...now is more the time to dwell on watching the foals play in the schoolyard.
>You watch them leap to and fro, giggling.
>So happy, so pure.
>You're practically making a wet spot on the park bench you sat at.
>Thank Celestia you weren't born a stallion, or ponies would have caught on *quick*.
>You adjust your mane, and take a deep breath, eyes closed.
>You almost got sweaty for a moment there. Can't have that. This is the only suit you brought.
>...Of course, the idea then of discarding the suit and speaking to all the foals in the nude plays into your mind, and you're right back at square one.
>It can be frustrating being a foal fiddler sometimes.
"Oh, to pot with it." you say to nopony at all, thickening your accent even more just for the fun of it.
>And then you lean in a little closer to the action.
>Those tiny flanks running all about, the manes and tails bobbing with every step, so utterly carefree, and the high-pitched sounds of their naive voices...
>You find yourself wondering if you're going to spend tonight alone or if perhaps one of them might...
>Well, there's no need to finish that thought.
>Being offended on 4chan
We don't have many, were the kid takes advantage of the adult if that helps
>The bell is ringing, ushering the little sweet ones into the building.
>They all follow the understood directive, so obedient.
>Heartwarming, really.
>And you can practically feel your suit just *itching* to get ripped off.
>Ah, your suit.
>You're not sure why you always go with purple. Certainly, other colors look fine on other ponies all the time.
>Like the orange coat on that little pegasus filly.
>Or the green coat on that chubby unicorn colt-
>Celestia help you, you just want to pinch his cheeks and do all other manner of thing to them.
>And see what he'd like to do to your cheeks and-
>No, Harshwhinny. You are here on a job.
"Pro-fessional." you say, standing up, spacing the first two syllables apart.
>You straighten out the shoulders. Adjust your neckerchief.
>You say it again, putting your mantra to work.
"Pro-fesh-eeonal, Harshwhinny."
>And like that, you're trotting into the building.
I already have this story planned out now, but that's worth thinking about. Thank, Anon.

Yeah, just kinda multitasking right now.



"-So you see, class," you say, gesturing over them with one hoof.
"The Equestria games are not simply 'stallioncolts being silly in a field all day'-", you glare at the filly who made that comment.
>Little pink thing with purple and white mane - and a CROWN of all things - rightfully blushing from the embarrassment.
>Oh how you'd love to take her somewhere and really make her sorry. See how brightly the blushes on her sweet face can burn.
>But, no, professional.
"-They are very important. They show everypony what everypony is capable of, and bring everypony together to-"
>Trotting out this tired old speech for the millionth time.
>It's been completely autopilot for years now.
>You let your practiced tongue take over as you scan the room...

>You see the orange one from earlier, enthused during the entire spiel.
>You like when that happens. Makes you feel like this is less of a waste of time.
"-triumph of athletic-"
>A yellow earth filly next to her, likewise enjoying what you're saying.
>In the back, you notice a small colt, white and brown spotted coat. That's nice and exotic.
>Maybe him~
"-spirit and heart of the-"
>But...next to him.
>That chubby little green one.
>He's fidgeting at his desk.
>As if there were an itch he refuses to scratch.
>Kinda swaying slightly as he looks about the room, nervous.
>The way his eyes keep looking down - that's the tell.
"-and so, when they draw to a close-"
>It's a familiar fidget.
>One you've memorized some time ago, because you love seeing it.
>Because it usually signifies a fun night ahead of you.
>The little green unicorn colt's got his first in-public erection.
"Any questions?"
>A smile alights your face.
>You wonder if he'd like to share it with you.
All for now.
Not really feeling it.
i would pet tummies
more ponies? not centaurs? and then secondgeneration, satyrs?
you're ruining it
So two fillies being taught how to do a "Happy Ending"? Unf.
Waiting for more.
File: 45t343g245.jpg (482 KB, 932x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482 KB, 932x1024
You can ignore that bit if you'd like. What would you do instead, anon
File: hey kid wanna ss.jpg (421 KB, 711x897) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hey kid wanna ss.jpg
421 KB, 711x897
>Looks like you’re just gonna have to endure the mental strain yet again
>So there you sit, throwing yourself a little pity-party
>For the first time in quite some time, you felt like a child
>And not just a child, a scolded child
>That’s not to say you’ve never been scolded as a child, but it’s not something that occurs to you
>So you allow the guilt to overload you, not bothering to make any further attempts to dilute it or ease it
>You continue to wallow in your own self-loathing for what seems like hours, until Rarity and Fluttershy both emerge from the stairwell
>The sheer tiredness in your eyes hits you when you blink
>After rubbing them, you slowly lift your head, and smile as you notice Fluttershy’s dress
>It’s not super complex, seeing as it’s basically a cloth that just fits her figure, but it does have a nice curl at the end of the skirt that accentuates her tail
>The dress itself is a very light pink color, but it is by no means see-through
>The collar is adorned with several bright sapphires, and the midriff of the dress is creased, accenting where the dress ends and where the skirt begins
>”Well,” Rarity begins. “It took me a while, but I’ve made a decent-quality dress that Fluttershy can proudly wear casually.”
“Good job Rarity,” you remark. “It really looks good.”
>She eyes you somewhat crossly, but she eventually accepts the compliment, and turns back to her fitting room
>Fluttershy, on the other hand, is staring at you quite concretely
“Anon are you OK? You’re looking kind of sick.”
>You smack your dry lips together a couple of times, and wipe a hand across your lime green face
“Y-yeah… I’m fine,” you respond slowly. “Just… recolecting on my past.”
>Rarity then quickly turns to face you, and her hard look softens considerably
>”W-were they happy memories?” the yellow mare presses
>You take a moment to consider your response, before slowly shaking your head
I remember this. Why you no finish?
He can't help it if he wasn't born in Finland, Anon. Don't hold it against him.

I'm tired. I should just shut up now.
If he was born in Finland, this story would be FINNISH.
Thank you for explaining my joke.
I still love you and think you're a cool guy though.

I see gifanon is still stronger than ever.
That is old. Though I wished he finished his gif.
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