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When I first installed this '62 fender AVRI neck pickup in my hss telecaster, the neck and middle were out of phase, so I switched the black and white wires (cloth in photo) and the phase was fine. The problem I have now is that the notch position (neck/mid) isn't noise cancelling like I need it to be. In addition, when I touch the neck pickup, there is a really loud buzz sound. Is this because of how 62 teles were wired/polarity difference? Is there a grounding issue? How can I make it behave like the stock neck pickup?
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You lost noise canceling because you brought the neck and middle into the same phase.

Noise canceling works by having each pickup, 180 degrees phase shifted from the other. How do you expect to cancel out hum and noise with no phase shift between the pickups?
Maybe phase is the wrong term? I mean like a strat's neck and middle pickup having reverse polarity so they cancel each other out removing hum when combined. At first when I combined neck and mid they had a very trebly tiny sound a la peter green's out of phase

I'm confused on what you want.

To get noise canceling, the pickups have to be opposite polarity from one another (180 degree phase shift). Configured this way, anything in common will be canceled out, including 60 Hz line frequency buzzing. Overall output is usually lower when you have the pickups wired this way, and the tone is altered.

The only other way to get noise canceling is to use stacked humbuckers (they look like single coils) in place of your single coils, put a big loop pickup in the...
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what is the minimum thickness of concrete that i can pour?

i want to make a lattice with .75"x.75"x.75"

what kind of concrete would i need?
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Depends on the performance you need. Concrete is very weak in tension, especially if the aggregate is almost as large as the thickness. Cement and sand without large aggregate should hold together in a .75" cross section, especially if you mix in reinforcing fibers.

However, that may not be the best material to use. Plaster is more suited to detailed casts. Fired ceramic is stronger. Epoxy resin is tougher. What do you need it for?
>Cement and sand without large aggregate should hold together in a .75" cross section, especially if you mix in reinforcing fibers.

so a mix that is as fine as possible (concrete and sand) would work best, here?

and what serves as reinforcing fiber?

>What do you need it for?

it's just a personal project. it's related to an architecture project that i'm working on. and i'd like to have it as a neat study conceptual...
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and here is my proposed construction method.

i make the negative out of foam modules, and then slide them into a 2" wood cube box. i pour the concrete (here, i'm not sure if the concrete will fill all the cracks)

at the end, i use acetone and a pick to dissolve the foam (eps).


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What am i doing wrong?
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Not sneaking up behind her with a framing nailer.
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Using stock photos for your shitposts.
...not using a longer thinner nail and going in through the corner of the eye at an upward inward angle?...

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He used to be good but now he has transitioned to shit and milks all of his videos for as much money as possible. With all of these stupid "quick clips" there's about a month in between every actual video. The worst part is that his subscribers will gobble up everything he says and actually believe him when he says that "No, I'm not trying to milk money from my videos, it just takes soooooooo long to edit them even after I quit my job". Gimme a break, his videos are max 15 minutes long and saying that it takes a week or more, working all day, to...
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Just how entitled are you? You aren't paying him a dime.Yeah, he's not busting his ass all day, so fucking what?
And from what I get, he experiments a lot beforehand, so that he shows (pretty much) finished product and not the first prototype.
Who gives a shit? It's a youtube channel, he has no obligation to do anything, he could release one video a year and it be nothing but paid promotions. He's trying to make money to live off of, if you don't like it, don't watch.
I unsubscribed from him back when he still only had a few hundred thousand subscribers and rarely, if ever, showed his face, the good old days. Most of his videos are things that have been done a thousand times before, with hundreds of videos already on you tube by people much more knowledgeable. I would agree that he's grown extremely lazy in his fame. But, he's basically figured out how to make money by creating videos for the children of autists. Which is brilliant, btw.

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I want to make myself a chainmail belt but I have a few questions.
What kind of chain should I use so that they are strong enough to hold up to regular use but also rust resistant enough to not make a mess

How do I close the chain links so there's nothing that will snag on or scratch clothes or skin

What chain pattern should I use

Where's a good place to get chain?

Also general chainmail discussion thread
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Hey there a lot of videos on on different weaves that you can use for your application. Since this belt will stretch a bit as you move, you don't want the links popping open so you would have to solder closed each and every link. A work around for that would be to add in a few rows of rubber o- rings instead of metal jump rings. Also its really easy to make jump rings so I would make them myself.
To be honest I'm really new at making chainmail so I don't know what jump rings are and I don't have the tools to solder the rings.

Know any possible work arounds or is the solder tool a must?
But why?

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So this is an odd topic, but I've sunk enough time into the last 3 days troubleshooting my poor graphics card hoping it would be a driver issue, and learned enough on the software side to almost certainly deduce that it must be a physical problem.

So when people talk about a graphics card getting old and weathered, what parts of a GPU actually degrade? and how would you detect this kind of damage?

What about how a card sits within the case itself, are there any specific parts that need to be padded so as not to touch other metals? or is that all for the sake...
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Memory chips can degrade over time. Long term overheating can cause the transistors in the GPU chip and peripheral IC's to break down I guess?

Biggest and most likely failure points are any electrolytic capacitors. Is the OP picture related or just a random google picture?

Don't touch it with a soldering iron unless you absolutely have to - honestly it's actually better to heat the whole board in an oven than to prod around with a soldering iron unless you really know exactly what you are looking for. Even then most surface mount in very sketchy...
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Thats just a google image, this however is the real thing.

I thought at first maybe some thermal paste had gotten elsewhere on the card and could be harmful, but ive given it several pretty thorough cleanings with alcohol. Still cant get rid of what you see here though.
>GTX 580M
it could be any number of things, but since this is a rather new graphics card it's highly unlikely to be solder problems on the BGA

those tantalum capacitors though are prone to bust every now and then

it would be way more helpful to post what exactly is the problem
>is the picture getting artifacts?
>>in 3d load, 2d load or even in idle?
>does the computer crash...
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File: DSC_0045.jpg (3 MB, 3840x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Just bought a house with a pseudo-room at the landing of the stairs to the second level. Thought that'd be a cool place to make my office/computer area. Only problem is >pic related.

Have houses behind mine that can see into my landing. Even if I didn't have the comp here, I'd still want more privacy because a man should be able to walk around naked or entertain women wherever he pleases.


Also, what height ladder would you recommend for that space? I'm a complete newbie.
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Curtains, blinds, window tinting, shutters, whatever.

>Also, what height ladder would you recommend for that space?
We don't fucking know how high your ceilings are, bust out a measuring tape.
>Curtains, blinds, window tinting, shutters, whatever.
Someone caught you watching porn and/or masturbating eh?

File: applecrtmonitor-01.jpg (67 KB, 800x601) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going all out and repurposing an old CRT monitor by making it look fresh and new. I plan on using spray paints and giving it the works.
I know enough about disassembling it and taking the precautions with leftover electricity and whatnot. But I've hit some snaffus and need some questions answered.

1.) Anyone have any idea what plastic monitors this old are made out of?

2.) When taking apart, I discovered that the plastic was extremely brittle, especially on the inside with some of the tabs holding the frame to the back of the monitor.
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Also, I have pretty bad luck with spray painting.
I swear I do it right. I know to apply multiple thin coats between however many minutes the can tells me to apply them.
But unless I live in a shitty climate that's always humid, it's like the paint never dries, or it's never permanent.
I guess it's because I never sanded and primed before, but I guess that makes all the difference between something being extremely delicate to handle to something withstanding scratching without revealing the color underneath.
Few thoughts:

-i cant think of many good suggestions for re-inforcing the plastic from the inside. plastidip is a cute idea but I don't think its really going to help, short of "if something cracks it might stay in place because its effectively got a huge layer of glue on the inside holding things in place".

I would just be as careful as possible and use superglue to put broken bits back together, or the superglue/baking soda trick. or a 2 part epoxy. youll never see it once sanded and painted...
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I've watched videos on how to paint. A lot of them use air brush guns which is a whole tier above what I have at my disposal.
Though I am impatient, I can understand the timing between multiple thin coats. My biggest thing is the sanding which is tedious. I'm doing an all-around rub with 220 grit, and it gives an almost brushed metal-like texture in the light. Do I continue to sand over that with even higher grit, or if I do multiple primer coats and multiple color coats (and a top coat), will that texture show through??

>rot proof
Nothing beats osage orange imho
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inb4 /lgbt/ jokes
File: Ole stinky.jpg (704 KB, 2816x2112) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ole stinky.jpg
704 KB, 2816x2112
Black locust:

We cut one down in my front yard because my mother ran a daycare there and literally the whole damn plant, I mean even the pollen from the flowers, is poisonous.
We made an entire kitchen cabinet set out of it, a dozen rifle stocks, and like at least a thousand axe/tomahawk handles. Finishes up almost exactly like the bowl in OP's pic, like honey and coffee mixed together.
If you burn it it smells like rancid meat being burnt, and yes,...
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Black locust.. Man I wish I lived a place where it grew. I hear tales about its wonderful watercraft building qualitys.

Too bad osage oranges oils in the wood are not considered food safe.

File: IMG_20160404_201111.jpg (2 MB, 3328x1872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
/Diy bros i need help

I got a small working security camera which i cant get to work. Pic related. In the old situation it was powered with a wall adapter and connected to a security monitor using a weird coaxial cable that had "75 Ohm" on it. I tried putting a normal coaxial plug on it but it didnt do squat when i plugged the camera in my television.

Does anybody know how to get this thing to work?

google wasnt helpful and i am a NEET when it comes to tjis kind of stuff.
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The wire that was used to connect it to a security monitor. It says 75 ohm on it and its a weird connector
Connector on the camera
Its a BNC cable and you need to hook it up to a DVR or a video card for security cameras.

File: insulated box.png (54 KB, 1800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
insulated box.png
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Hiya /diy/, me and some mates are looking to make a box to store takeout food in and keep it warm. The idea is to be able to take it with us to pick up the food, (around 30 mins) and then get to our destination (20ish) and still have the heat.

I know nothing about insulation, but i do have some insulation foam left over from some hobby related projects, and i know it is meant to retain heat so i chucked it into my plan (pic related), but again i know nothing. Bestow unto me your wisdom oh gods of personal projects, how should i go about doing this? It doesnt need to be...
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Protip: Look into what delivery drivers use. The pizza guy basically has a fabric box with insulation and mylar lining and it keeps a pizza warm for 20+ minutes.

Want to further improve that design? Add something warm to the box and keep it sealed, like a brick or pizza stone warmed up in the oven.

Insulation isn't that hard to do. The benefits of the pizza bag is that you can store it easily and it is food safe.
mylar (space blanket)

Layered like this the heat that gets through inner layer gets traped in the wool and second layer.This guy gets it >>972620

Also less than $20 gets you a little 12 volt heating blanket for the car. Dont like being a buyfag advise giver, I found mine in the trash with a busted plug, low wattage heating coil is useful.
Just use a cooler or insulated lunchbox and wrap the food in a couple of towels. If you want to be really fancy you need some sort of heat pack like a couple of chemical hand warmers next to the food.

Hello there /diy/, I'm in need of your help.

Long story short, where I live, you can backfeed electric power into the local power grid to lower your power bill. Being a NEET and bicycle enthusiast as I am, I've been toying for a while the idea of building a bicycle-based power generator, then feed said generated energy into the grid.

Would this be feasible? Could I generate enough power for it to be worth it? What do you reckon would be the best way to go about this? I already got a beater bike and a shitton of spare parts, and have bicycle mechanical...
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>Would this be feasible?
It can be done
>Could I generate enough power for it to be worth it?
most likely not, because of two reasons: the costs of the equipment involved, and the puny amounts of power a human is capable of generating. but anyway....

the first piece of equipment you'd need is called a grid-tie inverter-

Outback Power Systems makes some of the smaller alternate-energy...
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Fuck, that picture makes my fat leg skin hurt
Pro athletes can sustain about 600 watts on extended climbs.

Untrained individuals will struggle to sustain 250w

Power is billed in kwh. 1kw of power useage over an hour. The US average is 13 cents per kwh. So if you were to cycle for 4hours at 250watts you would generate 1kwh of power.

Dont forget losses from the drivetrain, generator and converter which will all add up to at least 20%loss through heat.

More than 4 hours of work for about 20 cents of return.

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Hi /diy/.

I have found an old amp - kenwood KAF1030.
it has a few problems, but I know that with your help, it will be a piece of cake.
few questions. I will post them with pictures that are associated with them
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File: 2.jpg (319 KB, 1600x899) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319 KB, 1600x899
first problem is this. Someone has been trying to repair it and made even bigger mess. conductive path in marked area is lost(red marking). Is there any way to restore it with amateur equipment.

Also it is connected to CD/AD ports. which i wouldn't be using so if i can't repair it i can as well just ignore it.
wires connected to volume potentiometer were soldered to those two spots (orange color)
here is service manual
File: 3.jpg (206 KB, 1600x899) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 1600x899
this is the potentiometer in question regarding picture 2

File: hqdefault.jpg (11 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't know where else to go with this so general technical crew thread.
Anyone work on a stage/theater/concert venue? I'm doing Almost, Maine for my theater and our equipment is so old, all I have is dimmer lights with no gobos or led's, and I gotta make a Northern Lights effect somehow. Any suggestions?
Pic related someone else's effect for the same show
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Hey dude are you still around? If so I'll post some stuff when I get home that I made with Arduino and I have an Aurora effect I programmed.
Yeah man go for it I'd love to see it
File: output_QQzhUp.gif (3 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 480x270

Kind of a shitty quality gif because of file limitation. I'll see if I can post the full thing on imgur.

Anyone have experience with concrete countertops?

Any thoughts on if any of the systems out there (fiber additives, fiberglass mesh, clips, etc.) are worth the extra cost? I've looked at the Zcrete system, but it seems a bit pricey for what it is.
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I know the gist of the process and I love James May, but I'm not sure how this helps.
I have made two attempts at concrete counter tops. I made forms outside the house, in the garage, using a template.

The first attempt was a massive failure.

The second wasn't bad, but I should have vibrated instead of just rodding the material for consolidation...

I will post a couple pics if I can find them.

Found some...
The form for the first attempt.
I used scraps from the rest of my remodel.

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