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You must follow through with the /d/are below yours. Does not need to be in an image like this, you can make up your own stuff for people to do.
Could you post an example, OP?
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Put your penis into a Chasity cage and throw the key away
Fuck yourself in the ass until you get an anal orgasm. You cant touch your dick
Dress as a maid. Invite someone on Tinder/Grindr/other such corny fucking apps to be your master/mistress for the weekend.
Wear female panties for the whole week. You can only piss sitting.
I already do this
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was pretty sure with threads threads you need some info to start. First post your age, what toys you have, and what you're fetishes/hard limits are. Then the following person would post a dare for you. As well as all of that information about themselves.

>>6890078 what if he/she doesn't have a chastity cage or a penis
>>6890078 what if they don't have a maid outfit etc.

It usually goes something like this

Age: 18
Items: 1 sml/med/lrg buttplug (one of each), 1 large dildo, one small dildo. Panties, stockings.
Likes: Anal (stretching), light pee play, extended challenges, cumplay, light humiliation
Dislikes: Scat, excessive public stuff, blood-play, extreme humilation
28 male pansexual
Items: 9in dildo, household items, what ever is in the fridge
Likes: anal, petplay, food, hidden public
Dislikes: Scat, public, family, blood, permanent

Honestly my main fetish is acting out/simulating other people's fetishes and fantasies. Nothing gets me off more than knowing in the moment that I am everything someone wants. So please feel free to be creative, even post a pic to give an example.
So you are supposed to dare him >>6891146
Starting with you, because you got skipped

put in your smallest buttplug, and work your way
up to your largest toy. then note the time.
You must fap for 1 full hour to whatever porn
you would like, but you can't cum, or remove
your toy until the hour is up. If you do cum, then
you must eat all of it, and continue watching
porn for the duration of the hour.

Gonna do both of you to try and get this thing rolling.

Get a food item of some kind. It can be pretty
much anything that's relatively big. (Something
like a sandwich or around that size). You're going
to cum in/on it. then you are going to eat the
food item. You must finish it, but you are only
allowed to take bites equal to the amount of
times you came into it.

In other words, if you came 3 times into your
food item, you would have to finish it in no more
than 3 bites. If you weren't able you would need to
cum on/in it for each additional bite required to
finish it.

20 Male Straight/bi-curious
items: buttplugs of varying sizes, large-ish dildo, nipple clips, household objects
likes: cumplay/eating, domination, bdsm, chastity
Dislikes: scat, public, blood, family
We should probably post images if we don't want this thread to get locked.

Before you go to sleep, insert the smallest of your butt plugs.

If you wake up prematurely, or are unable to fall asleep, you may remove the plug only while ruining your orgasm. Cum on the dildo and suck it clean. Try again the next night.

If you do manage to make it through the night without waking up, repeat with a larger butt plug until you've managed to go a night with the largest plug.


I have a penis, and far too many toys to mention. Including but not limited to: various gags, plugs, clamps, chastity cages, ball stretchers/crushers, leather cuffs, collar, ice lock, spreader bar.
Likes: bdsm, pain, breathplay, using as many toys as possible and then regretting it
Dislikes: public
Enema yourself with cream and put in some honey. Then insert a bullet vibe and a buttplug that will keep everything in. Do jumping Jacks and shake your ass vigorously to mix it all up.
Then take out the plug and vibe carefully. Use the dildo of your choice and give it a serious plunging. Release it into a popsicle tray. Freeze it. Wear a plug the entire time it freezes. Take out the popsicle. Cum on it. And lick it till it's all gone and you finish the pop.
...you managed to include everything I don't have, but no matter, I'll compensate and do what I can.

Also, I can't really give a dare without any info.
File: 1457681176174.jpg (102 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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23 Transgirl bi
Items: cock pump, various dildos, a few vibratiors
Likes: Anal Stretching, exhibitionism, distension, blood(open to a lot more)
Dislikes: Dom/sub, scat, public

also have a partner. Would like a dare for solo and duo.
female partner*
File: 1463387504176.jpg (156 KB, 711x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh sorry haha.


22 cock.

Med plug, Lg Plug, huge plug
Small medium large dildo.
Looong med dildo.
Bullet vibe,
Large dragon dildo with cum tube,
Big analysis beads.

Anything but scat
You know guys and gals, I'd love to participate in these threads.
21 male, pretty much straight.
items: pretty much nothing. Like not even a simple toy.
likes: spanking, enema, bdsm, being submissive
dislikes: scat, blood

I have the issue of living with housemates. So I end up only being able to do things In my room at the dead of the night.
File: 2504306PinkFront.jpg (91 KB, 249x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Insert a vibrator when your partner is away but will be alone with you soon. Masturbate to near orgasm, but stop and attempt to remain at about the same level of arousal until your partner arrives. Right before they enter, turn on the vibrator. Do not finish until your partner figures out on their own that you've got a vibrator in.

You have at most one penile orgasm next week. Any others must be via anal stimulation, with or without toys, only. All ejaculate must re-enter you, either anally or orally.

Make a two-ring rope diode (for lack of a better term. It's the first thing on this http://babyemiko.com/4-tips-self-bondage-beginner/ page.) using a padlock as one ring. Freeze the key in an ice cube. Once this is done, give yourself an enema and hogtie yourself in the bathtub with the key frozen beside you. (Safety note: Also have scissors in case of emergency.) If you can keep in the enema until the key unfreezes, then let it out however you wish. If not, then you're stuck with it in the bathtub.

22, male, bi.
Rope and lots of skill with it. Also most common household items.

Anything but public.

Picture unrelated. Completely. It was the first one I could find.
>>6893243 (Same anon) But especially chastity; I haven't come in about 10 days, and I'm interested in extending that.
File: 0009.jpg (396 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tie yourself to a chair so that you can reach the mouse
and keyboard, but not so you can reach your
dick. You are going to watch whatever porn you want
for about thirty minutes. Make sure it has some
dialog, and is in a language you speak. You are going
to follow along and type exactly the dialog they say.
Keep track of any error well doing so. wrong word, wrong
spelling etc. For every error, you must go another day
without an orgasm.

23 Male bi
items: rope, closepins, household objects, anything in the refrigerator.
likes: domination, petplay, cum eating, chastity
dislikes: blood, scat, public

pic unrelated
File: 9qw87e6r9.jpg (35 KB, 800x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Straight from /b/. Freaky af friend told me to come over for a real challenge from the professionals.

19 Straight Male
Items: Anything in a normal household
Likes: Jacking it anyway

Do your worst
Here's a real challenge for you then:
Jack off like a normal person to normal person porn on a normal person porn website (Pornhub, Xtube). Finish and clean yourself up.

you're supposed to give a dare to be able to receive one.
Would I be able to get a harder one, pls.
go outside and lead a successful life
can't think of anything, but the guy a few posts back inspired me to give this a shot. I've got everything in a normal house, bring it.
I think people are missing some of the core
concepts of this thread. To receive a dare you
must first give a dare. In addition you must give
your age, gender, what you like, and what you
don't like. In this way the thread doesn't end
because there are too many people asking, and
not enough people giving. Also, people need to
include the key information, so that dares can
be built around what they have/who they are.
You should also not give dares to those who didn't give one themselves. So that no one who
contributed gets skipped.
Shall we just start this thread again?
Yeah this went shit
So I guess someone has to start with their stuff

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Likes: Spanking, challenges that last for days, DIY chastity, anal stretching, I think public stuff (I live in the woods so that is fine), willing to try scat and blood stuff (if it comes to that), food, weird insertions. I love enemas

Dislikes: None that I can think of. I'm willing to try anything

Items: Household stuff, a couple of medium sized dildos, a couple of medium sized buttplugs, enema kit thing
I dear you to wear your buttplug out under some jeans to pick up a magazine from a shop, using public transport.
A newspaper is fine, I guess. If you can't use public transport, then walk, if that's not possible then I guess however you normally travel is fine.
Bring a heavy coat or jumper or bag or something just in case you want to cover yourself if something goes wrong, stay safe!
Age: 26

Gender: Female

Likes: /gfd/, handholding, bdsm as a switch, /rr/,

Dislikes: No scat, anal, bloodplay or public stuff. Everything has to be consensual.

Items: generic bondage kit, loads of lingerie, generic sex toys, household objects, my live-in switch bf

You must fuck yourself (Toy or bf) 3 times a day, without cumming for a week, only edge is accepted
Age : 18

Gender : Male

Items : 2 Gags, Blindfold, Panties, Girl Clothes, 1 small dildo, 1 medium dildo,1 large and long dildo, 1 double dong, 1 large dildo, 1 super large, 2 large buttplug, 1 super large buttplug, 1 inflatable buttplug, 1 giant buttplug, 1 DoubleFist Shaped Dildo

Likes : Anal (Stretching), Extended challenge, Humiliation, Spanking, Enemas, ..

Dislikes : Scat, Pee, Cum Eating, Too Public, And Illegal Stuff
you have to lay on your back and cum in your own mouth
Put that blindfold on, those girl clothes on and fuck yourself up the ass with that large dildo.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Items: Household items, food, my fingers (kek)

Likes: Stuffing (myself), Dominating

DIslikes: Scat, Anal, Cum, Pee, Illegal things
>fuck yourself (Toy or bf) 3 times a day, without cumming for a week,
there is no way I'm managing that but I'll let you know how far I get with it! maybe I can do it to him though lol
File: backagain.jpg (7 KB, 268x151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 268x151
Stuff/enema your ass full of sugary condiments you have in your house, and finger that shit like there's no fucking tomorrow / a new episode of your favorite anime is on crunchyroll. Lick that shitty syrupy goodness clean like futanari Mrs. Buttersworth just nutted in your ass, and since you like illegal things, shit the rest of that sweet brown all over your neighbors doormat.

Same /b/tard from earlier, didn't know rules so I added a /d/are. I just copied and pasted last shitpost so here we go.

>Straight from /b/. Freaky af friend told me to come over for a real challenge from the professionals.
>19 Straight Male
>Items: Anything in a normal household
>Likes: Jacking it anyway
>Do your worst
sorry forgot tags


Stuff as much ice cream as you can inside your butt and use an electric mixer to blend it up good. then put your legs over your head and use something thick to pound your asshole raw and make the ice ream gush out into your mouth while you jack off and cum all over your face.

22, Male, Bi (in relationship)
med plug, Lg plug
2 large dragon dildos (nox, Nocturn)
12 inch thin didlo, 18 inch med dildo
big anal beads,
vibe bullet, wand

into anything but piss and scat and mutilation.
public ok
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Items: a prostate massager and a fleshlight
Likes; assplay
Dislikes: scat, piss, cum
bruh...you dont give no dare you dont get no dare
>your /d/are
Ride a dildo and achieve a hands-free orgasm with one of your vibrators. You cannot use your hands to pump the dildo in and out, you must ride it by bouncing up and down or against a wall (with suction cup). You cannot use your hand to hold the vibrator, it must be secured in place and set to the appropriate speed before-hand.

>my info
24 male, bi
small dragon dildo (chance) and a fleshlight

I am into anything that doesn't involve making a big mess, severely hurting myself or getting in legal trouble.
Cum onto your dragon dildo then fuck yourself with it while you fuck the fleshlight, lick the dragon dildo clean when finished

Bi male, 21
anything except public, scat, piss, or pain play
I have a prostate massager and a fleshlight
sit on biggest fittable object that you have at home and fuck yourself with it while masturbating with fleshligt. After you cum in it drink the cum. wait one hour. Repeat.

male 24
have no items.
Like: going outside to fap, walk completly naked, etc.
dislike: scat, piss, big pain.
Your dare: Keep your windows open in your bedroom and keep the lights on - masturbate with the lights on and do not hold back when with sounds during your climax.

29 year old bisexual female

Items: Stone egg, three prong vibrating dildo, warm lube, movable shower head, butt plug, smaller vibe
Likes: egging, water play, bdsm, piss,
Dislikes: Scat and anything public

Freeze your stone egg in your own piss and keep it in your ass (sealed with a buttplug) until it's totally body temperature. In the meantime, edge yourself on your small vibe while browsing Frozen porn/erotic fanfiction. You're not allowed to come until the egg is body temperature, and you're not allowed to "lay" your egg until you've come.


18 y/o trans male post op (ftm) (that means pussy but no tits)
I have household items and the internet, no actual toys :(
Into most stuff (especially scat/watersports, holding/wetting/omorashi, and embarrassment)
Not into public, feet, or family. I still live with my family but i have a room in the basement with a bathroom, so I can do shenanigans at night.
Go to that bathroom you talked about, take banana (or two) with you. Drink lots of water, put on nipple clamps (can be clothpins) so you can stimulate having sensitive nipples better, take that banana and put it in your pussy, slowly fuck yourself with it for 15 minutes. After that suck on it for 15 minutes. Imagine you're having sex with guy on the toilet for right of using it. Get a 10 minute break in which you can only finger yourself and drink water. Fuck banana for another 15 minutes and suck it for as long you can until you cannot hold it anymore. If you have to pee start sucking on it really fast and deep, while fingering your pussy really fast. If you manage to cum before pissing yourself than you can piss in toilet, if not you piss while sucking banana on your knees.

19 y/o male
household items, dildo, female clothing
Into roleplay mostly, feminization, anal and humiliation also great
Not into public, feet, incest and scat/watersports
Please something with assinging me some kind of role to roleplay
Pick a sate that is safe.

You will be the house maid for the entire day. Dress appropriately to please your owners eyes. You shall make all meals, clean house, do chores.
You will not eat at table, but only kneeling on the floor beside where your owner would eat.

After a chore your owner will do you 5 minutes.
oops forgot.

27 female.
house things. couple of suction cup cock dildos, vibrator, Plug, anal beads, clamps, i have a few sluttish like clothing too if you fancy.
into: most things. public risky things. humiliation. bdsm. being controlled. denial.
not :scat, piss, very violent/extreme pain stuff.
Age: 18

Gender: Male

Likes: Nearly anything.

Dislikes: Blood, insects.

Items: Household stuff, a couple of medium sized dildos, Enema kit.
Go work/Uni in sluttier than usual clothes (short skirt/Cleavage etc.). Put in a buttplug in the morning and some tight panties to hold it in. Don't wear a bra and wear a light top so your nipples are visible. Bring a dildo in your purse/bag and use it in public bathrooms (don't forget to moan like a slut). When you get home for the evening take out the buttplug, get on your kitchen table, put on some porn and fuck yourself in both holes for as long as you like.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Likes: nearly everything, go wild and dirty

Dislikes: Bug/insect play

ps: I live with my family
wow ok. work then.
Easy, jack off into a pair of your mom's or sister's panties. Then lick the cum off. Bonus points for wearing them while you do it.

Age: 20
I have an dildo and am open to most things.
No humiliation, body waste, or blood.

I also live with my parents

Take your whole dildo in and make sure it doesn't fall out (wearing some underwear or ropes will do it) dress normally and use your car or public transport. Always try to sit down, if you get hard you have to watch futanari pics on your phone, when you are back home take it out and deepthroat it sniff hard and cum while the dildo is in your throat

Age: 18
Items: household stuff
Likes: creativity,nippleplay
Dislikes: extreme, scat,public,
torture your nipples with something like this, continuously put them on and off, but every time you take them off you must take them on some instant more than before. The stronger they are, the better. Do it three times: morning for five minutes, afternoon for seven minutes and evening for ten minutes. It doesn't matter where you are, when you go off home this morning take one or two of these with you, and go to the toilet and do it.

Female, 18. Anal plug, collar with metal chain leash, and nipple clamps.
Like almost everything, don't have any rope but like being restricted, like breathplay, humiliation, watersports, waxplay, pet play... I'm very kinky and submissive.
Don't like: scat, needleplay, dangerous public.
I live with family.
You have to peel two bananas and insert them in your ass, then put your buttplug on your ass and go for a walk until you cant handle it anymore, then go back to your home and eat them.
Dont have any toys
I dont mind anything that doesnt involve scat or similar.
How small are bananas where do you live? They can't possibly fit.
File: 0239.jpg (195 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195 KB, 1024x768
Find some kind of food item.
Go to the top thread on /d/
edge to every picture in the thread.
if you cum before the last picture
you must cum on your food item
and eat it.

23 Male bi
items: rope, closepins, household objects, anything in the refrigerator.
likes: domination, petplay, cum eating, chastity, food
dislikes: blood, scat, public

That's pretty good *clap*
Is it just for one day or more?
They do, and if you cant try using one and a half
File: 53325823_p8.jpg (99 KB, 500x1196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 500x1196
Here's an alternative in case you're like me and you'd like something more... involved:

First of all, that plug goes in when you read this, and stays in until you can do this. Since you live with family, you'll probably want to do this at night. Make sure you've had plenty to drink so you when you do the dare, you'll really need to go to the toilet. Find some place or some way to attach those nipple clamps to something in front of you (easier if they're on a chain), and from where you can attach the leash to your collar to something behind you. Ideally, both the nipple clamps and the leash to your collar would be pulled taut.

Get on your knees, restrain yourself as much as possible (tie your feet and knees together using belts, for example). Make it as difficult as possible to leave quickly. You're not allowed to undo everything until you've come, but you're only allowed to touch yourself while holding your breath.

And so people don't get skipped:
Prepare some food for yourself, and put it in front of you. Put as many clothespins all over your body as possible, with the rope (or something else if the rope is too thick) pulled through it. Masturbate, ripping off all of the clothespins at once when you're on the edge, preferably cumming all over your food. Enjoy your meal.

>My stuff
I have a penis, and far too many toys to mention. Including but not limited to: various gags (also inflatable), plugs (also inflatable), clamps, chastity cages, ball stretchers/crushers, leather cuffs, collar, ice lock, spreader bar. I don't have an enema kit, no vibrators, no electro-play stuff and no skill with rope.
Likes: bdsm, self bondage, pain, breathplay, using as many toys as possible and then regretting buying an ice lock.
Dislikes: scat, cum eating, public
was fun
Age: 18
Appearance: masculine, extra few pounds
Loves:futanari,latex, crossdressing,cumplay
Hates:lesbian porn,extreme, scat, waterports
Has:household,panties, lube (maybe condoms)
Lives with parents

Would love to try some new stuff
Roll a d20. You must wear some panties and a bra underneath your normal clothes for that many hours. You may not masturbate or cum until you have worm the underwear for that many hours. For a daring optional bonus, go and buy a cute skirt; if the shopkeeper asks who it's for, you may not lie (though you can selectively tell the truth as much as you like)

Age: 22
Items: 1 small buttplug, 1 larger. 10m rope, 3m rope, ball gag, vibrating cockring, lube, chastity cage, blindfold.
Likes: Orgasm denial, humiliation, domination, ice, endurance training, predicament bondage
Dislikes: Scat, public stuff, blood, extreme humilation

I'm looking to really expand my horizons, so I would love to try something really fresh, new or original, even if it means I have to buy shit to make it happen. So kind of go nuts with it.

I don't have a bra, even I would need one ^^ I guess panties only? I already did that 3 days ago ^^

Something would be appreciated <3
>/d/are threads are not deleted anymore
Just when I had to get rid of my toys and part of my girly clotes.
Alright; put on your panties and get a shot glass. You must edge with your dick pointing into the shot glass. You are forbidden from cumming until the shot glass is 1/4 of the way filled up with your pre-cum. If you cannot do this, ruin an orgasm into a shot glass and then down it. You may not orgasm in full until you have downed either a 1/4 shot of precum or a full shot of ruined orgasm. You may only wear panties until you have fulfilled this dare.

And my info is here: >>6904239

Put on the chastity cage and put in the small buttplug. Wait for at least 15 minutes, then put on the blindfold and rub ice on your nipples for at least 5 minutes. Switch to the large buttplug and go shopping for a new dildo online. You better pick fast shipping because you can't cum until it arrives.

Items: large dildo, vibrator, medium butt plug, blindfold gag, restraints, lube
Likes: anal challenges, prostate orgasms, chastity
Dislikes: cross dressing, scat, public, blood/gore, cum eating, gay, pain

Live with girlfriend, need to wait until she's out to do certain things.
Put your lube and butt plug in the fridge to get them nice and cooled down. Put your large dildo somewhere warm, like on top of a radiator, but make sure it's not burningly hot. Edge yourself whilst you wait for them to cool down and heat up. After about 30 minutes you may not touch your cock any more. Take the lube and butt plug out of the fridge, lube up the butt plug, and then push it in your butthole and put your gag and blindfold on. Keep the cold butt plug inside for as long as you can. Keep track of how long you've had the buttplug in for using a timer. Every minute you manage to endure the freezing butt plug is another minute you get to fuck yourself with the warm dildo. After you can't take it anymore, switch out the cold butt plug for the warm dildo, and then fuck yourself raw with the lovely warm dildo, taking care not to touch your cock at all.

Finally, post about what it was like in this thread.

As for me:
Male, 20
Live with girlfriend, but she's gone for every Thursday
Items: Chastity cage, small and medium buttplugs, gag, collar, 2 ropes, condoms. Willing to buy stuff.
Like: Orgasm denial, bondage, a little anal, crossdressing, humiliation,
Dislike: Excessive public (secret stuff is fine), scat, blood, watersports

I like surprises, so surprise me, don't mind if it's a little out of my comfort zone, I like to be given stuff that's a bit unusual. I'm especially looking to get new toys, and can never decide what to buy.
Is that bit at the end from your Farmers Only profile?

Get hard and edge 2 times then put 3 icecubes (should be fairly big) in your ass and put your small butt plug in, watch "sissy hypnosis" in full screen and headphones till the ice melts completely, then let the water out and put your bigger buttplug in and watch futanari hentai or boku no pico and edge twice, cum on a banana and eat it c:

At home wear a rope harness and collar. Go out to buy a sexy girl outfit mid day, tell its for girl friend if ask. Wear the cage and medium plug underneath when going out. Come home and wear it. Should still have plug and cage. Wear the collar and gag. Write 'slut for use' on fore head, and then kneel infront of mirror hand behind head and leg spread. Be there one hour.

27 female.
house things. two of suction cup cock dildos, vibrator, Plug, anal beads, clamps, i have a few sluttish like clothing too if you like.
into: most things. public risky things. humiliation. bdsm. being controlled. denial.
not :scat, piss, very violent/extreme pain stuff.
Spend a day with something larger than your fist lodged in your RECTUM.
You must sit on a fat dildo or butt plug whilst writing a steamy bit of erotica of no less than 1000 words to make up for your lack of writing. You may not take out the butt plug until you have written your master piece, and upon completion you must read it aloud whilst masturbating. If it's not hot enough to make you cum, then you must write another 1000 words.

Male, 21
Items: medium buttplug, collar, rope, condoms.
Like: bondage, anal, discomfort, crossdressing, humiliation,
Dislike: public, scat, watersports.
I gave not one but two dares and I'm gonna be skipped? Alright.
Put on your collar, tie your hands together and try to fuck your ass with your medium butt plug

items:Nothing :(
Likes: Anal,Cum Eating,Spanking,Humiliation
Dislikes:Scat,Public,illegal shit and pee
Sorry hombre, here's your dare:

Put on a chastity cage on and put the key inside a condom, then tie the condom tightly around a vibrating buttplug. Put the vibrating buttplug in your boypussy, turn it on, and then secure it using ropes so that it is locked in place with a padlock. Put the key for said padlock in a time release, such as your ice time release device, or your computer's CD tray using a program to release it when ready.

You must now spend the next hour, or however long the ice takes to melt, watching your favorite porn. Every 10 minutes you must write down how you feel. After the time is up, you may unlock your buttplug, and then unlock your chastity belt, but you may not cum until you've posted your notes in this thread in reply to this post.

Also, I don't want a dare, so don't reply with a dare to this post.
still no dares for me?
How about try to insert some kind of fruit like a banana in your ass, you can use your cum as lube if you want and afterwards you have to eat that fruit/vegetable

So now i can request a dare ?
18 and male
items: no dildos or buttplugs or anything like that, only clothes and household items
likes: anal, humiliation, crossdressing
dislikes: scat, blood
masturbate with every, and i mean every orifice completely stuffed
Didnt get one.

why do people skip ?
Go out at night wearing only an overcoat and the sluttiest lingerie you have. Stuff your ass with the beads and strap the dildo into your pussy, then go to a busy part of town, get some drinks and go back home. You need to be there for at least an hour and post proof
I assumed that >>6905583 was your dare, which is why I skipped.

Also, we should really stipulate something, like you HAVE to put your likes and dislikes if you want a dare, because now I am unsure if I should leave a dare for the poster above me.
poster above you here, and yeah, I agree with you

19 y/o male
likes: humiliation, anal, cum eating, spanking, public and so on
dislikes: overly disgusting stuff (aka: solid scat)
File: 119.jpg (377 KB, 675x831) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
377 KB, 675x831
Next time you go shopping you have to keep your favorite toy inside your ass, if you don't have any then use a banana.
If it starts to slip out you are not allowed to use your hands to get it back in.
On your way home you have to swap the toy/banana up your ass with an object you bought from the store (this has to be done before you get home) Good luck.

23 y/o male
items: 1 big girthy suction cup dildo, 2 small dildoes, 1 medium butt plug, 1 large butt plug,
anal beads, tentacle dildo and one huge butt plug I have not been able to fit yet.
likes: Anal, Crossdressing, semi-public, enema, fruits/vegetables, deep insertions.
Dislike: Scat, pain & blood.
Am not creative enough to give a dare, but I'd love to join all of you

anything but scat
and I mean anything
Get your big girthy suction cup dildo and affix it to the bottom of your bath so that it's pointing up to the ceiling. Sit down on the dildo, using whatever lube you like, and then get the bath running. You're now anchored to that spot in the bath until the water totally fills up as high as it will go, at which point you may masturbate however you like, but you must keep the dildo inside you. If any of the water spills over the side, you must immediately stop masturbating, pull the plug, and sit there with your hands off until the water drains. Once all the water has drained, you are allowed to get off the girthy cock, and are not allowed to masturbate for 24 hours. Repeat this each day until you finally cum.

24 male
items: buttplugs, dildos, ballgags , rope... most things. I'll buy if I don't have it.
like: crossdressing, enema, anal challenges, pain, humiliation
dislike: scat, blood, public, watersports

Make yourself cum any way while gagged, capture the cum and pour it into your ass, then plug it. Use that sensation of being filled with your own cum to cum again

26 male
Items: Buttplug, 2 dildos, gag, rope, crop
Likes: Force play, pegging, cum on my body, being used
Dislike: scat, blood, puke, swallowing.
Insert one dildo in your ass and one in your mouth tie your self up around body and hands make sure you can breath then ride the dildo till you cum

19 male straight
I have 3 sharpies if I can find them and rope
Likes: Cum eating cum play anal
Dislikes: Chasitiy body waste blood public family and pain
Dibs. Writing now.
You are now only allowed to have ruined orgasms until next week, and you must edge d10 times a day.

20 male bi
belts, BD Mary, some panties and stockings and shit like that, home made leather chastity cage.
Likes: bondage, forced fapping, short term orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, forced orgasms, almost everything else not in dislikes.
Dislikes: scat, puke, blood, family, illegal shit, public, pain, anal (because of health reasons, sadly, fml)

Take your rope, fold it a few times, and then rub it over your neck, nipples, and upper inner thighs until they're pink and warm. Keep going on your nipples until they keep tingling. Pinch them hard with your dominant hand, once each. Please do not touch your dick until the last step.

Then, tie the rope around your upper thighs, up against your ass. If you have another piece of rope, or the rope is long enough, tie your crossed ankles together. If you have still more rope, tie it around your neck like a leash. Let the slack fall over your body.

Wet your fingers and rub your hole. Suck on the first marker, then use it to rub your hole in circles until you're relaxed. Slip it in, fuck yourself with it until it's in deep. Wet your finger again. Fit your finger inside your hole beside the marker, and rub the little pink rim. Move the finger back and forth. Angle the marker so it bushes your prostate, and then pull it out an inch.

Add another marker, and then another finger in the same way. Fuck yourself of the two markers, slide a finger between them. While your hole is stretched wide across by the markers and finger, rub the gape with your other wet hand. Rub your prostate as hard as you can with it still feeling good with the markers, and then add the third.

Fuck yourself on the markers. You can now touch yourself, but mostly the head. Do this until you come, and don't do it quietly.

Good boy.
I'm >>6906712.

25 female bi

Items: Household items, an assload of art supplies, and rope.

Likes: edging, semi-public, light painplay, petplay, rope.

Dislikes: piss, scat, blood, visibly public.
Same guy you wrote one for write me one and ill write you one. Deal?
Take some of that "assload" of art supplys like a couple markers three to be exact put two in your pussy and one in your mouth sideways like reigns on a horse then tie the marker in your mout at each end run the rope behind your ears and down your back make sure the markers in your pussy are out far enough that you can tie them to the ropes behind you then take another rope and tie the full body bondage rap over the mtp ropes now tie your hands by wrist preferably to the markers in you pussy and fuck your self till you cum in a cup post pics of said cup on this thread
Oh, you mean you'd like another?

I want for you to do the first dare every other night for a week, and also leave the three markers in for an hour before you sleep while you're on the computer. You can lie on your side while you use your laptop or phone, right?

Bonus: play with your hole with one marker, roughly, right before you leave your house for the day. This is an add-on to the first two dares, not a replacement.
Will do.
Donate to a sperm bank till you have roughly seven hundred dollars American buy the Moby huge on amazon don't cum till you get past the head

Male bi 22
I have 2 sm dildo and 1 med butt plug I like anal light bdsm cum eating/play
I dislike scat piss pain blood illegal family
Male bicurious 17

i have no sex toys.

I like being dommed, traps and buttstuff

I dislike blood, scatplay, watersports and CBT
Male, 19

Stuff: a few female clothes, a tail plug, household items in the apartment

Likes: petplay, domination, feminization

Dislikes: scat, public humiliation

Looking to have some fun with limited resources.
File: 1418894957716.jpg (120 KB, 1000x621) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 1000x621
For the next week you can only cum anal, if not possible then while fucking your ass, you can only use your own cum for lube.

You must watch at least 20 min of shemale/trap porn/hentia every day for 3 day, you must have at least one finger stroking yourself the full 20 mins your are not allowed to cum for those 3 days, if you do add a day and repeat. When you make it to the end grab a toothbrush/sharpie and teach that ass who is boss and enjoy that release.

You must keep your tail plug in for 24 hours, if you go out, or put clothes on it must include a set of panties and a bra for that 24 hour period. You must eat out of bowl, and everytime you cum you have to lick it up and apologize to your master.


I have a small buttplug, a bullet vibe, vibrating anal beads, condoms, fleshlight.
Like: light anal play, light domination, cum play, petplay
Dislikes scat, public, pain, humiliation, family

Get a sharpie and draw little cat or dog whiskers, nose, and ears on your face. Then get on your knees in front of a dog bowl and fuck yourself silly with your beads and vibrator, cum into the bowl and lick it up.


M, 21
Stuff: Nothing really, household items
Likes: Messy food play (pies in the face and such, WAM), Humiliation, light anal, sucking cocks, receiving facials.
Dislike: scat/pee, public, pain.
holy fucking kek that pic
must eat with both hands tied (not allowed to use them), on your knees always something in your ass (household items or carrots etc.work).

M, bi, Have: chastity device, vibrating buttplug, dildo. Likes: denial, chastity (longterm, though my longest is only 2 weeks, push me) humiliation, anal, feminization.
Get as much food as you can and just go to town without any utensils. Allow yourself to get caught if you live with anyone!

26 MtF
Stuff: Medium Chance, Air Pump, Beads, and plug
Likes: Inflation, Bulge, and anal
Dislike: Scat/Pee, Hard pain.
>and then secure it using ropes so that it is locked in place with a padlock
I'm not quite sure how that would be possible
bump, this is me, still havent received a dare

Stuff: household items (willing to spend a little money)

Likes: feminization, humiliation, public, domination

Dislikes: scat
Behold, I am the great sluttholio, giver of dares.

You must put your chastity belt on. From now on, you will not be touching your dick or cumming until you get enough points. How do you get points you ask? Well it's quite simple. Put the buttplug in and put your girliest outfit on. Then sit down and watch some of your favorite sissy slut porn whilst riding your vibrating butt plug. For every 10 minutes you do this for, you gain a point. Roll 3d20. That's how many points you must reach before you can unlock yourself. Once unlocked, cum however you like, you've earned it for training your little fuckhole.

Get your butt lubed up and get ready. Go on /d/ and click on the top thread. Scroll through it and every time you see someone having anal, push the anal beads in by 1 bead. Keep scrolling through the thread and pushing beads in, but you may not touch your cock during this time. Now the fun part: If you reach the end of the thread before your beads in, you must edge yourself, take the beads out, then try again. If you manage to push all the beads in, you may cum, but must pull the beads out as you cum.

Purchase some cute girl clothes (either in public or online) and some makeup. Once you have all your items, you're going to go for a little walk. Put on your cute outfit, and your makeup, edge your little dick so you're bursting to cum, and then go outside. You can put on a coat or a hood or something if you choose, but you must be wearing some lovely girly clothes underneath, preferably slutty ones, and you must have dolled up with some makeup and lipstick, and maybe some eyelioner. Go for a walk and find somewhere secluded; a public bathroom, a bush, an alleyway, anywhere you like. Only there may you cum.

Alright, I think that's all the people who've been skipped, now for me (In the next post):

Male, 22
I've been stuck in chastity since July 1st. My girlfriend has been teasing me nearly daily, and on Friday it's my "evaluation". So given those criteria, I thought it'd be fun to get horny the day before.

Items: 5" dildo, medium buttplug, small buttplug, ball gag, blindfold, 3m rope, 10m rope, spreader bar, chastity belt (obviously), vibrating cockring, condoms, household items, ice, lube
Like: Orgasm Denial, humiliation, domination, bondage, ice play, light anal, light cbt, crossdressing.
Dislike: extreme public, extreme pain, blood, scat, watersports
no dare for me ?
File: 1462028455736.webm (247 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247 KB, 640x480
27, male, bisexual.
Kinks: BBW/BHM, futanari (on male too), femdom, scat, slight exhibitionism
Turn-offs: Blood, guro, ntr
Toys: 1" wide Tail/buttplug, beginner anal beads, maid outfit, panties, thigh highs.
Likes to make other people feel good and happy. Happiest when pleasing others.
File: 1463836643126.jpg (583 KB, 2000x1122) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
583 KB, 2000x1122
Edge yourself to your favorite porn. Put on your panties, thigh highs, tail/buttplug, and your maid outfit. You're forbidden from cumming until you go for a walk outside the house. You may wear coats, hoodies, whatever you like to cover up, but you have to go outside for at least 20 minutes like that. When you get back you may cum.

Order the smallest g-string or thong you can online. You may not cum until you've worn it for 1 week. You may not wear any other type of underwear during that time period.
Get a couple of ice cubes and push it in your ass, then let them melt and pour the water into a glass , take it in your mouth for atleast 10 seconds, then do whatever you want with it
Don't be a faggot
File: 1403882774784.jpg (2 MB, 4146x3034) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4146x3034
>25 M
>lives with GF
>100+ pairs of panties, a bunch of leotards and swimsuits, dildoes, cock sleeve
>like: leotards, panties, hidden public/light exhibitionism, cum, light CD, big insertions (in GF and self)
> dislike: scat/piss, sounding, chastity, pain, strong sissification (not gonna put on makeup and shit, but i like wearing skirts and stuff)

I'll dare any number of people that dare me.
Put in your biggest dildo and put on some panties go for a walk do all this while your gf isn't home you can wear pants and regular clothes but you have to get home before she does then you can't cum till she both figures out you have the dildo in and gives you permission

Male 23
Items:nothing not even basic house hold items unless you know how to make some pretty broke right now so yeah
Likes: Cum play light bondage and anal lost my sharpie a while ago
Dislikes scat piss heavy sissifacation

Try to cum without using your hands.

Keep your hands behind your back at all times, if you fail to do so edge yourself at least one time, then put your hands back behind your back. After you have cum, clean it up with your tongue

If you are unable to cum without using your hands you are supposed to edge yourself again while using your free hand to stimulate your ass, you are not supposed to cum in this case
Female, 18
Items: one medium dildo, a small bondage set (rope, hand ties, nipple clamps, a whip, collar and leash)
Likes: bondage, light pain, humiliation
Dislikes: strong pain, public, scat, piss, blood
Put on the collar and clamps. Insert the dildo into you ass. Tie yourself as a pet (as good as you can). Pretend you're a dog (take the tongue out and breathe like a dog) and hump the pillow till orgasm.

Male, 21
Items: dildo, gag, ropes, clamps
Likes: humiliation, chastity, orgasm denial, light pain, cum
Dislikes: public, scat, piss
for one week you have to wake up at 3 am, bind your legs to your legs in a squat and, in front of a mirror, you have to edge yourself for 1 hour 50 times, no penetration at all. You can only cum once during this week. on the day after the week ends you have to spend 1 hour trying to cum as many times as you can, bound in front of an open window.
m 19
items:condoms, small vibe, mostly improvised household items.
likes:anal, cum, submission mentality, humiliation, mind fucking
dislikes: physical harm, scat, piss, blood
lube up the vibe, slip it into the condom, put the condom on. kneel down with your ass up in the air and massage your prostate with something (fingers or object) until you cum. no touching your dick.

Male, 23
Likes: Balloons, Inflation, Prostate milking
Dislikes: blood, scat, cum, piss, etc
Items: two 3ft Round balloons, two 3ft heart balloons (very very large) a fleshlight, willing to purchase something for anal play.
Fill a condom then use as lube for an improvised dildo made of preferably a sharpie and your vibe

Male 19
1 sharpie 3 lengths of Para cord so kinda rope it works
Like light bondage cumplay and light anal
Whoops forgot
Dislikes scat piss illegal water sports heavy anal
I hate illegal water
Male 21
toys: 8"dildo, 7"dildo
like chastity play, anal, humiliation
Hi Im poor fag, use something not made as a toy and take a pic, then post on here or another website with link.
dont skip me /d/!
Insert a dildo of your choice, then put on the tightest underwear you have to keep that dildo inserted. Now go to the store and buy a few phallic items like bananas. You are not allowed to take out the dildo until you get back home.

Male 26
Likes: Diapers/ABDL, feminization, humiliation, chastity, femdom, light exhibitionism
Dislikes: Scat, Blood, extreme public
Items: Diapers, baby items/clothes, dildos, chastity cages, most any bdsm item you can imagine that isn't furniture.
Inflate your two round ballons, try to get them together and put your fleshlight in between them, try and make as secured in place as possible, now go and fuck your fleshlight, you can't touch your disk or the fleshlight.

Ok, first insert a dildo of your choice and lock it up with some rope, then tie your dick and ball as well. Put on some nipplle clamps ((clclothespins), gag , blind and restrain yourself as much as possible, if you want put on headphones or earplugs so you really are sensory deprived. Now go and stand near a window and stay there until you can make yourself cum.
Have fun.

20 Male
Likes: BDSM, watersports, cum play, light exhibitionism, domination,naming
Really likes: Heavy Anal, extreme things, humiliation and femdom.
Have: anal beads, tail plug, various gags and nipple clamps, bdsm stuffs, lot of medium sizes dildos, a 19" double dong (that fits entirely) some big dildos : 10.5" X 2.1" / 9,8"" X 2.5 - Buttplugs: 2" and 2.7 " (really tight) and some that i can't get to fit yet : 3.1" / 4.7" includind a 2,78" rubber fist

Also my gf is arriving next week anand if you guys feel like giving me a solo and a duo dare that would be great. :3
I have a 5.5" dildo btw
Never got a reply. I'm still in more or less the same situation (my gf didn't let me cum on Friday). I'm chaste until further notice.
Oh, also here's one for you >>6918411

Arrange all of your plugs and dildos in size order. Now, work your way slowly up the "food chain". With each dildo, you must fully insert it, edge, then move on to the next one. Do this until you have gotten to the dildos you can't fit yet. You may not cum until you manage to fit one of them inside yourself.

As for the duo dare; you must be bound tightly on your back with your legs up so that there is plenty of access to your fuckhole. Put on a gag and a blindfold. Your girlfriend will then start putting as many medium sized dildos in your butthole as possible. If you make any kind of whimpering noise or anything, you must be whipped hard across the balls. Once your girlfriend is satisfied that she has placed as many dildos in you as possible, she may try to make you cum; her time limit is 1 dildo = 1 minute of making you cum. If you cum, you are to act like a dog for the rest of the day (bondage included). But if you hold out, then you switch over and it's your turn to put dildos in your girlfriend and then try to make her cum, except you're allowed to use both her holes. If she cums, then she gets to be a dog for the day.
So no dare for me
Play a full round of monopoly with sharpie in pooper. Dont take out until the end.

Me: 19
Owns: 5.5'dildo, pink vibrator, and a bunch of girly clothes cause im kinda a trap.
I really dont care what you dare me to do so long as i dont have to perminantly harm my body.
That vibrator goes in as soon as you read this
Step 1 insert pink vibrator in your boy pussy
Step 2 turn on vibrator to highest setting
Step 3 put on you girlest panties and a bra put normal clothes on over treat your self by going to a store and buy some panties and a skirt
Step 4 shave your legs and any noticeable hair on your body below the waist
Step 5 grab a sharpie and head to a place that has a bathroom
Go into the middle stall make two holes large enough to accompany a cock
Step 6 you may now remove the vibrator
You are going to service whatever number the last number of this post is if you cum before getting to this step that number triples if the number is 0 that equals 10
Step 7 while servicing the men you may not cum if you do the number resets
You may only cum after you've serviced all the men don't forget use that sharpie to label both holes as tight little fuckhole and sloppy wet cum deposit then write bathroom slut on your chest once your done don't clean up dress in your clothes and leave as you are

Me male 19
Items sharpie,rope
Likes anal cumplay cum eating (not on food tho) and bondage
Dislikes illegal, scarring or permanent, scat, piss , public , and water sports
Oh baby, shithole kentucky dicks in my mouth. guess im spending the night at a motel. Thanks for the quick response anon!
No prob /d/ude
Im departing now, itll be a few hours because i have to go to a city for this kinda thing.
Wow you're actually doing post pics if possible
Go find a JOI video (at least 30 min long) at the end of it make sure to shoot your load at your open mouth. Collect everything that missed your mouth with your hands and use it as lube to finger your ass, get at least 3 fingers in there, or more if you are able.
Me male 25
Items: small plug, butterfly clamps, shoe laces, clothes pins, household items, and an onahole.
Likes: bondage, some public, anal, and humiliation.
Dislikes: Cum eating, water sports, scat, and anything illegal / harmful
I didn't see the last post before finishing so I didn't take pics, sorry. I had to drive for 2 hours to get to a place with enough people to serve 8 dicks and ended up at a truckstop bathroom for 5 fucking hours. The vibrater didnt help my driving, but it did make it fun. I made a little game out of it. Once I got to Ashland I went to a cheap 24-hour store to get a pair of white panties and a red skirt. Afterwords i went out to the affore mentioned truckstop bathroom to get started. The fucking 5th guy was hung and fat, it was absolutely revolting too -I believe he hasn't washed it in like a week and it was uncircumsized. Then again the other dicks wern't to great either, a few were gross to but other than that i had a bit of fun honestly. Appearently this particular bathroom has been "used" befbore, as it already had 2 holes. The condition of this bathroom was abismal. So after my "dare" it was 7 fucking AM. I went to a motel to sleep then came home, immediately went to posting this. Will take another /d/are, but perferably not one that would have me go do something like this. Im gonna go get tested for STDs at somepoint to be safe, and i think my stomach needs pumped. Remember kids dont try to swollow everything, it hurts your stomach like hell after the 6th guy. As a bit of punishment to myself for not reading just before and taking pictures, my skype is Tobym7777. Do with that what you may, I will respond to pretty much everything. Just say your from /d/ in the message.

P.S. A sincere fuck you from me, the bathroom slut.
I'm edging myself right now with a buttplug in. Any dom girls want to give me directions and stick around for ~ an hour?
File: 1460756993376.jpg (141 KB, 827x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 827x900
Insert small plug overnight, if you wake up during the night, edge when you wake up w/ onahole, go back to bed and then wear the plug throughout your day. Cum in the onahole with clamps on your nipples in front of a window at the end of the day.

Me: F
Items: Vibrator, collar, leash, medium size plug, belts (for bondage)
Likes: Edging, bondage, brainwashing, orgasm denial, diapers
Dislikes: Public, scat, anything illegal/harmful
Lie on the bed and tie your legs by the edges of the bed so that they are split and also tie the coller around your neck as tight as you can but dont fucking choke yourself to death .Find a feather or if you dont have take some toilet paper fold it so it has a similar shape.Edge yourself by only touching the your clit.Every minute you have to edge yourself 50s and then take a pause of 10s do this for 10 min.Whether you cum or not you must finish it if you cum just continue.When you are finished with that take your plug.Fuck yourself in the pussy for 5 min while doing that every time you put it in leave it for 5 s and then take out ,slow speed but deep inside (dont touche clit while doing this).Forgot to say at teh begging while doing all of this find a 30 min long cock sucking hypno (or anything you like) and watch or just listen to it the whole time you are doing thisand also squeeze your nipples as hard as you like when ever you fel like it.Finally if you came during this session you are not allowed to touche yourself for 2 weeks, if not take a coin, flip it :
Heads you cant cum
Tails you can cum
Cum how you like
Me: M
Items: Vibrator,onahole
Likes : Cum eating,anal,humiliation,bondage(a litlle not anything extreme),domination,JOI,CEI,edging,hypno
Dislikes :Scat,water sports,blood,denial
Find a sissy hypno video. Edge once too the video with your vibrator, edge once to the video with your onahole, and then edge once to the video by humping something before finally laying on your back and pointing your cock down at your face and cuming. You don't have to eat all your cum, but whatever doesn't end up in your mouth has to dry before you can clean it off.

Male, 20
Items: 4 plugs of varying shapes, 1 collar, lube
Likes: humiliation, degradation, petplay, cumeating, anal, nipple play, ear play, hypnosis, & face sitting
Dislikes: denial, guro, public, sex with other people & extreme pain

Pls give me something creative and degrading, I know /d/ can think of something lewd for me.

Put the prostate massager into your fleshlight.

Masturbate with your fleshlight...then pull out the cum covered prostate massager, you insert it into your ass.

For as long as your dick is stiff, you may keep it in the fleshlight until you achieve a prostate orgasm.

If your dick goes limp before you achieve a prostate orgasm, immediately pull out and drink up everything in the fleshlight.

If you can, turn the fleshlight inside out and lick it clean.

End the season immediately, without any finish.
Fucking kek
- that dude who dared you
Was always a fan of Alice stuff, but never had money to get it. I should get this once i get the money.
Some one should buy and wear that.
Real evil bastard right here lol

20yo Bi Male
Like: Eh, I like new experience.
Dislike: scat, illegal, or eating stuffs.
Call your mom and tell her that you love her
How does a man get so evil.
27 male bisexual
Items: aneros vice, rocks off o-boy, 7" dildo, poppers, and several designer briefs and jockstraps
Likes: Hypnosis, anal/ass play, cum, facials, bukakke (receiving), BDSM, rubber/latex, bimboization/slutification, underwear play
Dislikes: scat, piss, humiliation moderate to heavy pain
File: girlsform174.jpg (479 KB, 1200x1729) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
479 KB, 1200x1729
Go find multiple sissy hypno videos, while watching you must milk your prostate till your orgasm a number of time equal to the last number of this post +1, or you run dry.
All cum must end up your face
After achieving the last orgasm take a pic of your cum covered face(or mouth if shy) and post it on craiglist asking guy(s) to breed you like a sissy bitch and for facials.
Bonus Points: If you follow through with the ad and link ad.

I can not believe you did this, I hope you didn't catch anything.

Me: M
Items: anal beads, tiny butt plug came with bullet vibe(no battieres), douche, fleshlight, condoms, willing to spend <$40
Likes: anal, cumplay, JOI, CEI, enimas, petplay, femdom
Dislikes: Blood, Scat, Humiliation, public things
Im getting tested for that next friday. And it was a new experience, so im not mad about it. Not doing anything like that again though lol.
Buy yourself a tail buttplug, preferably a LARGE buttplug. Until it arrives you may not touch your dick. If you need to angle it to pee, tough, you must pee like an animal. You may, however, fuck your tailhole and clean it daily with an enema.

When your tail finally arrives, put it in and you may cum however you like.

Me: M
Items: chastity belt (Currently locked in it and can't get out til my gf unlocks me), 6" dildo, medium buttplug, anal beads, prostate massager, lube, ball gag, vibrating hollow strapon, ice, household items, anal douche, condoms, blindfold.

Like: Bondage, chastity, humiliation, hypnosis.
dislike: public, scat, piss, extreme pain.

Lay it on
File: 1437637858335.jpg (545 KB, 715x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
545 KB, 715x1000

Cover the chastity belt with a condom in case of any accidents.
Roll 2 die or use an online random number generator. You have 30 minutes to edge that many times using your dildo, beads or buttplug on your ass.
If you don't manage to complete all edges within the time, beg your gf for however many # left to be added as days to your chastity.
If you happen to cum instead, skip your next chance to cum and swallow your load from the condom.

Me : M and F couple
Items : chastity belt (him), dildos, vibrators, buttplugs, whip, paddles, riding crop, rope, under bed restraints, electric wand, bengay, candles, blindfold, gag, harness with pocket for vibrating egg
Likes : tease & denial, femdom, edging, chastity, bondage, cbt, light anal play (her, small toys), medium anal play (him, plugs, medium size dildo), interested but not yet tried pegging, F would rather have M's dick instead of his mouth or toys pleasing her
Dislikes: public, scat, piss, extreme pain, feminization, sissy, pet play, food

Both working from home tomorrow, so we have the weekend open to suggestions!
>Roll 2 die or use an online random number generator.
Not that anon, but you should probably specify what kind of die (6-sided? 20-sided?)
This is for the whole day, choose one. No orgasm for both of yu, till I say otherwise.

As soon as you wake up, you start playing with his cock (doesn't matter if he still sleeps or not).
You can spit on his cock, lick his tip, tease him with a single finger. No BlowJob, no stroking. You can touch yourself and moan, you must talk dirty to him, but remember, NO orgasm for the both of you. He is not allowed to touch you.
Every 5 minutes, you stop and start squezzing his balls while slapping his dick as hard as you like for a minute or so. You will continue this cycle at least 3 times.

When you finished your cycle, he will go an take a cold shower. Additionally, he will prepare his ass for analplay. He is not allowed to touch himself more than necessary.

When he comes out of the shower, you put him in chasity, gag him, blindfold him, bind his wrists and ankles together in front of him, let him lay on the bed on his side. Then you insert the biggest vibrator in his ass, turn it on and then you go and take a nice shower.
When you come back and he is still like you left him, good. Replace the vibrator with a nice buttplug, unbind him, remove gag and blindfold (chasity stays) and he is allowed to watch you get dressed while he can tug on his balls and play with his nipples.

However, if you come back and something is wrong (vibrator came out, he came, ect.) you put the vibrator back in, put bengay on his balls and then proceed to dress yourself. He stays where he is, till you are done dressing. Afterwards you unbind him (chasity stays on for the rest of the day) and he is allowed to wash his balls.

For your clothes: Dress in lingerie or as slutty as you can. He stays naked and in chasity the whole day.

From here on it is up to her. Every hour, for 15 minutes, you can do to him what she wants. At least three times in the day, he has to get fuckedwith the biggest dildo possible. 1/2
Everytime he moans or make similiar sounds, his balls get squeezed and/or nipples pulled. Instead of the dildo, on one occasion it has to be pegging.

At least one time he has to ride the dildo himself while licking her pussy ans simultaniously get whipped by her.

In between this hours, she can use him for her pleasure, getting licked, toyed, whatever she likes. For food: She feeds him while her tits are out and she tickles his balls. Get some easy to eat with a spoon or such.

At the end of the day (let's say 8 o'clock,(remember, no orgasms to both of you till this), she will take another shower with him, you clean her ass. Than you get back to the bedroom, where she gets naked while he watches, gets on the bed and he ties her hands to the bedframe.
After that, he is finally allowed to get out of the chasity and now he is in charge. Do to her what you want, whipping, wax, hard fucking, slapping choking, including anal sex. She has no saying anymore (safewords are still in place of course, like the whole day!)
Only rule: Both of you have to at least orgasm once before you can call it a day.

Have fun.

Me: M
Items: Black Dildo (25x4,5cm), White Dildo (20x4,5cm), big buttplug with different vibrations and thrusting option, 16cm Vibrator, cock vibrator, nipple clamps, anal douche, household items.

Likes: Edging, anal play, humiliation, sissyfication/feminization (don't have any female clothing though), roleplay, light pain, prolonged fap sessions

Dislikes: Scat, extreme pain, public.

I'm home the whole weekend. I am willing to spend a small amount of money (up to 50 Bucks).
Looking for another dare to do ;)

F 18

Toys: Vibrator, small plug, collar, leash, micro skirt/other frilly clothes
Likes: Bondage, diapers, forced orgasms, pet play, edging, enemas
Dislikes: Public, scat, harmful or illegal things
You give a dare, you get a dare.
I'm not creative enough to make a dare, but I'd like to join in.

Bi male, 18
Items: only lube
Into anything except piss, scat, and public
I still live with my parents, so I can only do things late at night
I'm not really good at making them but I didn't give a dare this was my post >>6889371

Find some household item that you can lube up and fuck while everyone is sleeping. Edge yourself three times and then cum all over yourself. :)
Meant >>6926115
File: ORxCXM.jpg (75 KB, 337x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 337x500
Buttplug in ass for 5 hours
Okay, cause I don't know who the guy below me was talking to and this thread might vanish soon, I give you one:

You get naked and remove every hair below your neck. Take a shower and get your ass clean and ready for anal play, too.

Put on sexy clothes, but nothing to slutty. A top revealing your cleavage. A bra. A skirt, over or below knee is up to you. Underneath, the tiniest string you have.

You will leave the house and go shopping for groceries. Get what you need, plus a large cucumber (you know for what). Get some condoms if you don't have them and some clothpins. You can buy these in a different shop.

While you are out, I want you to look for every man you find attractive. Watch them and imagine yourself going up to him, lifting your skirt to show him your barely covered pussy and beg him to fuck you. Imagine what his hard cock inside of you would feel like.

When you get home, you will change your clothes to your micro skirt, get rid of your bra and change in your sluttiest top.

You will wash the cuccumber and put a condom over it. With your mouth. From now on, this is your master and he is one of the guys you begged earlier to fuck you.

You will put on your collar, insert your buttplug, place the cuccumber with your hands on a chair and start to suck it like you mean it for at least 10 minutes. Every 30 seconds, you will deepthroat him. Count the times you gag and slap your ass HARD everytime you do it.

When the time is over, get rid of your string. Lay on your bed, spread your legs wide and put Mr. Green in your pussy. You should be wet enough and the cuccumber drenched in spit.

Fuck yourself for a minute, deep and slow. Leave it inside you. Get two clothpins and put one on each nipple. Now use the cuccumber faster with one hand, while you flick the clothpins. For everytime you gagged earlier, you flick each pin 2 times. You will beg for him to fuck you and moan like a slut while you do this, don't hold back.
When you're done flicking, you can take of the clothpins.
Lay on your side, get your plug out, pull up your knees and start to push the cuccumber in your ass. Use lube.
Once it is in, get your vibrator, turn it on and put it directly on your clit. Fuck your ass, moan and beg and imagine getting fucked in the ass by a stranger from the store. Do this till you come.
Stop fucking yourself, but Keep Mr. Green in your ass while you cum and KEEP the vibrator on your clit, pull your nipples through your orgasm.

Don't pause. As soon as your orgasm diminishes, you start to fuck your ass again. Now you can alter with the vibrator between fucking your pussy and teasing your clit. Cum a second time.

Relax. If you are ready, get naked and in the shower. Take your Vibrator. Sit down, start fucking your pussy with the vibrator while you use your showerhead on your clit.

Cum a third time.

Now you are allowed to clean yourself and go to bed.

Have fun and tell me if you did it and how you liked it. ;)

I still have no dare:

Me: M
Items: Black Dildo (25x4,5cm), White Dildo (20x4,5cm), big buttplug with different vibrations and thrusting option, 16cm Vibrator, cock vibrator, nipple clamps, anal douche, household items.

Likes: Edging, anal play, humiliation, sissyfication/feminization (don't have any female clothing though), roleplay, light pain, prolonged fap sessions

Dislikes: Scat, extreme pain, public.

I'm home the whole weekend. I am willing to spend a small amount of money (up to 50 Bucks).
File: 651599139.jpg (223 KB, 1296x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223 KB, 1296x1050
I have no toys :(
Likes: Everything (I think) except pain. Yes, that includes vomit/urine/scat if I'm unlucky enough to get such a dare...
A little discomfort is fine, but if it hurts I'm stopping it.

Don't hold back, please.
I like how hard you try to seem innocent, darling
Sorry if too public
Firstly get yourself all nice and clean and smelling goood. Make sure to clean that ass.

Now put your bullet vibe in your ass or your vibrating cock ring on and go to a lingerie store and pick up at least two bras, two panties,and a two piece bathing suit.

Now when you get home find a place you can see yourself and bring out your favorite anal toy.
You must try on all the different combanition of clothing you bought( bra 1 + swim bottom, bra 2 + panty 1) You can not change your cloths till you edges yourself, feel free to use whatever you want to accomplish this. The panties must stay on push them to the side, and you must be able to see your reflection.

If you cum, before you have tried on all the clothes leave on the set you have and start where you left off tomorrow.

When you have accoplishe your task fill up your bathtub put on your swim wear and image you are in a hottube with sexist men (shemales, futas) deepfroat one of the dildos and take the other one from behind each time you gag slap that sissy ass. You are now allowed to cum, enjoy, I'm sorry that I suck at these.

I am still working on my day stupid mail>>6925234 so give my dare to dirty girl>>6928252
Lay on your back in a bathtube and pee in your face. trie to drink as much as possible. close the drain, so that you swim in your pee. If your bladder is empty you are allowed to touche your pussy. You have to put at least 3 fingers in your as and lick them clean ones. Also you should turn yourself at least one time over, so that you get nice and wet.

I only have pens and other normal stuff
Likes: anal, degrading, edging, cumplay
Dislike: scat, extreme pain, piss
Edge as much as you like, but your dare is to get nude and use a marker to write foul language on your body. Circle your ass and draw arrows to it, write degrading language about it and your cock, preferably in permanent marker.

Lots of toys, dildoes and butt-plugs, and an open mouth gag.
Love anal, degradation, oral/deepthroat, cumplay.
You will get plugged for 3hours, every hours you will use a slightly bigger butt plug (So use 3 and started with the smallest one of the 3)

After that is done, your ass will probably be gaped, and ready to be used, you will fuck your ass doggystyle, then you will take a walk in your house for about 1 min, if the dildo fall out of your ass, you start again the next day

If it didn't fell, take it out clean it with your mouth, put two ice cube in your ass and plug it again, wait for the ice to melt, then take the plug out, and then take a position where you dick is aimed at your face, you will fuck yourself till climax, mouth open, and swallow everything that'll go in it, then if it dripped elsewhere, you'll need to clean it with your mouth (The cum on your face can be pushed in your mouth with your fingers)

Don't clean for 1h and keep a buttplug in, then shower yourself, keep the buttplug overnight, you can only take it off the next morning, so time it right

Age : 19
Gender : Male
Items : 2 Gags, Blindfold, Panties, Girl Clothes, 1 small dildo, 1 medium dildo,1 large and long dildo, 1 double dong, 1 large dildo, 1 super large, 2 large buttplug, 1 super large buttplug, 1 inflatable buttplug, 1 giant buttplug, 1 DoubleFist Shaped Dildo
Likes : Pretty everything (Anal, watersport, stretching, gaping, etc etc) except Scat, Blood, Illegal Stuff, and something that is too public, but i can do public stuff ... Just not too extreme
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Thread images: 37

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