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Ones Relation to Society
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Society is the relationship between people. It is so empty, because we are not working together but all working in our own self interest collectively. Asking how can I help myself, and then how can you help me?

Your parents, as their parents have, will tell you to grow up get a job and have a family. People not knowing anything else, never questioning or asking, will take this solution and at the end of their lives say "I don't know what it was all for."

I do not wish to exit society, to go live in a cabin far up north in the woods. I wish to maintain a relationship with other human beings.

But I put no importance on money. I put no importance on material wealth because none of that helps me to achieve what I desire.

So let's talk together about what one can do. How one can maintain a presence in society but remain independent of it.
So what you're really asking, if I'm understanding this correctly, is how can you stay a neet but still remain sociable?
Not a NEET in the political sense of the word that I get money from the government, but a NEET in the sense that I am not imprisoned by society. That the will of others is not forced upon me. But yes, that I may still interact with my fellow man.
Well in that case it would be hella difficult.. you still have to survive and because everywhere on earth food shelter clothing and other essential human needs have a cost (even if you live on NEETbucks) you'd be hard pressed to find someone let alone a group of people who would be willing to pal around with somebody who has no desire to get off his ass and figure out how to provide for himself be it food or booze or whatever. I assume you don't want to panhandle either because despite it requiring 0 skills other than looking like you need money and finding a cardboard sign with something legible written on it, technically it is still work that gets done to provide for oneself.
To live is to work, yes. I will always need to provide for myself whether it be food or shelter or clothing. Money is a necessity for most of those things.

But I don't want somebody telling me what to do for my money. I want to have control over my own income of money free from corruption.

That is that I am true to myself, true to my integrity. I want to live a life free of hypocrisy and I will do so. See I don't want to depend on others if I don't have to. The moment I open my mouth to speak to someone I depend on them, that is inescapable as human beings but I don't have to depend on them for everything.

Do you see what I am trying to convey?
So you want to be an entrepreneur? That's what I'm gathering from your statements. I mean you want to be more than that... you want to keep whatever morals and convictions you have that are counter to the modern rat race but you also want to be successful and be able to provide for yourself but money isn't your motivation. Maybe you should volunteer. Join a Buddhist monastery. Go somewhere where your services will be appreciated and where you would have the ability to do what you feel is best for those around you.
I don't wish to go elsewhere. Anywhere on this planet is as good as another, I think its really all the same.

I think sometime soon that I will set up a table in public with a sign that will say "free insight" and see if anyone takes an interest.
Thread replies: 7
Thread images: 1

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