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Alright guys. So I have done graphic design for years now since before high school. I took a year and a half in college for it but didnt finish out due to financial issues. I'm now working at this pretty nice coffee shop that just opened up and theyre working on a webpage. They asked me to help them work on it and I think this is my first opportunity outside of high school to do what I really love doing and even better than expectactions. I want to do something to make it look better than whatever they were going to slop together and I was thinking making it a bit more...
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>with something like flash
No, anon. Never. You can use Javascript/jQuery, but flash is not necesary at all.

My advice: code a lot. Design some websites just to pass the time and you will learn new stuff. Add a drop-down menu here, a sidebar there, experiment with the positioning, the padding, the margins... It will take some time for you to git gud, but if you practice regularly, you will be able to create some great designs.

Read articles, follow some websites on twitter,...
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First, develop your content. Use GoDaddy for domain and WordPress hosting, research themes and plugins for WordPress. Get Webmaster tools and Analytics. Learn SEO. Make sure you have branded and verified Facebook and Google plus business pages with the same language and accurate contact information across all pages.

Get something like constant contact or MyEmma for monthly newsletters. Develop NFC tags, business cards and collateral materials so people can find this shit online.
Try using bootstrap framework for mobile website or you could use "blocs app" for mac to start your prototype

Can anyone please at least tell me that what type of art is this image called??Is there any place where I can learn how to do this kind of artworks??
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>Or this
>Or this too
bumping for interested

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Use this thread for font shares and requests.
Please search the previous threads before requesting a font.

Try Googling: FONTNAME site:4chanarchive.net
Try 4ch.be/gd/

Previous threads: http://pastebin.com/zSChC81P
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Superb font indeed. I have a few Druks, but not all of them (so many of them... hard to keep track !) : kindly found below Druk Family, Druk Wide Family, Druk Condensed Family. Again difficult to attest their quality, but with a few 10ks kerning pairs we can definitely expect some work there...


Anybody can complete this request ?

with :

Druk Text Family
Druk Text Wide Family

Anybody have VOLTAIRE from New Letter foundry?

File: 194798.jpg (74 KB, 720x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haboro anyone?

How to achieve this effect in illustrator ?


I assume the uses something like WidthScribe by Astute, but what really confuses me is the mentioned tools on most of his works is "Flash+Photoshop" he is trolling right?
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shameless bump
It's entirely possible he drew them by hand and scanned them.
But a likely method is also Mode > Bitmap > Halftone Screen > Shape:Square
Its called talent buddy, and yea looks like most of his stuff is illustrated using flash.

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Hello /ic/ !

I am wondering how to make my website more aesthetically pleasing, and/or professional if need be, I am an architect student looking for any internship possible and was hoping that this might raise my chances. Thank you very much!

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Let's try that link again

little bit more of color (brown), i know its important the absence of color but a blur would do no harm.
Or you can use a wallpaper almost white. (Also an student of Architecture).
File: img007-1[1].jpg (154 KB, 700x1081) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You don't know how to draw in perspective.

File: Question.png (24 KB, 640x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi. I'm having trouble with scaling and don't know how else to do this...

When I want to scale something to an exact measurement, how do I do so?

Please refer to my pic. I want the text to be 1inch when it's outlined. I know that I can manually type it in to be 1inch when it's outlined, but I need the text to be editable. How can I find out the text size in order for it to be 1inch when it's outlined?

Don't know if that makes any sense. I know it requires math but I'm too fucking stupid.
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you can use a Square over the text and hit Ctrl+Alt+C this will create a envelope with the top object (square over the text)
You can use guidelines to make measurements exact and

view -> gris/guides -> show rulers

or something or other to show exact measurements. right click on rulers to change units of measurement, hold shift while dragging from rulers to make guides at perfect measurements. then scaling usually clicks to those guides perfectly. also great for setting text without needing to create outlines.
File: how.webm (1 MB, 898x740) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 898x740
There isn't a way to type in a numerical field and have an editable text object reflect on that.

However, you can draw an object with a height of x and use the scale tool to get it to the size you wish, or if you're lucky, your text size integer in pt corresponds to the height you want.

Also –It is not a good idea to use inches as your units in Illustrator.

File: 1410716319519.pdf (1 B, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 B,
Some time ago an anon uploaded this CV. As far as I remember, he said it was a Latex template. Does anyone have this template file? Or does anyone know the font so I could re-create this style?
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File: 2016.png (62 KB, 1240x1754) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is it too pretentious to put HTML, CSS & JS under Languages?

English is not my native language btw
>Languages - CSS - kek.
- but on the off-chance you are serios..

>English is not my native language..
- Then, do not list English *first* on your CV, not even in jest. And don't be putting shit like CSS under 'Languages' either, that all (HTML, JSS, etc) goes under 'Additional Skills' or similar. And centre-justified, left justified, etc. - pick one (preferably, the latter) and stick to it already.
The line...
"Photography, branding, printing, social media, web design, illustration"

Looks confusing. Is it it's own row of experience, or do they split in half under the two job experiences already listed?

File: final.jpg (302 KB, 1440x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do you make realistic looking marble in illustrator?

>Pic semi related
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Don't know how to create from scratch. But why not just use a photo of marble to create a pattern that you could use?
I take it that your pic is based on a photo of wood.
I'll have to try that

File: mrze4o.jpg (10 KB, 300x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(pic not related) Need more videos like this for future projects. Any video slides template that you like


I made this but i copied the objects from an existing premium AE template.
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those are called videohive ae templates

File: IMG_20160203_223627.jpg (90 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rate/What I could do better
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looks designed by a 12 yr old. start over and don't use any software until you have drawing some sketches first.

Anyone know how to create a professional a twitch overlay , panels etc .. IN need of one have examples and able to pay for services
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I could help you out. I don't know how to private msg though.
Sure! You can email me at thealmightyzic@gmail.com for more specific details on what you're looking for

File: image.png (443 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can someone take this photo and contact me on Twitter for personal info to be added. @connorjones42 is my Twitter, thanks!
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>it's a nigger

File: 5dedosartlabs.jpg (541 KB, 1748x1748) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello I´m a peruvian graphic designer and i´m trying to make my own studio brand, rate it please (sorry for my english)
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Por qué has separado la palabra así, en dos líneas? Se lee raro. Tal vez quedaría mejor si pusieras "cinoc dedos", y ahí sí puedes poner cada palabra en una línea separada y no se leerá mal.

Las flechas pixeladas y la font de abajo yo la quitaría definitivamente. No olvides que para un logo te tienes que deshacer de todo aquello que consideres superfluo, y no agregar elementos de más sólo porque sí.

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(pd: no voy a entrar en detalles sobre la mano con las marcas de agua pero quedan horribles, y está mal recortada. te aconsejo aprender a usar el pen tool bien y las máscaras de recorte o clipping masks)
se que las marcas de agua estan mal, tomare la foto siempre y cuando este seguro de la estructura del diseño, considerare lo de separar las palabras

File: finalwhite.png (22 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We need a good team logo for our team , the team name is "Antics" (the logo does not have to to be directly connected to the name)
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Then make one or pay someone to make one for you.
nice blog, where can i subscribe?

File: AKIRA poster.png (78 KB, 641x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
AKIRA poster.png
78 KB,
akira poster
rate / opinions pls
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I haven't read the manga but watched the movie two times. I didn't know the capsule is the name of their biker gang and that it was on their jackets. If I would have made the poster I would've used the bike, silhouette of Akira or Tetsuo with the cape, or the skyline of Neo Tokyo.

But maybe I should pay more attention to the movie. Regardless it looks very tight in terms of composition. I like how you made the reflection in the bottom half of the capsule bend. If I google it most designers don't do that, so that eye for detail is telling.

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3/10 where's the cyberpunk attitude?
top of the pill is blue, not the bottom invert the red with blue then apply a texture over the whole picture. also make your own pill and don't just take the 3rd result from Google.

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