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So I'm going to a con in about a week that I was just informed of, a small one day con and the only thing I own j fash related is this bodyline yukata I bought when I was 16. Is there anything I can do to make it look good and not ita? Is it hopeless? I don't want to look like a fool. Pic related, I have it in pink
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No, don't wear it, throw it away and/or burn it.

Just go in normal clothes.
Is it one piece or is the skirt seperate? If seperate, wear the skirt with a Victorian style or Peter Pan collar white or beige/off white blouse, tights and girly shoes (if no Lolita socks and shoes) and a pink hair bow.
It's a full piece unfortunately :'c

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Hey /cgl/,

Would anyone be willing to participate in a /cgl/ secret santa this year, I know a few other boards are doing it? Maybe something with a fixed price point, including maybe a free/card bracket like /a/ does? That way people can still send others cute art or stationary without spending much money. Thoughts?
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It's hard enough getting people to mail their shit on Lace Market, what makes you think a flakey, scammy gull will send a Christmas gift?
>Would anyone be willing to participate in a /cgl/ secret santa this year, I know a few other boards are doing it? Maybe something with a fixed price point, including maybe a free/card bracket like /a/ does? That way people can still send others cute art or stationary without spending much money. Thoughts?

I think this would be super fun! If this does happen we should try to assign Secret Santas to the same country so insane shipping costs/customs fees aren't an issue.

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i would be interested, but after last year's fell apart i am cautious. i still have the items i got for gulls last year.

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Anyone in line?
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Same here
preview night gone
Got 4 days and saturday was sold out a 1 min after.....

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What advice would you give to a first-time con-goer?

>Don't buy con food
>Don't bring a Free Hugs sign
>Avoid getting humped at the rave
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don't clog walkways
if a cosplayer is eating or adjusting their outfit, don't bother them for a pic
don't touch people without asking
if you are uncomfortable, say something, nobody's going to rescue you
if someone goes quiet and still and avoids looking at you when you interact with them, leave them alone
don't touch women that you don't know

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Ali is recommending weird stuff to me edition
Quick overview:
>What is Aliexpress?
A site similar to taobao or ebay, comprised of several different sellers. Most items have free shipping. Many items on there you can also find on Taobao, but often at inflated prices on AE
>When should I choose Taobao and when should I choose Aliexpress?
If you only want a few items that you could get for cheaper from Taobao, choose AE. If you plan on buying a lot, choose Taobao.
>What not to buy:
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what the hell you gulls flocked to the last thread and this one is dead
self bump with a recent small haul i posted in the last thread
can link + review is anyone wants, already linked the panda towel in last thread
Also anon who was looking for lined fake thigh highs, someone posted this in the last thread

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>panda towel
i just bought a cute hairband for washing my face, not sure whtat they're called, i can't stop buying animal shit.
thanks based anon.
link to the headband please
also i love animal shit too. doesn't matter if it looks ridiculous
i have no roommate this year so I plan on filling my dorm with cutesy shit

>Closet of Chills Edition

From AP USA's Halloween party.
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Oops, forgot to link to old thread!

Almost all-Bodyline coord.
Really like this oldschool coord!
Why the fuck did she pull her skirt up that far

that stupid ass selfie bothers me

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A lot of cons have formal dances as one of their events. What are your guys' opinion on them. Like them? Hate them? Go to them?
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I love them and wish even one of my local cons would have one. But no, everyone is too low budget and can only spend dolla-dolla on their animu cosplay and buying crap snacks. Meh!
I make an effort to go to one if whatever con has one. Usually take a few shots before going and force myself to dance with strangers. I've even gone on dates with girls I've met there.
Plus, it's nice to actually see variety since people are in cosplay instead of just the typical dress or suit
The ones I've been to have been either free or maybe $5.

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Last one is saging >>8694041

>gf really dislikes lolita
>I've wanted to get into the fashion for ages, just put together my first coord and feel super cute in it
>she confesses to me she thinks I look really nice and says she know feels differently about lolita

I'm so happy I could tear up a little. I wouldn't stop dressing how I like for a SO but it feels so nice to know she likes to see me in this.
Pic extremely...
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I really want to get into lolita but I'm 21, chubby, and a poorfag. I also am worried I might be wanting to get into it to spite a friend who thinks I would look awful in it.
>I'm 21
this is not an issue. lolita isn't ageplay.
>don't make a lot of money and due to rent/student loans/adult responsibilities can't really save any
>I like my job so I don't want to leave, can sometimes get extra income through commissions as well
>feel guilty when I buy lolita because I could have put money into savings or student loans or something responsible

Maybe I should get a second job.

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It's time for a secret/confession thread. I begin.

I always need to have someone from cute jfash to ""stalk"" not in a "i wanna wear her skin" or "i wanna touch her bum" way, i just need to have some interesting person to stalk it makes my life feel more interesting? Look at their rooms,purchases,outfits,... I used to stalk some casual sweet lolita that lived in Paris years ago but she stopped lolita and became super normal. I used to stalk some lolita on a forum (when it was a thing) a bit but she stopped too. Years ago i...
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I made a cosplayer cry for entertainment. It was the last time I intentionally trolled anyone on camera and I felt bad ever since.
obsessed with old school lolita and will stalk every single early 2000 thing on the internet about it
My girlfriend likes to fuck me in full ouji coords. She has a thing for defiling princes, so the more expensive the coord the better.
At first I didnt know what to think about fucking in brando but now its really exciting.

go to the other thread if you want to whine about kate, I want to hear about actual comms

Are you comms doing any fun meet-ups this month?
Any drama?

let it all out, gulls
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my comm is having a big meetup this month but there were limited spots and I didn't get in, so I'm salty about it

probably for the best though as I should be saving money anyway.....
I've only been to one meet so far with my new comm but I honestly can't wait to go to another one. Hopefully I can have a good christmas coord for the christmas meet!
Trying to organize holiday stuff for my comm. Last year we went downtown and it was insanely crowded and we were all harassed by tourists, so I'm hoping to book a private room at a restaurant or something. Sadly though my comm is one of those where people are cheap about pre-paying for meets so I predict I will get resistance to going anywhere decent.

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Pax has come and gone. Only Brisnova and Adelaide Supanova remain on the calendar this year.
>see any good shit at PAX?
>what did you dislike?
>have beethy and kris had a brawl in an alley yet?
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does anyone really care anymore, can't we just let these threads die
Let it die, let it dieeeee
we can not have an australia thread as long as the same annoying idiots drama it up every single time.

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There's a strong lack of visual kei on this board right now.
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and you started off with my first love too. very good choice.
File: celebration08.jpg (348 KB, 705x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i want old vkei to make a comeback. i want these big ass hairdos and clothes to be incorporated. I love the old vkei style, I how well organized the community of fashion is like compared to lolitas do.
Recently i saw photos on my twitter about visual kei cosplay in a bar in Japan, looks fun.
also i abosuletely love this photo as well as all their hair and outfits. it's beautifully adorned, especially my first love's hair. like the color's and streaks.
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If it wasn't consistently 100 degrees in Florida I'd bring back old school visual kei cosplay right away.

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Good cosplay photos/poses.

We talk about bad stuff all the time. How about some cool stuff?
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Anything by Harley's Joker.
Why does Spidey have arthritis?
I always though these were better Spidey pics

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Arizona has finally struck back and ended a Monkey Paw con. I honestly don't think I saw more than 100 people.
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wait what happened with Kikori?
I'm interested too, deets OP?
Wait, are you saying people in AZ actually just skipped out on a con instead of just complaining about how much the cons in AZ suck?

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Old one saging

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

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Does anyone know where I can get a tricorn? I typed '三角帽' but I keep getting cheap party hats. Something with gold accents would be great but I would be happy with something solid black. I'm doing a taobao order soon and I'd rather get it there, commissioning one would be my last resort.
Does anyone know what this means?


I'm trying to buy it but I don't get what I have to buy to get it.
You probably know but,
>in a taobao thread

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