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Why do you hate Dribbble so much?
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Because flat design i guess

I like it
autolike script niggers
behance is even worse. every comment is literally
>nice job. pls check out my work www.myshittyportfolio.com

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Questions that don't have their own thread. Post your simple/small/stupid questions here.
This thread was created to prevent you from spamming new threads. It is intended for graphic design queries that you have.
Don't bump. This is a slow board, and will continue to be. Wait for an answer or google it.
If you see other people posting questions outside this thread, redirect them here using >>>/gd/sqt as a link to find the /sqt/ thread.
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STUPID questions? Ah, now you're in MY territory...

NOICE logo, btw
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It's been a while since the last /sqt/ worked.

>NOICE logo, btw
that's a template senpai
>pic related
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I'll start then. My autism is triggered by the related picture. Is IL's logo the same for you too? I understand that Acrobat, Bridge and the Extension Manager are different things, but why can't it be consistent?

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Hey /gd/
I'm trying to get some projects done at home but its been a real problem getting anywhere without Photoshop
I used up my free trial and I'm pretty poor so i cant really pay for the monthly subscription
I know there are free alternatives out there, but i know the program like the back of my hand and cant see myself letting it go
if anyone out there would be cool enough to help me out with pirating it i would appreciate it a ton
via links or directions would be great :^)
tl;dr " I need help Pirating Photoshop"
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>can't even pirate photoshop
Okay but i already used up my free trial so its to late to do that
Go on any decent torrent site like kickasstorrents and find the most popular photoshop torrent (current if possible) and follow the directions provided with the torrent.
CC may be somewhat more difficult than CS6 to crack but it's worth it.

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To what extent to I need to kill myself/start over?
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First of all, there too much details.
Do you know what minimalist is?

It's basically the for-front of modern design, using little to no detail to create a visually stunning logo. [3]

If you need more insight, see half the posts on this board, otherwise here's an example of your improved logo.
>pic related

Using basic geometries shape I outline the face of the lizigator and using basic, sans-serif type (that means no spikey hard line). Next time do not try too hard and make a minimal logos.
Depends on what it is and how you are going to use it.

As a corporate logo it sucks ass.

As a clothing brand it's ok. Would try to simplify the colors and make the mark and type work separately to ensure more options when it comes to clothing.
Wow, not even sure if trolling

Guess that says more about the state of /gd/ than anything.

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I'm trying to construct and write an illustrated (creative) book for blind children.

I need creative input as much as possible, and everything must make sense as well.

Right now I'm troubled on what's my story going to be.

Things I plan on including:

Right now though, Im trying to focus on what should I put as story
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A story of a king who loves his daughter so much he keeps her locked away in a dungeon under his house.

I've read a similar story from Greek Mythology.

I think it will be best if it's something like The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Yes but instead of a boy make it a girl and instead of wolf make it rape.

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Shit or Visionary?
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Logos are about recognition, above all else. Could someone visually improve upon the Starbucks logo? Yeah, probably. But at the cost of losing brand recognition, its just not worth it.
only Mercedes logo could work, the rest are bad.
In a vacuum, I don't think the Nike, Starbucks, Mercedes or Coke logos are bad, but I don't think they work with the brand for various reasons, mostly what >>260319 said (especially for Coke and Disney).

The Apple logo is regressive, the Target logo doesn't really say anything, the Disney logo just doesn't look right and the FedEx logo tries too hard to preserve the arrow of its predecessor.

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needs tweaking
File: BLEACHLOGO.png (803 KB, 6500x3216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Music logos.
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ayy someones into good music

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Please tell me why this is shit
also sorry for century gothic below, its temporary solution
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You could work on the bulb a bit. In the thumbnail it's passably recognizable, but it doesn't hold up well at larger sizes, because it doesn't do a good job of implying a screw-in base. The "production" part looks kind of odd just centered like that. I'd try setting it at a larger size and make an attempt to integrate it with the Just light, or I would set it slightly smaller and alight it flush left after where the descender in the g would be.
I'll try that, thanks.
production was insisted by customer so I had no idea where to put it so it would fit
I think the bulb would be nice on top of the 'i' instead of it being incorporated into a 'g', since it currently looks more like "Just Lioht" to me. You could also try putting the bulb to a bit of a slant, but I don't know if that would work as well.

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>Working to get a freelance thing done in the early AM
>Computer crashes
>File is safe, thank God
>Photoshop has defaulted all settings, all the brushes and custom settings I was using are gone
>Most infuriating: Scrubby zoom is stuck on, even though I've unchecked it. Restarted PS, restarted the computer, restarted PS again
>Try googling for help
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Oh, and aside from that, freelance feels in general I guess.
scrubby zoom has you now, learn to love it.

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A word of advice to newbies

You don't need illustrator to make logos. I've been in the industry 13 years today and use photoshop for every single one. My portfolio runs as high as international technology businesses and financial consultants. Leaders in their fields but of course I won't reveal their names because I don't need nor care about your opinion on them.

Morale of the story, make your logos in whatever you want. Skill over software.
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This may not be /b/ but...

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
how come there isn't any black people on gd? i've been doing stuff for almost 5 years and never seen or heard about any black gd'ers.
how come graphic desgin is my passion if i havent even bought a logo in the photo-shop?
sry to disprove you

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Anyone got any tips on using first names as a logo? I'm having a hard time coming up with something which would not look something like Gucci or like that.
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Could you elaborate that question please?
I don't really understand what you're trying to get at, maybe post a prototype you've made?

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Just started using Illustrator again and I've got a quick question:

I was trying to create multiple, differently colored traces of one image and turn those into an object, then export that object into another file (which I have open in another tab in Ill.). The problem is that for some reason, Illustrator changes the colors of those individual traces after moving them.

Does anybody have an idea how to fix that?
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Are you moving them between Illustrator files? I'd be double-checking what your colour settings are and making sure they're the same. Generally, if you're working in an RGB colourspace and moving into a CMYK colourspace, the colours may not appear as vibrant as they do in RGB because they'll be outside the colour's gammut range, and will instead look less saturated/duller.

Hopefully that makes sense!
perfect, I just had to change it to RGB. thank you so much!
No worries! Its an easy mistake to make and its even easier to fix. If you are planning on printing whatever it is you're working on though, your colours will be dull.

But if you're work is going to be online/digital, then its no worries!

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Does anyone know of any good resources on motion? Easy eases and the like. Something like the Material Design guidelines on animation.
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Is the Canon iX6820 the best /gd/ printer under $200?

Should I go Epson?
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check the current photo printer bundle deals. Then search for those specific models on eBay. People usually buy the deals for the laptop/dSLR and sell the printer for cheap.

I got a $500 13x19 photo printer for $150 this way.
I have it. It's quality is pretty good, can print A3, I shove all kinds of paper in there and it prints like a pro. Price/quality-wise, it's pretty gud.
I got it and i love it so much. You can get cheap inks on amazon too.

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