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new larp thread, previous in autosage, etc, etc.

previous thread
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and I'm still waiting for the answer from this guy >>8808242 on which group and camp he will be in
Postan my Finished LARP NERF blasters. Here is the "Lever-alone"
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Posting makeup tutorials, from gal to larme.
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I'd like to see some photos that people consider good Photoshop edits. Images you would consider advanced post-processing.

I want to get better at editing so let's see some inspiring photos!
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Is this an example of your editing that you want to improve, or what you consider a quality photo?

This is an example of what I'd consider a really good edit.
Wtf is even happening in the photo? It's just a bunch of sparks and motion blur covering the actual subject

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Old thread

Let's be weebs and dance together, /cgl/! Post odottemita/dance group related videos, cringe, and performances!

What is odorite/odottemita?
Odorite (踊り手) are dancers who upload their dance videos on Nico Nico Douga and post them under the category Odottemita (踊ってみた, lit. tried to dance) which is a sub-category of Yattemita (やってみた)....
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>How did you learn about odottemita?
Youtube is where I found it originally. But I found out what it was actually called through /cgl/ and studying japanese.

>Did you know what odottemita was before or after you started covering dances?
I knew what it was but didn't know it had a name.

>Which odorite dancers inspired you to start covering?
りりあ, かや,愛川こずえ and some others

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idk how I ended up putting "desu" but I meant tbqh***
Ok so I'm one of the coordinating members of my college's kpop/jpop/cpop dance club (weird I know). The ratio of kpop to everything else has gotten better this year but I'm still tired of Perfume every time we get an opportunity to go a girls jpop performance. Does anyone know any decently well-known groups with good "kpop level difficulty" dances I can look into?

Male dances also super appreciated. The tricky thing is how there's a lack of dance vids that aren't vocaloid or aidoru in the first place.

Jpop from the past two years:
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The thread before last was a pretty good containment thread and even had a decent discussion going. Let's see if we can do it again and keep sissy derailment to a minimum.
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>keep sissy derailment to a minimum
Yeah good luck anon. At least you started with a better image I guess.
I'll start off with a question I asked in the last one to the anon in the mouse au chocolat(?) coord.

I find it quite hard to get a feel of size proportion in terms of lolita fashion just by lurking in shops or finished coords since males have different body proportions in most cases.

My question:
What are your meassured sizes: bust-waist-hips, height, shoulder width and maybe your weight?

How do you deal with your individual proportions to pass as a lolita as good as possible?

Where do you buy for your size? Did you encounter any specific...
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Musee du chocolat

99-78-95 5'10 175lbs. I'm kinda a fatty-chan

Buy stuff that fits. Honestly the shape of lolita is pretty flattering to guys bodies because it offsets our large shoulders.

I fit a lot of brands. I've got a lot of AP, a couple btssb, lief, krad lanrete, and elegy stuff. Blouses and boleros are taobao or innocent world. Shoes are taobao. Unless you're huge lolita is pretty forgiving with sizes. Except for OPs anyway.


how would I go about making a good General Hux uniform?

Does anywhere sell first order patches and whatnot?
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blease resbond :'(

People generally wont answer because you started a whole thread for no particular reason when there are already threads for asking questions like this (for example >>8806851), and you haven't contributed anything yourself. Ask in the help threads about stuff like this and people will be more responsive
I meant for it to be a general like >>>8773452

the question was just to start things out m8

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I won't be cosplaying but I will be doing some panels
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The rule is you can only start an AZ thread the weekend before a con
Someone understands the rules.
what's up, mike ya meme fuck

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hey /cgl/ I have a question. I'll be attending Dragon con this year, and I'll be heading out from Germany. I have a very convincing full steel rilfe. I am wondering what's the best way to transport my gear without complications?

Pick related, its my costume.
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I have no idea about German law, but in the US the general rule is that you have to have that neon orange "cap" on the prop rifle. I would also avoid "brandishing" it outdoors.

I don't know what airports you'll be going through, but you'll probably end up in Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta at the end, lord help you. Here is their customer service line, they should be able to transfer you to someone that can answer your questions: +1 (404) 530-6667
If it's long and narrow try a hockey stick bag or ski/snowboard bag. People won't bat an eyelid at either.
If you get held up in customs over it, it might also help to have the OP pic on you to explain to the airport staff what you're doing.

We've had "atmospheric cosplay" threads in great locations and those are good. And we've had posing threads, and those are good. But most shoots don't take place in a stunning location, and a great pose gets you nowhere if the photographer can't frame it for shit. So I'd like to get a thread that combines the ideas: composition plus poses that can be made in any relatively empty area, and will turn out well 95% of the time.

For example: playing it completely safe with the rule of thirds takes a solid photograph most of the time.
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More playing it safe with the rule of thirds.
Yet more.
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Yet more.

If you have ever been to Fanime you probably know the hell that is reserving a hotel. What do you think of their plan?
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i already heard about a few people who are pissed what with AA shit not being confirmed before hotel reg
Good. This needed to be done.
hate it....the lack of communication up front about it means that people get shafted. an easier procedure would be to limit hotel reg to 1 room per name.....this cuts down on scalpers at least.

i bought my badge today.....if i can't get a room i'm asking for a fucking refund or doing a chargeback on my CC. i was going to ghost this year, but the hotel debacle really canned that one.

Fellow ginger here looking for recommendations of redhead lolitas to follow on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr.

I can only think of Louvrianne (who I love, love, love) but I'm sure they are plenty others who I am unaware of. I'm looking for natural redheads but coords with red wigs would also be great for inspo.
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I'm very sorry but I just had to

These are legit awesome. Where did you find them?
I'm sure you can them cheaper if you dig around.

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Do you think conventions will ever be struck by copyright laws? With all the fanart debates and character rights arguements, what do you think the odds are of cosplayers and fan artists being hit by lawsuits?
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Pretty non existent till they try to sell their stuff on a larger scale.

Cosplay doesnt pose a threat to the copy right holders, its free advertising and an expression of fan passion. But if you start to mass market stuff you cosplay, like say, if you cosplay a disney princess and decide to start selling disney princess dresses on a bigger scale than individual commissions, thats when the cease and desist letters might stop dropping.

The cosplayers in question were only told to stop when they started to sell their uniforms, at least to my understanding.
The way copyright allies to garments is a 1000000% different ball game than 2d art. While a fanartist making an illustration featuring a character whose original depiction was also an illustration is violating copyright (arguments about transformative work aside), making a three dimensional garment based on an illustration is not. Garments can't really be copyrighted on the same sense - you can copyright sewing patterns and the illustrated pattern on fabric and once in a great while you can patent means of production if you can prove they're very innovative. But not...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Garments are not subject to copyright protection but character designs are, as are things like Storm Trooper helmets. A lot of the superhero type characters are also trademarked. So some cosplay is 100% legal and some of it is clearly infringing, and then there's some stuff in between.

CGL, what are your thoughts on keeping your piercings in while in cosplay, both at cons or at photoshoots? Is it just a small thing to overlook, or does it make a cosplay look lazy? Are there any suggested characters for people who can't or won't remove their piercings?

Pic related has been plastered all over the internet and even Fallout's Facebook today, but I can't stop looking at the nosering.
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Tattoos and piercings are distracting unless they are accurate to the character.

This topic comes up like, weekly.
I saw this on reddit and thought the same thing. Sure a stud isn't as distracting as a huge septum piercing but unless it's still healing why wouldn't you take it out? It's as lazy as cosplayers who don't remove their glasses for photos.
I didn't even notice the tiny nose ring until you mentioned it. If something that tiny that blends in with the surrounding paint bothers you so much you should probably rethink your priorities and stop being so unbelievably salty. Seriously, this topic has been beaten to death.

Cute uniform fashion~

Just going to dump from the tumblr as I'm away from my own collection.

>What coats and accessories do you like to wear with nanchatte?
>Do you wear tights or just thick socks?
>Thermals? y/n
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Nanchatte general, fucked it up, I'm sorry.

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I've been searching for decent looking lightsaber replicas/toys that i can use, however all of them seem to cost far too much, do you guys know of any place I can get quality lightsabers (I live in New Zealand btw)
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Your choices are either plastic toys or $300 ones. Also, use the help thread.
Quality ones are expensive, anon. That's if you want a LARP grade quality so you can actually hit people.

I got mine from Saberforge, but only because I drove three hours and showed up at their offices. That's the only way to get one in a decent amount of time after the new movie.

I've seen and got to play a bit with Ultrasaber's. They're lighter (but everything is lighter than mine), but still pretty awesome.

I don't know about any New Zealand specific ones.

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