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Why do you go to cons? What are your favorite parts about them?
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Board games and cosplay that breaks on stage.
Panels mostly. And the hopes of making awesome friends
Hang out with friends, vacation, cosplay for the hell of it.

I'm not into what's commonly popular in cosplay, AA, Dealers Room, and Panels these days so "con stuff" very rarely grabs me.

Hey /cgl/ I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience making plushies.

I'm making one for my friends birthday and it's of her favorite character. I'm using this other plushie as a reference and I want the "chibi" plush I'm making to have similar sizes and what not. I have all the measurements and have been reading some things on plushie making but I also wanted to see if anyone here may have advice on making patterns or may even have a pattern that is similar to this.
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If you're making it as a present, make some to practice first. Use felt for practice, minky for real.
You want to basically make two halves of a complete plush before you sew them together. If your plush has belts or other details that go on top of the clothes, pin them on and sew after checking that both halves match up. Sew on the facial features and hair, too.
When you pin the two halves together it'll be pretty thick. You should have needles thick enough to be able to sew through several layers...
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What sort of stitching do you use? Hand or machine? And do you sew it inside out from bottom to top? If it's handsewn on the good side, what stitch do you use

Do you have any advice on how to do the hair?

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Can we have a sellers/buyer rent thread?

I like reading stories about these, and I'm kinda pissed, I vented a bit in the mail thread, but damn.

>State I'm from Alberta
>Girl in Flo-Rida complains that it's a bit expensive, I tell her that It's out of my reach.
>End up giving up
>Btw, do you take holds
>Girl could have told me this before I went out and checked out the shipping rate wasting...
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>please buy my stuff!
>I'm sick of looking at this shit!
>this is clogging up my fucking closet
>by the way everything I'm selling is used items at retail why aren't you buying it
>Be me
>In Australia
>Selling beret that I have never used
>$15, just want it gone.
>Get PM from anon on LM
>"Oh Hai anon!! I am interested in buying your beret!! I need it to match my set :3. I was wondering if you could do it for $10 with free postage?"
>Looks up anons location on profile
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It's pretty shitty to ask for a discount and free shipping on top. You shouldn't even ask for free shipping. $10 might be okay since you just want it out of your sight but you should explain how free shipping isn't possible and then see if she even wants it.

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Hey so what would /cgl/ pay for a helmet like this? Full sized fibreglass helmet replica of a Halo Spartan
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File: DSC_0004.jpg (985 KB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anime Impulse.jpg
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Just around the corner. First time going to this con. Honestly, I've never heard of it until I did some intensive research on 2016 cons.

It is also the Asian American Expo? I'm not sure but it is happening in the Pomona Fairplex.

Soooooo.... Who's going? Lolita meets? Cosplay meets?
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I just looked at the guest list and its mostly just cosplayers. I understand bringing in established cosplayers to judge a masquerade or host panels but this looks more like they said "If you have a lot of followers on social media and going to the con, we'll put your name up on the guest list" Seems kind of circle jerky if you ask me.
Don't forget about their "game room" where you'll pay $15 to come in and play LoL

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Let's have a thread of your plans for the next year!
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2016 plans.jpg
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What I have set up for next year. Though, I might add more? Not sure since Astrologian will take up most of my free time.
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I've never cosplayed before but i want to get into it in 2016 so figured I'd try simpler things and work on Poe over the course of the year.
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planned cosplay.png
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This is all I have planned so far. Still have to decide what else to do at all these cons.

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Many male cosplayers who talk about being ignored cite a common reason why is that male characters in general have boring designs. Why do you think these complaints still surface?

A: People are only looking at a small group of male designs or shows where the male characters are bland

B: In general male fashion is a lot less interesting than female fashion. (Compare the wide assortment of skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, blouses in a female clothing section to the selection of button ups, slacks, jeans and basic shirts men have)

C: Men only THINK these designs...
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A lot of it probably is from school uniform anime. Girls school uniform are consistently sailor fuku, which, despite being kind of plain or hard to match up to the series, are a lot cuter and out of the ordinary than slacks and a button up shirt. Samurai anime, sci Fi anime, etc don't have this problem. But lots of dudes are into harem moe blob anime and in those anime yes the dudes are boring or nonexistent
A thread died for this.
Opening with a with a question or two is normal but if you want a multiple choice survey then use survey monkey, honestly this belongs on /a/.
If you want to generate discussion about cosplaying male mcs then let there be a discussion.
I thought I could name some of these but checked google before posting and realised I was completely wrong. Also what character is middle row, four down?

Have not been to this board in years. Anyone gave up on explaining the whole Lolita-is-a-fashion-not-costume to the normals? I was really particular about it when I was 18 but these days I feel like I don't care and it's tiring to always have to explain. I mean, normals will never get it and I don't really care if they do. Plus we /do/ look ridiculous and costume like in Lolita. If they call it a costume I kinda just go with the flow and brush them off with "yea its a costume fashion where you dress like a Victorian doll"

Am I the only one? Also...
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Not everything looks like a costume tho. I wear lolita daily and even I admit I stand out in school but it's not really more costume than someone else's clothes. However, in my opinion OTT has taken too much place in the fashion: it should be something represented in fashion shows and big events. The majority of the fashion should still be something you are really able to wear daily. In school nobody has ever asked about my "costume". Because it's just frilly pink clothes.
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LOL. No one's asked me if I'm in a costume for a long, long, long time. When I first started, yeah, I'd have to explain I'm going to a dress-up party. But now I've learnt to dresss down, mix my lolita stuff with casual normie stuff, and the most I'd get is someone saying I look too nice for the grocery store.

As for tea parties, meetups and such, I'm going to guess that most people can see it's a party -- we're eating food, we're chatting and laughing, we're taking selfies, we turn down photos and don't interact...
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I live in one of the biggest cities in the US so I rarely am the weirdest looking person on the street, even on the odd occasions I'm out in OTT. Usually if someone is asking about my outfit I just tell them the name of the brand I'm wearing.

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xcom 2 soldier.jpg
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Anyone else here into doing cosplays that require military gear? If so then what's your next cosplay you're planning that has to do with it.

After my next con I'm planning to look into trying an XCOM 2 cosplay. Alot of the gear on them is custom-made so I feel I'll have to improvise or add onto current stuff I have. I know I could use a TF2 NEST vest for it but I'll have to look a bit further for the other stuff.

What else are you guys working on?
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I would really really love to do a Terran Republic soldier or MAX suit from Planetside, but I simply just don't know where to start.

I've seen pictures of an almost PERFECT chainblade knife or badass looking MAX suit but I can't find it now.

Pic related.
Left side is from Planetside 1 (2003) and the right side is Planetside 2 (2013)
Oh man it's stuff like this that makes me nervous too. You got a big enough space to make that?
Well, to be honest, I've never actually made my own costume before.
I'm very very new to cosplay, and the few cosplays I have done I was young enough to have my mom craft them for me.
My most recent one I had a company make for me.

old thread a kill >>8799349

Closet of frills >>8792395
Coord help thread >>8791454
Nitpick thread >>8806124
Handmade Lolita >>8776803
Price Check thread >>8768105
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They should rerelease other prints. And British bear was so meh in my opinion. But I guess enough people liked it.
Can we talk about the amount of shitty board culture on here? I'm really tired of seeing constant "ur a sjw" accusations in every god damn j fash thread.

This is the only place I like discussing lolita and all I ever see are people throwing text tamtrums because oh my lord, someone has an opinion and it reeks of sjw!!

Like can we all just ignore this stupid shit please.
>not hating SJW
Wrong website mate

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Katherine Mary vs Hioshi Jackson edition.

First one his bump limit.
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*Hit bump limit

My bad
Hioshi Jackson the lying fraudster who just got BTFO on Twitter by ProJared and Sheena Oum?
i think this shit is hilarious to be honest. I went on one of his "Interviews" and he says he quote. "Has his agent make all of his props." Im pretty sure he just had one of his friends ask him some random questions nothing really pertaining to current projects or workshops like the description. He deleted me off facebook before he could beat me to it.I really hope hioshi is reading every single one of these because he literally doesnt fool anyone.

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So for the first time I'm the one organising the con room and not sure what ground rules I should lay down. Where's it all gone wrong in the past? What/who should I avoid? Also roommate horror stories so a thread isn't killed for nothing.
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as the room planner, beware of flaky friends. the biggest problem in room planning for me in the past has been people dropping, especially last minute. i instated a rule that if you drop within two weeks of the con (unless it's for a legitimate reason like you're in the hospital or someone died etc) you still have to pay your share of the room fee, because it's really unfair to everyone else expecting to pay a certain amount and suddenly having to pay more.

even better is if you can get people...
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I've been doing hotel rooms for cons and raves/festivals for years, I only have a few horror stories and they're not all that exciting, but here's a few lessons, some learned the hard way:

>Money up front or ASAP
Chasing after people for money *sucks*, but it sucks more if you have to do it after the con and people have all vanished off back to their lives. This is the age of paypal and venmo, and everyone in the room knows *months* in advance we're all doing this, so they have time to save up. Weird cirmstances always happen and you don't have to be the finance nazi, but if you're sticking your credit card out on the room, it's only fair to ask them to give you their chunk.

>Discuss who are the partiers and who are the sleepers
Some people wanna stay up until 4 talking about anime. Some need their sleep. Some came to get drunk, and some are uncomfortable around rowdy drunks. But if you find that all out BEFORE the con, and talk about what you're gonna do about it, you can have easy solutions like "okay you guys can pregame in the room and then go to so-and-sos or the lobby while we sleep" instead of "Keith shut the fuck up it's 2 and I need to be up early for a panel."

>Have a "put it away if you don't want anyone touching it" rule
Gadgets, chargers, food, drink, makeup and toiletries, hairbrushes, sewing and crafting supplies... even really nice friends will sometimes think "we'll it's sitting out and SoAndSo won't mind if I borrow it for a sec." If someone's got something they don't want borrowed, keep it in your bag.

>Don't be the room that throws the big hotel party
Dooonnnnnn't. There's a 99% chance you'll end up sleeping on a floor soaked in mysterious substances. Damage deposits almost always go poof, if something gets broken or stolen there's a chance it belonged to you. Just not worth it, let someone younger and drunker risk getting kicked out of the Marriott. Show up to their party with a bottle of something and be the heroes.

>Discuss who's bringing what foods specifically
If you're not gonna fend for yourselves meal-wise, bringing food and drink makes the trip cheaper. Having a grocery list y'all've talked about means there's no "oh I don't eat those" "I'm vegetarian" "I'm allergic to that." And get a cooler! Even if it's a really cheap styrofoam one. The fridge is gonna be small or nonexistent.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Deadpool dressed up as a Red Ranger with Stormtroopers... What's your posts?
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Australia has Cons?
Supernova in Perth, Pendulum's hometown.
There's rotation and there's rotation.

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Last one died.

Is their messaging/email notification system back up yet?
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I'm not sure, but I'm still waiting for a seller to invoice me and all my messages are unread, so I'm going to go with no.
I actually got a couple today. They hadn't been working since before the 7th. Seems to be fine now
I only just noticed that they started replying to people on the facebook page before Christmas. It still feels like nobody moderating the site though, replicas and non-Lolita shit everywhere.

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Zap has come and gone. Did any gulls make it? Pictures, complaints, dramu?

How was the masquerade? I wanted to go because my friends were in it, but I got caught up in a tournament.
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Pic related.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am blessed to not have caught that.

That being said, I didn't take many pictures this weekend so here's a Metatron.
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