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So I've got a paid off house worth around ~180k euros and
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So I've got a paid off house worth around ~180k euros and I'm considering selling it and buy around half of it worth of btc.

Rate my plan
There are better things you could do with that capital, like burning it in a barrel
I flushed down 11k around 3 weeks ago, I didn't have a good time. I'm thinking burning it wouldn't give me a good time either
I'll provide my honest opinion then, I don't believe bitcoin is a safe place for your money. I would invest that money into some sort of rental property or even a business, you know, real things.
bitcoiner here.. I dont think i would risk half my net worth on btc. Maybe 10k just to have fun.. but not half.. Its so risky and volatile. could go to shit at any moment.

Better just invest it in real things like >>1388552
btc is one of the only untapped markets for non-algo traders atm

the problem is liquidity. can coinbase even handle a couple million of orders without fucking crashing?
i agree that alot of money can be made trading BTC.. I trade sometimes, and buy dips.. thats not my main concern.. My main fear is another MtGox, DAO or something similar.. I know they are not BTC itself but they do affect the prices, which is bad if you hold enormous sums of it. Thats one thing keeping me from parking all my money cryptos.. I still believe in the technology tho
last dip was a once in a lifetime opportunity. it was obvious shit was gonna get worse. don't give me that "you don't know that" shit either. muslms are massacreing people without consequence, legal structures are breaking down, markets are being outlawed kek

maybe it's stupid and risky, becuase just because you know shit is going to collapse doesn't mean you know what will ultimately increase in value, but the point isn't to hold such large amounts for long, necessarily. bitcoin was the obvious safe haven not just for britain, but has been for china, 30% of btc volume comes from chinese, and that's not disappearng anytime soon

anyone with half a brain realizes that incentives and market information have disappeared frm markets. it's simply impossible of delivering returns at this point, literally the main mechanisms of creating value have been purged.

the entire world is risk on at this point. you have to make extreme amounts of value right now so that your holdings retain half their value when the ultimate imbalances are reconciled.

they're working on cryptos that are tied to the SDR basket or individual issuers. theoretically those would be more stable long term.

in theory gold will certainly increase drastically in value as well, but the more gold increases, the more the maintenance fees increase ,and the more risk of confiscation increases, so...
flat out retarded but go for it!

then you can say to people that you lost your money in a HILARIOUS WAY
I got the $500+ dips in the last 2 months alone. I could make easy $150 in profits per coin if i sold now.. Gold may be regulated and could easily be confiscated, but same goes for BTC.. In some countries, its almost next to impossible to buy them. BTC isnt immune from regulation, and i dont think its the ideal investment to place all your money in. I just like holding it to diversify, but I wouldnt trust all my wealth on it.. I dont think it will collapse soon, but i dont want to put all my eggs in one basket either.. having BTC is good, but so is having gold and other investment vehicles.
Go for it anon. Sounds like a fool proof plan. I personally cant think of anything less risky to put half of your life savings in.
the only thing you can invest in at this point is sovereignty. I agree btc and gold can both be confiscated. so the safety of an investment depends on the stability of its government.

convention dictates this would be america, but I think a lot of people that think that have their nose too deep into their trading platform and don't bother to read the news.

a lot of smart people are pouring their money into OZ, NZ, and overseas chinese stuff, variously.

I generally agree with these decisions because despite fluctuations, political unrest remains unlikely, confiscations unlikely, the fundamentals remain solid. dependent on the outside... currently, but in all likelihood could be transformed via cash injections more rapidly than most existing places.

just my humble opinion. diversity can't account for black swan events. formulas can't replace human judgement, or account for stupid politicians.
Buy ethereum before 20th
Thread replies: 13
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