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He's at it again guys. When will this kid quit whining?
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holy shit this response made me laugh so fucking hard. I'm happy to see that there at least SOME honest and straightforward people on coscom still.
But where's Jason?
Woah, people still use Coscom?

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I'm preemptively creating a thread for all 2 of us who are going to this.

At least the weather should be nice for the event.
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holo wag.gif
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I must be number 2. This is my first zipcon. I just finished up my Holo costume so I'm excited to wear it! If you see me say hi.

Will do! I don't think I'm going to head down until around noon. I only live 15 minutes away, but nothing in the morning really struck my interest.
Now I'm trying to figure which one of us 10 adults made this thread. The rest of the con was all middle schoolers.

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cgl, im a figure skater and have desperately wanted to do a program in a (wearable) dress, but i havent seen anything with figure skaters in it.
drop your favorite figure skating girls or cosplayers!
pic related: im an overall skinny girl with muscular legs, and i already cosplay. and i dont suck at skating. (for those who need reference, i can almost do a double flip.)
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Bodyline has an Elsa and Anna costume that looks like itll be wearable for skating (short and light) http://bodyline.jp/en/costume822.html
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i meant canon figure skaters, plus i already skated to let it go, pic related. but ill keep these in mind for a showcase! thanks!
Kill yourself troll-chan! :3

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Good or bad?
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Go canon or go home
Harder to be good but nothing fundamentally wrong with them. Not kk if used as an excuse to pull shit from your closet like a lazy asshole.

Example of good would be like the Shoomlah Disney princess designs

Bad is any 'goth hottopic' lazy version of character
usually bad,rarely good, it depends on A LOT of factors (character,theme,design,etc.)

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Forgive me if this is way old news, but I just went to JoAnn for the first time in months and was boggled by all the nerdy licensed fabrics. A dozen bolts of different Dr. Who, obviously a ton of Marvel and DC, Zelda, even Walking Dead (that one was a bit of a head-scratcher). I thought it was really neat, but I had no idea what I would use any of them for.

So, ITT: cosplays/coords/clothes/etc. made with licensed fabrics? Preferably ones that don't suck?
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but I made a dice bag from the a Marvel licensed print from JoAnn. Nothing fancy, but its impressed a lot of people when I pull it out.
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You could use them to line garments or make tote or drawstring bags with for carrying things at cons.

Pic related would be cute with some fandom fabric.
>dice bag
you giant fucking nerd

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>How did you fall in love with lolita?
>What things do you like about it?
>What is your favourite style? (sweet,gothic,classic,...)
>What is your favourite era of lolita?
>Any special feeling it brings you while looking at it or wearing it?
>What/Who is your inspiration for lolita?

Thank you.
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>how did you fall in love with lolita
Um i saw some dresses one day on tumblr and wanted to find out more i always had like a vauge idea of what it was but i wanted to go in deeper.
>What things do you like about it?
Its aesthetic mostly i always had a thing for old classic paintings and things of that nature and old European i like how borrows from that while being its own thing.
>What is your favourite style?
>What is your favourite...
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>>How did you fall in love with lolita?
2002, Mana pictures on friends' GeoCities websites.

>>What things do you like about it?
the marriage of innocence and subversiveness. quality clothing from independant brands (even the biggest brands are small compared to mass produced fast fashion). a unique silhoutte that has a seeming infinite range of variations within a rather structured rule set.

lolita is artful, like formal* poetry...
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>How did you fall in love with lolita
I honestly can't say I really know. I know I knew of the fashion vaguely in my teen years before I truly discovered it in my early 20's.
>what things do you like about it?
I like how modest it is but mostly I love how lolita looks like the clothes you see girls in old storybooks wearing
>What is your favourite style?
>What is your favourite era of lolita?
I would say 2010. I know...
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Anyone going to Harucon in Jerusalem?
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A Jewish anime con. I've seen it all now
You seriously made a thread for this OP? We aren't even close to having international level cons so why give people a anonymous platform to make international level drama?
>Most of the convention is teen weebs though
>Doubt they know about CGL
if i cosplay as this guy there will i be okay?

Alright, I thought this subject would be interesting. What are some alternates of popular characters that nobody seems to cosplay for some reason? My example is the plethora of cute Madoka outfits that are ignored in favor of their magical girl ones. Anything goes, I'm just interested in seeing more cases like this.
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every dave strider outfit that isnt his red raglan (which gets confused for his starting outfit way too many times), god tier, or felt duds suit
In your case, your pic is a collab between a Japanese fashion brand & the Madoka franchise. It serves not much meaning to the series itself. Hence it is understandable that not much people does costume out of it.

Staying on the topic, any Vocaloid outfits in Project Diva franchise. There's so many songs to pick with a variety of costumes specially designed for the songs. The default versions are so overdone, might as well pick a cute costume from a nice PV.
Oh yeah, the collab picture was the only thing I have on my phone but I meant the cute card outfits that're laying around too -- you'd think with all the fandesigns floating around people would indulge in more official stuff.

Good point though, you don't really see any vocaloid cosplayers that aren't just the same couple outfits.

Old one is autosaging.
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I'm trying to throw together a valentines themed coord with stuff that I already have. I have a white peter pan collar blouse that I'll put the collar over the cardigan so my neck isn't so boring. And I'll wear the cardigan open, with the two buttons at top buttoned.
Otherwise I really need some recs for accessories that I can get domestically (I live in the US); I feel like what I have right now just looks cheap.
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Reposting from previous thread.
maybe go for some heart stuff? A heart shaped or patterned purse could be cute, something in white/pink. You could find heart clips and jewelry on amazon and most normie stores honestly. check modcloth for more unique stuff too.

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>Anime Expo Hotel block

Fuck you faggots who got a room at the close Marriott properties.
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Got one ritz room; unfortunatly not for the whole weekend. Fucking idiots need to work their shit out so they people don't get fucked like this.
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I live 10 minutes away from the convention center but decided to check out the hotel prices for the AX block.

Was the Ritz and every other fancy hotel really completely booked 20 minutes after the email went out?
5 minutes in it got sold out. Their site went down amd they didn't post a direct link for a few minutes. Costs people rooms.

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Keep it to /cgl/ related
Hope this doesn't get deleted too

>Spent a decent time and money making my coords
>Cute and beautiful, take care in every detail, want to look perfect
>But lazy lolita friends
>Lazy local comm
>Lazy nearby comms
>Try to do little meets just to casually hang out
>Everyone so lazy can get up the couch
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There's a huge comm where I live and they do meets all the time but I'm not ready to join yet. I kind of hate people in general so joining a comm can wait for me.
However, I'm not looking to be a lone lolita forever, but I don't really care if no one sees me in it. I just keep on buying dresses too.
I think I just like the clothing itself and I've really approached the fashion with a collectors intent, and not just a hobby.

So are you in it for the comm or do you like wearing the...
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I feel like the cosplay community has changed too much. I feel like everyone's trying to outdo each, whether it's through sex appeal, over the top costumes/props or cosplaying the latest popular series first. It's all about going further and further. I know this kind of competition has probably always existed but lately it just feels so crazy.
>Been lurking lolita for years
>Know basics
>Think about colour combination in irl too
>What bothers me most is that my nightgown and pants are slight differend shades of gray (gown older than pants)
>Feel irritated every time I go to sleep
>Lolita is ruining my sleeping habits

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do you bring up the fact that you cosplay in job interviews? what about when they google your name beforehand and they already know? most people consider anime drawings to be poison in an artists professional portfolio, but what about pictures of your costumes? do you keep it quiet as though it's a liability, or pronounce it proudly as a critical aspect of your skills and personality? does it depend on what the job/company/career is?
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>using your real name on the Internet

what a retard

it's not hard to find someone's cosplay handle by searching their real name.
I saw a girl in the fashion industry post about making specs of cosplays to show versatilily. I'm pretty proud of my flats as well, and I'm supposed to be working on a portfolio and wondering if I should put in more fanciful things as well, since I can't illustrate for shit.

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What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to cosplay?
What bothers you more than anything in the cosplay industry, that multiple cosplayers seem to do?

My biggest pet peeve is when cosplayers take "sexy" bed photos in cosplays(characters) that are in armor or fighting gear, or just look out of place because of the characters personality. I don't mind if people want sexy bed photos, but if you are dressed as a warrior or something it seems so out of place! Plus, wouldn't you much rather have a badass photo of yourself in an...
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Sexy bed photos are cringe and awkward enough as it is, but an ex-friend of mine did a bunch of Mememe ones on a clearly hotel bed. Nothing is worse than trying to be sexy and seeing something out of place in the cosplay, like having it in a bad room or out of place items in the background.

Ultimate example of this was a horrifically cringeworthy set of Homestuck cosplayers who did a shibari rope fetish shot in their messy hotel room. So cringe.
People whinging about what other people do and not just minding their own business and tending to their own cosplay goals/creations. Just do your cosplays, be as good as you can be and don't worry about what others are doing so much that you have to bitch about them.

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New thread time!

COF thread:
Draw thread:
Frilly feel thread:
Old thread:
Dream Dress thread:
255 replies and 39 images submitted. Click here to view.

Brolita thread:
Gothic thread:
Meltia thread:
Lolita in the workplace thread:
Bodyline thread:
What do you do when you want to buy a certain dress but you can't quite bring yourself to buy it? I want this dress and have wanted it forever but now it's for sale I'm not entirely sure. It would fit in with the rest of my wardrobe.
Should I just buy it anyway in case I regret not buying it?

I'd probably snag if you can. To me it hits the main points of why I'd get a dress

>wishlist dress
>goes with wardrobe
>on sale

I'm sure you can still resell it if it doesn't work out.

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What do you think of the new cosplay-oriented patterns released by McCall's?

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File: M2015wings.jpg (98 KB, 860x737) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wings + harness
File: Trench.jpg (118 KB, 860x977) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Trenchcoat, maybe this can replace the Simplicity Matrix duster pattern that was popular with cosplayers and discontinued 2-3 years ago
File: M2016Cape.jpg (194 KB, 860x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194 KB, 860x958

Cloak, is this based on some western fiction?

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