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asian male hair
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Asian guys,

Does anyone know of a product that adds weight to the hair without it feeling greasy/sticky (light slippery oily is fine)?

You know how right after you shower and shampoo in the morning, when your hair dries, it feels like haystraw? Very dry and unconnected. And after a day, during around supper time, your hair feels very soft, and not dry (from the natural scalp oils). Is there anyway to get that night time hair feeling with a product right after a shower?

Left pic represents dry hair, right represents what hair looks like after a whole day.
I fucking love the dry hair; I wish I could have that all day.

I recommend pommel, which I find isn't as sticky as hair gel. Gatsby is a Japanese brand, so it's probably better for Asian hair.
I just really, really don't like looking like pic related.

Something a lot of asian guys know too well.
I kinda want to look like some k-pop singer, but the effort needed to get that hair is too tryhard for me. I just want one product to put into my hair.

I tried hair oils, but it just dries up quickly and it makes the hair feel greasy, not light oily.

Might consider pommel, I need to find one that's very wet that feels like what I described above when dried, not greasy, but light oily.
I use some cheap Axe pommel. Unless I'm touching my hair, I don't notice it's there. There is no visual distance. Running my hand through my greasy hair, I barely notice that the area with pommel is thicker. If I wasn't expecting it, I wouldn't notice it at all.

Buy some cheap pommel and try it out. If you don't like it, then you're down like $5-$10 bucks. If you do, you can keep it or upgrade to nicer options..
*visual difference
gatsby works quite nice
smells good
isnt weirdly sticky
isnt stiff

my hair becomes really nice after i excercise and the sweat is partially evaporated/gone
how 2 replicate
male Asian here. depending on how long/short/thick your hair is, you might want to try not washing your hair with shampoo as often. your hair feels soft because it has just enough hair oil in it to make it manageable.

if you currently shampoo every day, try doing once every 2 days, then 3, then 4. you get the idea. at first, your hair will probably be very oily on the second day, but your head will adapt and begin to produce less and less oil. stripping the oil less often from your hair leaves your hair feeling softer for longer periods of time.

I currently just rinse my hair every week and shampoo every 2 weeks and I have that evening/second day hair feeling nearly every day all the time. I have just enough hair oil to weigh it down and push it around to do gentle styling.

just a thought if you want to consider going a non-product route
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salt water spray prolly
This specific Gatsby product is probably for you: http://www.gatsbyglobal.com/usa/product/hair/mr/mr_airrise.php

try argan oil
hmm, maybe I should I try this product?
Asian here

Hair is strawy as fuck from shampooing, spent all day renovating a house so I really needed to get the sweat and blood and masonry dust out of it

Generally if you're not getting your hair nasty as hell through similar activities, he shampooing less seems to work the best. I shampoo every other day or every three days depending on how long it is and whether I end up wearing a hat or not

im asian and my hair's hella thick and wavy, feels real nice. i don't really get the dry feeling, but i'm also Korean, which tend to have different hair from Japanese/Chinese.
jesus, OP here
I'm renovating a house too!
repainting and shit
This definitely happened to me when I was younger, in HS or whatever. For some reason now my hair doesn't act like this any more.

I have wavy Asian hair, if it helps.

I take night showers and do your standard shampoo at the roots, condition the upper half, and cold rinse at the very end. I let my hair air dry. When I wake up in the morning, my hair is a little bit oily. If I do nothing and go the rest of the day without any product, by the end of the day it's disgustingly oily.

The product I use in the morning to soak up some of the oil and style is Hanz de Fuko Quicksand.
just shower at night. i never understood showering in the morning, but i don't sweat while i sleep and if you're asian you won't too.
My hair is waist-length but I found using a few drops of argan oil or camellia oil (I use both interchangeably, though apparently camellia oil is a super old asian lady hair secret) and then finger-combing it through my hair helped a lot. My hair's super smooth and shiny now, i've gotten a lot of compliments abt it. I also use the camellia oil as a face moisturizer in the morning and it got rid of the majority of my hormonal acne.

These are the products I use:


hope that helps anon.
Hey, I have shoulder length hair. My acne has been dying down lately which is good, I might give the camellia oil a go since a few people have mentioned it before to me. Do you sleep with it still in your hair or do you make sure to wash it out? I ask cause I'm afraid it'll make me break out again since hair touching my face is inevitable while sleeping.

Also, how do you apply it? Just pour a tiny bit into you hands and stroke it through?
>Shaved sides like left pic
>Leave front eyebrow length
>Literally just comb and brylcreem, looks neat, no poofy dry straw hair, nice blend between military cut and a tougher street style
I pretty much just rinse my hair with water and eventually it became alot more greasy (but not on a disgusting level greasy). Just enough to have form. I shampoo or use conditioner maximum once per week.

If you do not want to go this way, just use hair product that's suited for your hair. I recommend Björn Axén and Gatsby of all the products I've used.

The reason I don't like to use hair product is because washing my hair every day damages it, but the story might be different for you. Good luck.
wrong gatsby
Yeah, I use a little less than a quarter-sized amount of whichever oil in my palms (adjust the amount for your hair length, you'd probably only need a few drops) and then stroke it through, avoiding the roots. My hair never feels greasy at the end of the day, so I don't wash it out at night but I sleep with a small towel over my pillow which i change every week and double-cleanse my face w/ micellar water before bed.
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who /virginiatech/ in here?
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use a lot less shampoo/no shampoo
pic related that's me & my baby face
qt detected
+1 for gatsby

on a side note, I find that thinner gatsby's are literally watered down pink gatsbys

meaning that if your gatsby dries out, add some water and mix
if i find a way to dry it out would it be the same as pink gatsby. i fucked up and bought the gray kind which works okay but it doesn't stay for too long.
lol holy shit please graduate high school
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if you wanna dry it, you can just leave it open to air, just check up on it a couple times a day
dunno if it'd be the same as the pink one though, but I think it's worth a shot
report back here with your findings m8, it'd be good to know
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Thread images: 7

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