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crowd funding for puppo
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Hey guys, long story short I'm in my countries K9 unit as part of my national service obligations. After NS I'm gonna be returning to Australia for university and to settle down there.
A couple months ago I was assigned a lab, Pearl that was narcotics trained but because she can't operate outside a comfort zone and is super timid she was taken off ops. So she's up for adoption, and part of my job entails helping make her more suitable as a pet. When I had her under me at first she wouldn't even eat while I was around, and she'd hide at the back of her kennel and look out occasionally, and she'd shy away when I tried to pet her. But after a while, from taking her out, socialising her with other dogs and people as well as walking her and taking her for runs she's a lot more friendly, she'll run up to the gate of her kennel when I walk up to it, she'll jump up on me and lick my face and of course, she lets me pet her. I took her out a couple days ago for a walk and one of my friends went to pet her and she hid behind me, and I realised that we do share a pretty special bond. And of course, it sunk in how much I'm gonna miss her when I go back. After looking into how much it'd cost, the airfare and vet stuff would cost me around $5.5k Australian, because of their customs laws, and unfortunately that's a lot of money.
My question is that IF I were to start a crowd funding thing, like patreon or something how many of you would actually get on board with that kinda thing?
I'm super biased towards that sort of thing and I'm really on the fence about it but it's seeming like my only option to take Pearl back with me so I'm just gauging a couple opinions.
Pic related, it's her
Do it
why the fuck havent you done it yet you piece of shit
Nah fuck you, hope the dog gets left behind
I don't think it's in good taste to do it... owning a pet comes with a financial responsibility that you shouldn't have to rely on others for

Maybe take a loan from a friend but don't try to turn your situation into something that basically gives you free money.
If you can get it to go viral, then you will make more than enough. Maybe ask a friend who is a really, really good writer to write the summary so it sounds really nice. Spam it on social media, etc.

In his defense, that is a pretty large sum of money. I am sure anon is a perfectly financially stable person, but not many people in this world can easily dish out that amount of money off the bat.

That doesn't really justify asking for free money
You don't need a justification to ask for free money. Hell, you do realise rich people still ask for free money all the time too, right?
Thread replies: 8
Thread images: 1

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