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Ok you fucking gluttons today we're going to learn how to
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Ok you fucking gluttons today we're going to learn how to save some money by attacking one of your fattest areas of spending- food. This is a small collection of what I've learned over the years. I've never had to go to bed hungry, and I'm healthy as fuck. All it takes is a little effort (which may be too much for you) and forethought.
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1. Junk Food

Your body needs real food. Not candy, not chips, not soda. Not only does this shit-tier food cost a whole lot more, it actually destroys your insides and makes you feel like garbage. You won't feel satisfied after eating a bag of chips or guzzling a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. Instead, eat real food that you've made yourself. No added sugar or lab-created ingredients. Start eating things you've heard of before, and ditch the mystery ingredients.
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I spend roughly $300 on food a month. Surely there gas to be a way to cut it down to $100, but I'm a shitty cook.
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2. Drinks

Water: learn to love it. Do you drink a lot of soda? Iced tea? Quit it. Do you love asking your server for a tall glass of Coke when you go out to eat? Not anymore, you don't. Not only does this garbage have no nutritional value, it's expensive. Spending an extra dollar or two every day for lunch adds up in the long run.
>guzzling a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew
Lol u fucking casual
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3. Learn to cook.

I get it, you're a shitty cook. We all were when we first started. But if you're someone who eats out all the time, this is where you're going to be able to cut the majority of your spending. A full pound of pasta can be found at the grocery store for about a dollar. How much does a plate of spaghetti cost at your favorite restaurant? Do the math- chances are you can eat for a week instead of splurging on one nice dinner out. It's worth the first few burned dinners, because eventually you may not even want to go out to eat.
4. Coffee.

God, this one might piss me off the most. I wish I was smart enough to buy some Starbucks stock a few years back. Do you know how cheap coffee is to make yourself? You don't have to spend three or four dollars for a cup of this black crack. I brew a fresh pot every single day at home and it costs about 25 cents per cup. You can even buy Starbucks' coffee in bulk and make it yourself, without the cost. Coffee is also one of the easiest things to make. You basically pour ground beans and water into a machine and let it do all the work for you. As this is something people tend to drink every day (sometimes multiple times a day), it can quickly have an impact on your savings.
It easy to cook a whole chicken in the oven for an hour and half. Or skinless chicken breast on a pot.
This all this. Just drink water and you'll cut your food consumption by at least 25%. Most of the time people are dehydrated but think they're hungry instead of thinking they need a glass of water. Also eating out at most places is expensive and ordering water is often free.
This is why poor people are fat and broke. They just eat junk food.
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If you want to contribute to my thread please post a picture of Joe Dirt along with your tip. Thank you.
I already know all of these.

Anyone who unironically is over 20 years old and drinks soda, buys coffee or doesn't know how to cook at least basic meals or read a recipe shouldn't be allowed outside without his handler
Well there are a lot of people who can't do any of that, even into their 30s. People have been cucked by their parents or society in general. Women love a guy who can cook. It gets them all wet.
This is one of the most important piece of advice one can stumble upon. But you forgot about the most basic thing about gome cooked food;
Time consumption.

Do any of you motherfuckers living in the real world? You need TIME to make a meal, and mostly often you wont have it, if you work at all.

And >>1388102 can eat a dick, poor people are fat and unhealthy because shitty food are unexpensive and they work their ass of most of the time on shitty jobs.

Water is very acessible nevertheless
This is all good advice but when are you getting to the Trumpcoin segment?
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The hard part just cooking your food on time before it spoils. I'll defrost chicken and forget or get lazy and just go out to eat. Also sometimes just eating chicken every night gets boring. Hard to come up with meals every night that won't be boring.
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Stop telling yourself that you don't have time. Have you ever made rice? You literally put rice and water in a pot and then leave it there. When I know I'm going to have a busy week I will prep extra food on Sunday, or take a minute to plan my meals out. Try cooking with a crock pot- you can put the ingredients in and let it cook overnight.
>Do any of you motherfuckers living in the real world? You need TIME to make a meal, and mostly often you wont have it, if you work at all.
>I work all day and I don't have time to cook meme.
Well I cook my meals on Sunday like any sane adult would do before the work week. Also poor people are fat because they can't cook. I grew up poor so I know what I'm talking about. Most of the time poor people would buy brand name junk food and drinks because it in shiny letters and constantly see the commercials. A bag of chips can buy you week worth of veggies. Neggers are known to stock up on soda, chips, junk food in general with little to no veggies or fruits. They also don't drink water.
Just change up the seasoning or sides. Instead of rice put only veggies or something. Or go full vegan.
make your own soylent

literally costs less than $2 a day
>time consumption
get in your car, drive to restaurant, wait in line to order, order, wait for your food, get your food, eat it, drive back to work/home
>damnnnn so time-efficient
actually fasting 1-3 times a week has shown to be pretty healthy for you. if you have the will

Pros of cooking:
Control whatever you get in your food
You'll feel better and healthier (imagine drinking 10 glasses of water a day. You'll piss a lot but it's worth it. Makes a significant difference)
You'll save money
It's a valuable skill that women love and men will respect

Maybe time? But there are quick meals that take maybe the time of a tv show
Cleaning dishes? This is just laziness to blame

If vegetarians can survive on their bland ass foods, you can excel with meat and variety. I know it's preschool shit but you do need to think of food as energy, not in terms of entertainment. Cooking however can be your entertainment, and is something to be proud of. You might even fall in love with it if you get good. Learn to love spices and experiment. You'll thank me in the future.
Any budget efficient ways to maintain my alcoholism? Should I switch from beer to hard liquor?
don't. simply don't. there's no way in hell your average 4chan user does know enough about nutrition / biology to make a viable food substitution. especially since there are new discoveries on the topic every day which implies that even the collective knowledge of mankind does know enough about it. also RDAs are somewhat random and often only show the minimum amount of a nutrient for not having accute symptoms of deficiency. And there's also the topic of micronutrients being non-essential but improving your mental and physical state enormously when supplemented in a state of deficiency. (like creatine being nootropic for vegetarians). also there are a shitload of phytochemicals that really are not needed but improve your health big time like sulforaphane or anthocyanins.

Nutrition right now is a topic you can not get right, and creating some weird half assed substitute for a good diet will only make it worse.
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>No added sugar

Coffee and tea are what run 9-5 wage slaves like you. Drink juice or water, you zombie.

>whole chicken
Fucking barbarian. Not only is meat expensive but its pumped with weight gaining hormones to make the chicken fatter which in consequence

>Women love a guy who can cook. It gets them all wet.
I hope that last part wasnt serious, anon

>meal prep
You are not too busy to make a meal. Just lazy. Stop jerking it and make a decent meal

Wrong. Studies like this only prove that because people stop eating shitty food for once. If you have a healthy diet you dont need to starve
>Fucking barbarian
I am fucking barbarian. You got a problem with it, Roman?
Yeah i do motherfucker. Eating another living, sentient being is messed up. You should feel bad
Switch to rubbing alcohol or listerine.
Unless you live in a 3rd world country the rubbung alchohol you buy is probably poisoned so teenagers cant get drunk off it
>Wrong. Studies like this only prove that because people stop eating shitty food for once.

how about you go and look at those studies. there are several reasons for fasting being beneficial. one being an cellular changes in the NADH / NAD+ ratio which besides many other functions triggers self repair when the mtor pathway is not stimulated (which it normally is by growth hormone or insulin).

here's one of those studies saying exactly this:
Ever heard of metabolic damage? Or binge eating?
Go try this dumb shit for yourself and tell me how long it is before you binge. An iron will cant stop from binging when your body is starving itself
>Eating another living, sentient being is messed up. You should feel bad

Only for losers it is.
not relevant. actually I find it kind of hard to not insult your body weight based on your answer.
really, there's a high probability you should rethink your life choices. also please never talk to me again.
the topic at hand isn't whether fasting is doable (it is, old people do it) but whether it's advantages to your health (it is)...

please do not talk to me ever again. you are stupid. really. stupid.
what if I'm ironically over 20 years old
coffee has been shown to be effective at preventing fatty liver
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>drink juice
What are you 12?

fucking fatty logic
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>An iron will cant stop from binging when your body is starving itself

Yeah. You know nothing about nutrition. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2495396/

TL;DR guy drank nothing but water, ate nothing but vitamins, yeast, and after a few months he ate salt. He took a shit every 1.5-2 months. This went on for just over a year. During that time he went from 207 kilos to 82. Several years later he was still under 90 kilos.

You are just a little bitch that has no resolve.
>not doing 16/8 intermittent fasting

it's like you want to be a loser
are u just gonna stop at 4 mate
these are all obvious points
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This thread is actually fucking painful to read. The two things you need to know:

>Cover the basics
Multivitamins. Talk about what you need with your doctor if you think you want more of something specific. Most vitamins require truly obscene amounts before they become toxic, so getting double your daily requirement won't hurt you, or really measurably impact your kidneys/liver. Maybe consider making sure you get enough fiber so you can shit reliably.

>Calories in = Calories out.
You eat more than you burn, you put on weight. You eat less, you lose weight. It doesn't matter what the calories are outside of specific situations. For example, sugars are processed very quickly, so if you are prediabetic, it might stress your system compared to eating a cup of lard.

That's it. Everything else is just details.

As long as you cover your basic nutritional needs, you can eat whatever the fuck you want. I've done cuts on a diet of double stuffed Oreos and Rum. Literally ate nothing else beyond those and my daily vitamin supplements for a month and still lost weight. You just have to keep track of the calories. Shit like soda is not filling and is packed with calories, so you aren't satiated as easily. Sugars are less filling than most fats to begin with.

If you want to pack on muscle, you definitely want protein, and if you go on extended fasts, you need to maintain physical activity to prevent muscle degradation, but if you don't care about being buff, and just want to be in good shape and healthy you can eat whatever, whenever, and indulge in random calorie dumps a few times a month as you see fit.

Maintaining weight is about long term rolling averages.You can eat 5000 calories at thanksgiving dinner if you are still below your maintenance intake for the month. You'll still lose weight by the end of the month.

Binges are short term setbacks. This is fucking /biz/. You autists of all people should understand that you don't have to win every single day.
Drink less
Stop buying shit drinks

Buy something you appriciate not something to drink a lot of

Buy good beer (i can advise you nice brands depending on where you live)
If you go for hard liquor, buy quality, and drink only one or two glasses a day, a bottle will last long and you will apriciate it.

Also you could go for wine, 1 or 2 bottle a week (buy them in the 10-15€ price range, there is some quality wine there (not top tier but good nontheless))

To sum up: -Buy alcool for taste not to get hammered
-AVOID low quality shit you buy in bulk
-Buy good stuff you spend time appreciating
/fit/ has a hardon for body building, which I don't care for. You don't need to have enormous muscles to be in great health. In fact a lot of the body builders are very weak and in terrible physical condition. Having some body fat and barely visible abs isn't the sign of someone who is obese.

Get your basics covered, and then you can live on ramen if you want to save a lot of money. The shit is what? 2 dollars a 6 pack or something? Your grocery bill can be something like 100 a month while being perfectly nutritional, require nothing more than a microwave to prepare, and require no refrigeration.
Joe Dirt, that ain't a meteor
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I have a hardon for strength training, muscles are a side effect. Besides that being aesthetic=weak/poor health is the stupidest meme out there granted you're natty. You still have to lift weights and do a bunch of cardio which is still more frequent and with more intensity than 90% of people at the gym.
You can certainly be in better health with proper cardio, and heavy workout routines, but simply walking around a bit is enough to keep most people in good health if they aren't fat.

People like me functionally can't be 'trim' because I've got a barrel for a core. Core strength is so much more valuable towards being 'strong' than having big arms. /fit/ seems to forget that. Skipping leg day isn't a meme for no reason. Lot of people on /fit/ will have fuck all for real endurance, and have a good shot at throwing out their back if they ever tried to do anything serious because they have nothing in their ultra trim core, and can't do shit with their legs.

Since you are a serious strength trainer, you know most of this, so I don't even know why I'm saying it.

Out of curiosity, what do you do? I do HEMA and long distance swimming. I find that there are few things more cathartic than hitting someone with a sword, and going to town on targets is a great way to vent on a shitty day.
I mean obviously bodybuilders wont have as much strength or endurance as someone in X sport or whatever but still wouldn't be considered weak either, just not as strong as normies would assume. I used to do Judo awhile back, but now I don't do any sport, i just like doing lifts, the tangible strength gains keep me going. I do something similar to a 5x5 routine but mostly just do my own thing at the gym.
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