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No mail thread? Mail thread! What do you gulls currently have ordered/ being held hostage by postal systems around the world?

(Old thread >>8896035 is beyond dead)
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So I maaaay have overdone it a bit, but with birthday money, new job and upcoming cons I figure I may as well treat myself. (Really excited to have found that particular liz lisa piece after having searched for it for a couple years now too!)
Everything in pink is due to arrive here in the next day or so, everything in blue is awaiting shipment from FJ and purple is still in the process of being quoted/ordered through Buynosaur
Isabelle! Good taste anon. 10/10
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Mail so far. Only the socks have been shipped yet, sadly. Uniqso cancelled the most important part of my contact lens order and I'm pretty irritated about that.

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Lets talk about tekko and the Pittsburgh Cosplay Scene
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Staffer here......hotdogs....that is all
let's talk about how they're all a bunch of cucklords.
They're a bunch of faggots with half assed costumes and there was some circlejerk over hot dogs. What else is there to say?

Norfolk, VA has a new con run by this sketchy 'family' group appearing to run a bunch of other first-year cons for-profit. Any gulls know about this event or these people? Looks hella shady. Dumping caps from their FB group here.
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Disney cosplayed based on or inspired by Disney merchandise. Dolls, figurines, etc.

I'll start with what I have.
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Couture de Force Rapunzel
Limited Edition Rapunzel doll
Designer Gothel

Do you gulls have any cosplay plans from things that are currently airing? Anime, TV show, cartoon, post it here.

I'm already thinking of plans for a Luluco cosplay...
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I learned my lesson in the past that the series must finish airing first before any real purchases of fabric or wigs are made, since shows can end in extreme disappointment. All reference-gathering and planning during the broadcast time is fine though.

Currently I'm looking at Kiznaiver and Hai-Furi like a hawk to see if they continue their course. Macross Delta would be a candidate, too, if it wasn't in such a licensing purgatory that not even official subs can be made for it.
Glad that you learn your lesson really. People need to realize that series can change drastically halfway throughout the airing. What if the character has a different personality later? What if the character died? What if the series shift direction and went shit? So many possibilites. But well I've seen some people genuinely don't care about the show as they only like the chara design, so yeah.
I don't think a character dying would affect anything

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Last one saging
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Ill try again.

Any tips on how to style a fur hood? The demos Ive found only talk about how to add fur to things. Or how to style fur in general?
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Dropped my picture like a dumb-dumb.
I'm cosplaying Nina from FEif and I'm not sure what I want to do for the striped pants/leggings. I have some white and black striped leggings that I can dye so that the white instead is grey, but my only gripe is that I don't like how the stripes aren't continuous on leggings since you have to cut the striped fabric and the lines along the seam don't line up. I wanted to use striped tights instead, since the stripes are continuous, but the only true opaque black and white striped tights that I could I found have really wide stripes that I'm not...
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Why does everyone who cosplay's as a hobby creates a facebook page to post their once or twice a year cosplay? Who's it for and what's the point?

Or worse people who make a patreon to fund their cosplay with nothing to offer their donors.
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>Why does everyone who cosplay's as a hobby creates a facebook page to post their once or twice a year cosplay?
because all it takes is one person you know to make one, then two then suddenly its the must have thing

>Who's it for and what's the point?
People who make them very quickly loose interest and stop updating them.
that's certainly a variety
>Or worse people who make a patreon to fund their cosplay with nothing to offer their donors.

I know it sounds like bullshit but the mere fact that someone has a donor seems to inflate their ego and what they view their status to be to that of a quasi-professional cosplayer, regardless of skill or popularity.

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Last night i had a dream about lolita and when i woke up i wondered if any of you ever had a /cgl/ related dream?

>Dream i am with my two lolita friends in Paris
>we go to a tea party
>we come in but we have to wear cat ears to enter
>once inside there is a big tombola with Misako and Mr Yan speaking in japanese
>i can totally understand despite only speaking a lick of japanese
>the tea is disgusting and a lolita is scandalized about how there isnt pizza
>an ancient efamous lolita whispers to me "psst anon go under the table to make it change"
>to make change what?
>whatever, go under the table
>wake up
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>DDC comes out
>dream print yes pls
>too poor to get it during release or re-release, try to save up for secondhand
>price skyrockets
>well fuck
>at one point dream I fly to Japan
>go visit AP, there's sale
>all of the DDC is on sale
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>go back to sleep and dream I get eaten by a dinosaur
That last line made me giggle out loud on the bus. Thanks a lot anon.
I kek'd

>somehow dream about robbing a spoiled bitch lolita at night
>in full gothic lolita because dreams make no sense
>suddenly police arrives
>oh shit it's the lolita police
>throw my petticoat at them and crash out the window
>some petticoats on a car roof make my fall easier
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Post skincare questions, concerns, product recommendations, and other skin related issues here!

Basic skincare routine(s) will be reposted as one of the first few replies to this thread, please open the thread and read them if you're just starting out.
What is chemical exfoliation because we get this question every thread https://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/comments/1fx45x/ahas_and_bhas_whats_the_difference_and_how_to/
Useful subs are /r/AsianBeauty and SkincareAddiction
If you have a question, please tell us a bit about your skin type (dry, oily,...
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I'm running low on my It's Skin VC effector and I'm kind of curious about other vitamin c serums. Has anyone dropped this one for something better or should I just order another bottle of the same thing?
I've experienced good results with this serum lightening my PIH, which is basically the only reason I use it. My skin isn't sensitive but I'm prone to acne in my eyebrows and jawline and the PIH sticks around for so goddamn long if I don't treat it.
what are some good aliexpress sellers for general skincare products?
Or just buy from rose rose shop.

Any of you gulls ever worn lolita to Disney World/Land/other parks? Any tips, stories, coordinates, etc.? I'm going in about two weeks and need coordinate inspiration.
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I plan on going to wdw in lolita a lot since I start working there in august, the tips ive been told for making it work are basically

>dont dress up like one of the princesses
>dont use the same colors as the princesses
>dont let people take pictures of you
>try to wear mickey ears with your coord to show youre a visitor not an actor
>generally do not draw attention to yourself more than it already will be
Honestly, you are picking a bad time to go in lolita. It is already pretty hot here.

For comfort: wear flat shoes, natural hair, as light of a blouse & petticoat as possible, and maybe bring ankle socks to change into.

To not get kicked out: Don't take pictures with guests, and dont cosplay. You can wear themed prints etc, just dont show up with a lavender dress and rapunzel styled wig and you'll be fine.

If you plan to ride things: make sure hair accessories are pinned down well or easily removable. Don't wear a wig because it might...
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I work at wdw and see a lot of Lolitas. Basically just don't draw too much attention to yourself and you're golden. Castmembers generally like seeing it too.

It's getting go be really hot and humid though, so if you're really thinking of going make sure you know what you want to do.

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>Lolita guidebook: http://thelolitaguidebook.tumblr.com

Anyone preordering new Moitie? Or are we still awaiting its imminent collapse?
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Really want this, but have such a hard time justifying 20k.. But I don't want MmM to go bust.
it will be a summer lifesaver and you will look so pretty
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I'd do anything for Mana.

Has anyone here been to/planning to go to Anime St. Louis? Does it suck?

Never been to a con before and it's the closest to me
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Hi Stl local and Midwest con veteran. This year will probably be the best. Honestly better than some of the Chicago cons I've been to. If it's close to you GIVE IT A GO!
Hey nice. Glad to hear it, thanks for the opinion. I saw that they have a schedule of events posted now so I'll have to give that a thorough look. I'm just not even sure what to start lol, I've never done anything like this.

If you don't mind, are there any particular events/days that you recommend? I live in southern IL so I'd just go one day.
I went to ASTL in 2013, only time I've been there because it's pretty far for me and a friend of mine needed 2 more people for her hotel room.

It was okay. For some reason, they closed the convention center in the middle of the night so everyone was locked out. Either this is a normal thing and no one told me, or they were being dicks that year in particular. Didn't really affect me majorly either way.

The people seemed pretty stuck up and it was hard to find people who were willing to have a conversation for more than a minute. Staffers were nice....
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I think the old one died?
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Old one is archived here:

Brand, but not really lolita.
Kera Issue 68, 2004

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closet of frills.jpg
40 KB,
Old thread: >>>8977444
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File: 3.jpg (159 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what do gulls think is acceptable for OTT?
>imo huge wings and giant staffs are too much

general OTT inspo thread
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Starting dump
This isn't OTT, OP. That's just how the dress is...


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