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Alright skinny fucks, it's time to gain weight. Share your
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Alright skinny fucks, it's time to gain weight. Share your best weight gain shake recipes. I'll start: 750g yoghurt drink, 100g oats, 1/2 banana, 3 raw eggs
total: ±1100 kcal, ±50g protein
add a can of tuna
can of tuna
caramel flavoured protons
cup of oats
dash of salt
chicken liver
2 wholegrain bread slices
BBQ sauce
1 Banana
4 scoops of mutant mass

>1100 calories
>only 50g protein

You're supposed to gain muscle, not fat you retard.

apply yourself and add some protein powder, fit in some cottage cheese as well for consistency.

>yogurt drink
>750ml of it

>raw eggs
So fucking retarded you could just add shit that actually tastes good in a shake and eat the eggs cooked.
Always dyel faggots that talk about drinking raw eggs.
Do this instead
Whole milk
2 scoops of whey
Natty peanut butter
Unsweetened cocoa powder
Just add 2 scoops of tasteless protein powder and voila, 1300 kcal and 110 gram of protein. Happy?
Add a handful of road base and voila
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Okay fit, hear me out.
Dried mothafucking mealworms.
I know I know but listen.
2kg for ~20 dollars

Protein: 53%
Fat: 28%
Fiber: 6%
Water: 5%

Blend em up and you literally can't tell.

tuna, banana, bbq sauce? do you even have a tongue?
But that only adds up to 92%
the other 8% is HGH and test
enjoy your parasites
I usually do

1.5 qt whole milk
One of those little things of ben & jerrys chocolate ice cream
2 scoops mass gainer
1 scoop whey
A generous spurt of chocolate syrup
2 massive spoonfuls of peanut butter

>inb4 fat

I expend too much energy at work and need the calories. This would be retarded if you didn't do manual labor 10 hrs a day.
>500ml milk
>150g greek yogurt
>100g instant oat powder
>50g whey
>25g peanut butter
>150g frozen berries

Breety good bois.
i prefer my peanut butter with test and tren
jesus fucking christ most of you are ruining your gains with all the fat and carbs.

>2%/skim milk
>quarter cup oats
>2 scoop protein powder
>fuckload of cottage cheese(trust, it doesn't taste like cottage cheese in a shake it just makes it thick and creamy)
>maybe a few straw/rasp/blue/berries
>2 tbsp low fat peanut butter
600-900 calories, over 100g protein, reasonable amount of carbs, little fat
Yeah I was reading about the "Future of Insect Food" on BBC or some shit. Mealworm powder is going to be a thing
skeleton reporting in, just made my first shake.
1 banana, 30g Whey, 100g Quark, 300 ml Milk and 100g Oats. Had to add so much milk because otherwise I couldn't mix it, too thick.
783cals, 62,4g protons, 98,04g carbs, 12,65 fats
Next time I need to make sure it's cold enough and not that thick in order to enjoy it more.

Maybe I'll even do 400g Joghurt instead of Quark+Milk, same macros but maybe not that thick.

Also, making this in a smoothi maker, very comfy!
holy fuck bruh your supposed to throw between 500-1000ml of milk in for those big gains shakes. Don't want to have to chew that shit come'on

Yeah dude, this Anon is right. 300ml of milk is nothing, try 710ml minimum next time.
I can't eat that much yet without feeling sick
I'll try to mix water with quark tomorrow.

>holy fuck bruh your supposed to
just imagine I did 2 of those shakes then
2 cup whole milk
half cup whey
half a banana
tablespoon of peanut butter
2 cups ice

70g protein
90g carbs
where're all those carbs coming from?

You can take half of it earlier and the other half later during the day, that's what I do. I don't know man, drinking chewable shakes sounds disgusting.
>I don't know man, drinking chewable shakes sounds disgusting.
maybe you should give it a try then, be open minded
also there's nothing in it that I need to chew, just a very thick drink nothig more, think joghurt

>be open minded

Goddamn liberal faggots.
you're so smart anon, what gave me away?
>whole milk

The skelly mode and enjoying thick liquids down your throat.
isnt half a banana only 10g carbs and 2 cubs of milk like 20g?
ok that's funny
I'm no liberal though, don't care about politics
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Ok breh, good luck with the progress. Keep it up.
y-you too!
:^) +1
i like this
good info thanks
Also lactose intolerant; swapping out soy good?
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fit bulking shake.jpg
430 KB, 1289x965
literally all you need unless you're a faggot
dont skimp on the cocoa powder (pure 100% cocoa) or it will taste like shit
cashew nuts work best

don't go ham with it 5 days a week because its REAL easy to let it go and suddenly you're fat instead of big
is it true that fruit + dairy is not givving me good stuff from the fruits?
google gives me similiar results with brosience sites.
1 scoop Serious Mass
1 Banana
3 tablespoons peanut butter
2 cups whole milk
20 grams oats
1425 Calories
202.5(g) Carbs
56.5(g) Protein
45.2(g) Fat
Should I add another 24 gram protein scoop? More oats? Currently trying to leave skelly mode. Any advice is appreciated.
>3 raw eggs
You do realize raw eggs are a meme and have no bioavailability and you shitshake barely has 30g of protein, right?
kek normies think they need 1g per lb of bodyweight in protein

holy shiz when does high school start up again newfriend
>drinking shakes instead eating food and enjoying it
why ? i never liked these shakes i'd rather eat that
>±1100 kcal
>±50g protein

Sorry anon, it looks like on average you'll make no gains.
I'm new to this, does this look good for gaining weight?

1.5 cups of Whole Milk
1 Tbsp of Reduced Fat Skippy Peanut Butter
1 Banana
2 scoops of Naturade Weight Gainer (Vanilla)
Some ice cubes

645 calories
Fat: 27 g
Protein: 25.5 g
Carbs: 77 g
Where do u get it?

T. Pajeet with 12 inch arms and a 38inch waistline.

>w-who needs that much protein anyway, naan ghee rice and bhaji permabulk n-bro!!
>not throwing in a whole cup of greek yogurt for the protons and consistency
greek yogurt leaves a weird sour taste in shakes

cottage cheese or kys
Greek yogurt
Peanut butter
Almond butter
Olive oil
Chocolate syrup
Some ice if it's hot out

Blend all of that into oblivion

chug that shit
Oh and protein extra protein, of course.
two loafs of sweet bread 2400k for a snack
Any substitute for the whey or powders in general? i mean, generally, Is too expensive for a neet like me
Lactose-free milk or kefir if you got the money.
Or just water.
How many cals in this?
Thread replies: 58
Thread images: 5

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