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>"Hey anon, notice anything different?" >"Yeah!
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>"Hey anon, notice anything different?"
>"Yeah! I plucked my eyebrows, what do ya think, pretty sexy huh?"
Your eyebrows are still there, Loony Moony.
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sad .png
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No. No, it's not.
>plucking her adorkable eyebrows

Do you enjoy ruining my life, Moondancer?
"I liked you better with bushy eyebrows."
>"What? B-but you always made fun of my eyebrows, asking when they were going to turn into butterflies and stuff!"
"Your left one looks a little short. Did you run out of colored pencils?"
>"A-anon, stop..."
>left one looks a little short
This is high quality bait, right?
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>You will never rub Moonies big fluffy eyebrows
I want to lose myself in those caterpillers
It's just an insult.
I'd be more flattered that she attempted to make herself pretty for me than from the change itself.
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What next huh? "Oh Anon, I washed my ratty sweater! It doesn't smell like my unwashed nerd girl sweat anymore!"
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Don't forget getting new glasses that aren't broken and combing her hair for once.
then her body turns purple and she grows wings.
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oh hell naw.jpg
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I thought you bleached your pounut its really pink
Sorry kid. You snoose, you loose
What the fuck do you think you're doing, Moondancer?
Put the eyebrows back, stop washing your sweater and brushing your mane, and hand me your glasses so I can break them
>"It's ok, I don't think I need these glasses anymore. Can I call you Spike?"
"Um...you're...trying to be sexy, Moondancer?"
>"Well, jeez, yeah! Is that...I dunno, should I be?"
"Okay, uh..."
>Moondancer looks uncomfortable.
"Never shave again. Like, just...keep all your body hair."
>*blubbers of disbelief*
>"Anon, are you serious? That's like...that's the exact *opposite* of how sexy is supposed to work!"
"Yes, I'm serious. It makes you...exotic, you know? You stand out. You're different."
>She becomes downcast at that.
"No, no, no! I mean in a good way! It gives you...ah, what's the word?...niche appeal."
>She just stares, not getting it.
"It's like...yeah, most males are gonna want the 'standard' beauty package, but the ones who want something different are left out in the cold. If you appeal to *those* males, you become basically their only option."
>And there's a pause.
>"Anon that is...that is applying a particularly Mareiavellian approach to what *should* be an expression of love, trust, and intimacy."
>Anon stammers.
>Moondancer's eyes narrow.
>"I love it. Tell me more."
"Ww-ell, I guess... Your sweater is pretty unflattering."
>"Get rid of it?"
"No. Keep it. And get more like it. Same with the glasses."
>Moondancer begins taking notes.
"And styling your mane should be basically a thing of the past."
>She stops writing.
>"What about cleaning it?"
>Anon thinks.
"Keep up on your hygiene, just not your looks. That's the appeal you can go for."
>"I...I dunno, Anon. That sounds a little-"
"Trust me. You are the fucking dream of guys into stuff like that."

I got no idea what to do with this beyond here. Any thoughts?
Also feel free to hijack.
>Anon goes to equestria to make sure Moon Dancer remains the waifu all Anons want
A real American hero
Tip dat fedora homie
>Moon Dancer is fedorapone
Very yes.
Let's do that.
My dick twitched.
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Can you swallow a few grams of lead for me?
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 8

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