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need help, /cgl/. I'm trying to work on building a cosplay replica of Venom Snake's arm. i'm new to building cosplay armor and it's giving me a headache. What materials do I need and how do I begin? Also, share any of your armor pics if you have any.
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No idea how to do it,but that's pretty fucking neato

I didn't see one? Please sage if unneeded.
A draw thread, but this time for those too lazy to design/plan their own cosplays.

Or for if you want to show off a design for a cosplay/coord. Someone might even cosplay it.

Would one of you anons be kind enough to design me a gross amalgamation of all things cgl so I may cosplay seagull-tan.
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the search function exists for a reason

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They think their wigs are worth raising the price on them by $20 bucks.. The hologram wig was $69 last week now it's $89.. Hell all their wigs went overpriced. The "new" fibers suck compared to the older wigs. I know most of their wigs don't cost over $21 from their supplier. They've failed again! I would have bought something for a cosplay but I will buy somewhere else.
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Other wig place suggestions?

Not lock shop either tho. I've he a rd it's gone down hill and the customer service has always been shit.

I haven't order one yet but I'm interested in dream holic from taobao. I also know there is a Japanese brand with more expensive wigs 6000 - 8000 yen but I don't really remember the name. Cecilia or something maybe?
I think you mean Cyperous. I've also heard nice reviews from Brightlele on Rakuten, but they also say their wig caps are pretty small.

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cosplay essentials.png
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Inspired by the What's In Your Bag thread, I'm starting to wonder..
What does /cgl/ think is essential to every cosplayer? What equipment should everyone have and learn to use?
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A hot knife for cutting foam/plastic. It's like magic.
Set of big, long clear ruler, a small ruler (seam gauge), and French curve (or curved ruler).

Roll of spa/medical paper.
Just naming off the stuff that has helped greatly/saved my ass in a pinch at con itself. you can be surprised with what you can make due with, when options are limited.

Cordless hot glue gun
Double-sided tape
Safety pins
X-acto knife
Tide to-go spot pens
black/white thread with needles
Cheap hairspray ( seals body paint in a pinch)
Velcro of all sizes
Medical gauze ( For looks and for real injuries)
Pocket lint brush
Super Glue
Single serving of powdered chicken soup ( best...
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Best place to buy inexpensive off-brand/replica lolita?

I have no plans of becoming a hard core lolita, or whatever, but some of it would be cute in a normal wardrobe.
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fuck off, casual
Take it from a lolita, it won't look cute. A lot of lolita looks cute because they're styled lolita, if you removed all the lolita-ness you'd just end up with a frumpy baggy skirt made with way too much fabric to look good.

Go on the taobao thread and find normie cute shit instead, that usually works out much better.
Thanks for the advice, and I'll be sure to do that! I guess I'm mostly curious about shoes, since some of them are so cute but wayyy to pricey to be worn on a regular basis.

Any of you gulls been on a cruise? Im thinking of frilling up but not sure if it is a good idea. I know it is going to be hot during the day, so I was thinking of saving the frills till night.

My ship doesn't have dry cleaning, so I was thinking of busting out the bodyline and leaving the bruando at home. Or perhaps I can maybe bring a tidestick and sewing kit just incase a waist tie button wanders of?

What do you think? I've never been on a cruise so any insight is much appricated. Thanks.
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Cruises are full of rude slobbish people, sticky children, careless drunks, and I wouldn't chance wearing anything nice except when going to dinner or a show in case something happened. Depending on your wardrobe I can guarantee you'll get a slew of comments and shitty jokes like "are you Bo Peep?". Which is not uncommon around normies, but you'll be around the same people the entire trip and if they're obnoxious assholes you will ruin into them again before the trip is over. But cruises are fun and I'm sure you'll have a good time. I...
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Huh. I actually wore Sherbet Marine on a cruise to Bermuda. It was a lot of fun. Cruise ships have a lot of good spots for taking pictures, too. It's definitely warm on land, but it's not terrible. I went for a walk down the by the docks then stopped at a bar for fluffy drinks. If you really want to do it, then do it. A tidestick and small sewing kit won't take up much room in your bag.
I am Actually going on a cruis ship in February 2018 to alaska. I wonder what the weather is like and what i should bring. I wear lolita daily so idk what else I'd wear since i dont have much else

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Quick! Dress up as your favorite fictional character using only items you already have in your closet.

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> Closet Sylveon gijinka cosplay

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It's been about 5 years since I've posted on this board, but here goes:

I've been feeling really out of place at conventions lately. Is it just me or have the crowds gone through a drastic change in the past few years? I mean, I feel like cosplayers are always giving each other the stink eye for cosing from the same series and everyone's copying the same two tutorials so they all look the same. Do you ever find yourself missing the days of wearing terribad cosplay and doing embarrassing anime dances in the hallway? Speak to me, I'm here for you,...
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I'll bite
>Went to local small con back in 2008 w/normie high school friend
>Really into deathnote
>Cosplayed L, friend was blonde so naturally she chooses to be Halle Litner
>not Misa
>We enter the costume contest and caramelldansen with a paper mache face ryuk who wins the cosplay contest
>couldn't even find the fast version of the caramelldansen they only had the slow version...
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ye olde con thread is this way. >>8813619

Plenty of gems and reminiscing in there.

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Let's have a new gyaru thread!
Current issues:

- gyaru awards
- the Gyarulovers Wintermeet in Germany
- what Japanese circles do you know?

And sure everything else gyaru related!
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Japanese circles I know of are: BD, Queen Sisters, Schwarz Weiss, White Crystal(?) someone knows more?
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kuro gals.jpg
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I miss ganguro.
Roma Gyaru okay as well?

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What are some /cgl/ approved sewing youtube channels? Also channels for absolute beginners at sewing.
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I think we all know about Yumi King by now- most of them are pretty much terrible and a pain to watch, but the bloomers one is kinda pretty. There's also Attitude Lolita, which I like better.
is yumi king considered bad?

We haven't had a worn thread in a while...

Requesting pics of this cut of this Meta goblins OP dress in any colorway.
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Bumpin for some white Karami JSK? Pls?
not to be rude but what is this thread?
You ask for pictures of people wearing a certain piece of clothing, mostly to get a feel for coords or how it might fit.

Limited edition is out so how about a Life is Strange thread.

Working on something?
Will you get the artbook?
And general the good, the bad and the nightmare fuel.
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Was thinking of cosplaying Max or Chloe, but seems that every lesbian couple is doing it because "huhhhhh ummmm lis lesbianz" and I just gave up on the idea.

Also, Max cosplay pet peeve is people who don't use black eyeshadow for max and/or forget the freckles
Don't abandon it anon, I'm cosplaying Max and I'm not really into the whole lesbian shippy aspect of it. And I aggressively agree with everything else you said, plus people using thick ass eyeliner for Max when she most obviously doesn't.

I'm currently working on her shoes right now, and trying to figure out how to draw on freckles without looking like my face is smeared with dirt.
Hated the ending of the game, pick a bad ending none will make you happy. Could not sleep for a few days. (Always to emotional invested in games or anime)Also thanks to that I am addicted to polaroids. There are some good max cosplay but god dammit put some freckles on your face if you do.

What kind of food or tea do you bring for meets? Share recipes, tea blends, and stories relating to lolita outings and fun meets you've been to.
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My area has a little colonial tea room. It was a a shop and the neighboring victorian home the owner bought and renovated into a tea room. My local comm goes there a lot. You have to make a reservation, and you pay a flat fee per person and can pick a tea and meal set, it's really great! The worers wear colonial garb, and they have a bunch of cool vintage lady hats to wear for tea hats. They love us, since we all come decked out and it's very fun. The place is pretty classy, lots of older women go there, and the tea sandwiches and stuff are pretty good. It's probably the best tea house I've been to, which is why we go so much.

It's a shame because the owner really wants to sell it since she's so old and it requires a lot of work. The store it's attached to used to have more things, but it's a victorian novelty store, they sell lots of lace table liners, doilies, tea sets, etc.
I just tend to make a little selection of flapjacks and cake pops. Flapjacks are good for energy and are easy to store, and cake pops are super fun to decorate. I usually dip mine in pastel icing and edible glitter, or if I'm feeling fancy I'll do simple lace designs and patterns. Sometimes I make cookies with print-inspired designs if there's a release I really love, but they're a pain so I don't make them much. If it's someone's birthday I'll make a cake or something decorated...
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I'm not a lolita (too tall), but I'll never turn away a tea thread.

I always drink black blends. Cinnamon, vanilla and ginger blends are my favourite. Ginger or lavender biscuits go really well with tea, but if you want something more fru-fru, caramel or custard tarts are great too. I wouldn't have something chocolate with tea, but maybe that's just me.

I don't know too many other people who like tea, but going to a tea party would be really nice. Usually I just have people around and bake sweets/make tea while we play tabletop games.

I'd like it if some local cons had tea rooms.

What was the con and fandom scene like "back in the day", like between the 70s/80s and mid 2000s?

Was cosplay drastically different from now?
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There weren't many cons in general. Anime was its own niche so the couple cons that existed back then were exclusively anime and much smaller.

Cosplay didn't have quite as many resources and standards didn't exist so you had a lot of spray-dye and party city wigs, cheap satin, and improper footwear. Obviously no Facebook, so cosplay was more of a small local community thing and everyone just did their own thing. There was a little drama but it was minimal and mostly only within those small local communities. DA and Coscom didn't start being used for...
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File: retro_cosplays_04.jpg (53 KB, 596x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anime cons outside of Japan have only really been a thing for the last twenty years. Most cons in the 70s/80s were sci-fi cons.
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You were into it because you were really into it. Not mainstream. Average age of attendee was a l higher.

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How do you feel about cosplayers who hand out stuff to people they approach or who interact with them? Have you ever done it?

I've seen cosplayers do it with flowers before. I was going to hand out something to people who approached me in cosplay (I'm not going to personally approach anyone), but I'm curious what people think of this.
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one no-face gave me a chocolate coin when I was waiting in line for the cosplay competition and said "You're almost there!" It was so sweet that I'm planning on handing out little pieces of paper that say nice things if someone comes up to me. Just like a little piece of paper like one in a fortune cookie with a saying like "you can do it!" or "you are beautiful" or something.
the best instance of this i ever have and likely ever will witness is when me and my girlfriend saw two guys cosplaying as jesse and walter white and they looked SO CANON. so she yelled "yo, mr white!" from afar, as we were approaching them. we complimented their cosplays, and without saying anything, walter white just grins, pulls out a little baggie of blue rock candy, and hands it to my girlfriend. it was hilarious, i think she still has it somewhere

as for myself, i like to draw and make stickers of some of the characters from the series i'm cosplaying...
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Once I saw an Okosan cosplayer and I gave them a tiny pudding cup jello candy. They gave me a heart sticker that said "Good End". I've gotten tiny presents and things at Holiday Matsuri before because people go all out for Christmas. One year there was a Santa Totoro who gave out tiny soot sprite bottle ornaments if you hugged him. I've had a Sableye gijinka give me a plastic jewel.... Honestly I love it. It's super lame but I cherish those dumb trinkets because they're nice memories.

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