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We're filling these up pretty quickly! Old thread >>8826738

It's been a while since we've had anyone dump pictures of table setups. Anyone got something? I'd love to see some that have jewelry for sale.

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Anyone have any examples of amateurish 'tumblr' drawing traits done in a pleasing manner?

ex. red nose, intentionally varied faces, 'ugly' traits without being an ugly drawing, etc..

I feel like a lot of these things are picked on because of the personalities and skill levels of the people cranking them out and the fact that they're riding a wave rather than the aspects themselves.
Probably not suited for an AA thread. You see threads like that every so often on other boards and people comment that the art might be good but the artist throws on so many of those things so it's not possible to be pleasing to the eye. It's so bad that people can identify people who browse Tumblr by their art style so I imagine it would take some time to find someone unique or likable.
This might belong in the dumb questions thread, bear with me.
A good while ago someone posted a link to holographic lamination film off taobao ( https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7047868863 ) and seemed to get OK results with it. I'm contemplating getting some since they're so cheap.
I haven't really laminated stuff before. I'm assuming cold lamination always means the film just has one self-adhesive side (like a sticker)? So if I were to buy this, do I still need a cold laminating machine, or is there a decent way to do this at home without a machine?

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Do you have any cool stories about meeting guests at anime cons? Any spaghetti stories? I'm sure Doug Walker alone has seen enough spaghetti to last a lifetime.

>MTAC 2012
>Eric Stuart signing autographs
>fat hick kid wanders over
>"Hey, can you say 'Fuck da police' as Brock?"
>"Eheh. No."
>"Seto Kaiba?"
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Monic Rial and Jamie Marchi complimented my Panty and Stocking drawing in the artist alley. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I probably got a little starstruck and babbled at them, but oh well.

They were super cute.
Michael Sinterniklaas hit on me one time at a con. If he had asked me for a drink I would have said yes but there was dramu with friends and I had to go fix it

>why are you being crabby anon?
>you guys cockblocked me that's why
I met cinnamontoastKen before he got super popular. Was successfully chatting him up, Hoped to hang out with him but my friend showed up and cockblocked me.
I'll never forget that shit. His videos and online personal are cringe as fuck now, but you do what you gotta for dem YouTube dollas

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I haven't seen one of these in a while so I figured it was about time. Anyone need help deciding what to cosplay in 2016?
Make 4 suggestions for others before posting your picture, otherwise no one will suggest anything for you!
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i missed these threads- thanks for this anon. ill post my template later
They tend to die out easily as of lately
Because nobody wants to take the time out to give others suggestions and just posts their own instead hoping for someone else to do it.

Previous thread: >>8822810

Post cosplays, ask questions, talk about conventions/meetups.
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A thing I was curious about: how big is the fanbase in Europe? I would love (randomly) meeting some other fans at local conventions, but everyone in the threads seems to talk about American based conventions.
Group anon/ napstablook maker here, today is the day!

It ended up being too hot for my boyfriend to wear the asriel fursuit, but someone will be sharing a box mettaton so no one stays without a costume the whole day.

I'll dump pictures later if everyone allows it, it's the first big undertale meeting in my country.

I'm filled with determination.
does anyone have a headcanon voice for any of the characters?

I've fell in love with some brand prints, but the cut of actual pieces looks too boring to me, so I ended up thinking about ripping it off for printed fabric to make a new pieces of it. It doesn't look like common practice, even more I've seen a lot of negative attitude towards brand remaking, and now I'm worrying a bit about the whole project and looking for advice.

- Do you have any experience with remaking brand clothes? Pros, cons, horror stories.
- Would you ever consider buying of remade brand item? How do you think, is it fair to sell professionally...
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By ripping it off, do you mean altering dresses you buy from AP? That would be cool

If you mean stealing their creative works of printed art to print your own fabric, I hope you die in a fire
What a wierd line to draw in the sand.
how new are you?

that's not even weird in the first place.
if you own it already, sure make something out of it, but unless you can print fabric at home you'd be paying for someone to steal the print off of the dress for you. and it doesn't seem likely to keep a dress you can't wear.

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Please can we have a regretsy/regretstorenvy/regretlolitasalesy/whatever you regret exists for sale thread?

Is it too soon to wear David Bowie's smirking face stretched across your butt? (This was tagged cosplay, for when your ass wants to cosplay the goblin king.)
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How many grannies' curtains were sacrificed to make this
File: 2.png (332 KB, 1037x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For all your "I got stuck in a fence" fashion needs.

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What's your opinion on parents dragging their kids to cons?

Story related: This chick asked if she could bring her 1 month old baby to a con in a convention group, multiple people advised against it, including a staff member who she tried to argue with
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Inconsiderate to people around you
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Someone was asking what to dress their kid up as before it was even born on the ohayocon (lol) group I think last year. As in it wouldnot even be a year old.

Otherwise as much as I dislike kids and kid-worshipping it still warms my heart a little to see kids (not toddlers) enjoying conventions. Recently my friend's siblings went dressed as Inklings and they got a free print from an artist alley person.
>tfw you know the best part of your life is over but you deny it to avoid killing...
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and to the baby, who cannot handle the levels of stimulus and stress of a convention.

Old one over 310
Recommendations for a bb cream for oily skin? I've used Missha magic cushion and liked that, considering trying Etude House's cotton fit too but there are mixed reviews. Is Iope's air cushion worth it? And some general questions to get us started
>how much/what makeup do you wear on a daily basis?
>favorite cheap/drugstore finds?
>favorite high end western products?
>favorite asian products?
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How much makeup I'm wearing that day depends on where I'm going. If it's just to work, I only cover up any blemishes and wear lip gloss. I work in a children's store so I don't think it would be appropriate to wear a ton of makeup. If I'm going somewhere I'll usually go all out.

Any recommendations on foundation and cover up for super dry skin? I've bought like 4 different brands in the past that all have said for dry skin and it still looked gross and flakey.

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I never considered makeup until I started cosplaying seriously. My job doesn't really enforce makeup even though we work with doctors and high end people. It might be because we do just about everything at my job from serving food to passing out flyers and crawling under spaces.
If you don't mind me asking, what kind of job requires that?
I work in a children's store too anon. Before that I wore colored contacts and false lashes daily

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Lacebook thread

>do you have a code?
>do you want a code?
>do you believe it can solve the fractioning off of the online lolita community?
>what could be done better?

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How does the invite thing work? Do you need to ask people you already know to approve you? Heard a few people talking about it but haven't used it myself
I've only heard bits and pieces about this but I'm intrigued. More info?
Is this even still relevant? I never hear about it anymore.

Post "famous" cosplayers who started shitty trends you'd like to see less of.

>inb4 Jessica Nigri
Someone else please.

I'll start with the worst offender in my book: Reika.

>inspired shitty Levi makeup trend
>no blend contours

I always have an urge to reach out and blend out that contouring of hers with a sponge. How hard is it to blend that shit to non-ink levels???
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Blame the mangaka and his kind of shitty art for inspiring it to begin with

It's not just Levi but practically in every cosplay she has done.

>thread is about shitty trends
>talk about shit contour trend spreading amongst cosplayers
>"Geez anon, you're just buttmad because you are not popular"


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Since somebody didn't want to make it.

Previous thread: >>8786704
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looking for btssb x koitsukihime love moon princess 2006 stained glass angel seraphim print jsk in black only
(sorry, that was a mouthful)

can pay right away
PM me at http://lacemarket.us/author/empire
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my new years resolution was to finish all my coords before buying any mains but im dying to find the halter in mint.
once again, I am amazed by your ability to post within the first few replies

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Post con blues edition

As the xon coes to aclose, let's take a moment to thank those people who made this ALA a little special for yourself. Could be anything from some cute girl or guys giving you a smile to getting plastered all night with with your fellow gulls

Stay safe and see you guys at the next one.
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Admit it before the con ends. Who did you have the hots for at the party?
Space Randy dandy

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There are plenty of female uniforms out there for grabs, but where could one nab a male uniform?

Also, this is going to be a general school uniform thread.
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that style of uniform is called a gakuran, and you can find some on all the usual sites (y!j, ebay, etc)
Well just reposting from the taobao thread because I still haven't had any luck.

I'm looking for a boxy/shapeless blazer for nanchatte. The ones I found through the nanchatte google sheet have mixed reviewes. For $40, apparently the two I was looking at both wrinkle easily. For the cheaper blazers, the phrase "you get what you pay for" comes up a lot for the $20 ones.

I don't mind blowing decent money on this, I just want options before forking over $250 to conomi.

Also, I'm ordering my first, long skirt from taobao. I'm so excited.
>mfw I can't barely see the skirt

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Old Thread >>8832394

Bodyline Thread >>8814807
Closet of Frills >>8832362
Comm Thread >>8799979
Coord Help Thread >>8791454
Dream Dress Thread >>8807220
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Starting the thread off with some sad news (reposted from last thread as it was already autosaging then):

29 January 2016 @ 10:52 pm
† Information about the Gothic&Lolita Bible

I think everyone always looks forward to my photos wearing Moi-meme-Moitie in the Gothic&Lolita Bible, but this time I got this from the person in charge

"Every issue we've always requested Mana-Sama x Moi-meme-Moitie pages, but according to the publisher it has been decided that from next issue on those plans will come to an end…"

Thats what...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh, and does anyone know what email address the staff for the G&LB use, to message them like suggested earlier? >>8837589
WHAT?! They can't do that.. that's just wrong

has anyone ever seen or know people that cosplay 4chan related stuff/memes ?
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4chan cosplays were fairly common in the late 2000's. Lots of pools closed Afro guys and other memes.
haven't really seen pics, didn't show up on google either.
what terms should I use looking ?
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moot and snacks.jpg
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There's the board-tans, if that counts

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