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your favorite character of the last anime you saw has to fight
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your favorite character of the last anime you saw has to fight against touma.
>how does the fight go?
>what's touma's speech?
Ange vs Touma

that'd be something
Make me look strong bitch.
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He is screwed
IB doesn't work on dykes
>No super powers
>Ridiculous kung fu skills
>Uses guns
>Essentially impervious to percussive damage
Only plot-armor or Dragon nonsense will save Touma.
Aoi vs Touma
I guess her dolls will play a role, I guess.
Watching InuYasha, don't really have a favourite but Miroku, Sango and Sesshomaru are pretty alright so lets send the latter.

Dodging all the shit with his precognition
>I'm just a highschool boy I don't understand demons business
>Your fighting brings harm to the people around you
>Being evil is evil
>You're not living your life correctly

Punch him while he is dumbfounded by IB.
Win because his fist is the fury of god.
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Touma thread?
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electric washboard.jpg
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I never understood how he managed to stop this slut's shots.
She only uses her electric powers to propel the projectile, after it leaves her field it's just a normal coin going extremely fast.
Gutts, Shit is going down, bruh
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His technique doesn't count as a superpower or magic.
Touma's fucked.
Protagonist's retarded plot armor, also Gary Stu.
I dont think he have ever stopped the railgun itself, he have only blocked regular electric attacks.
I think IB just no-sells anything with a supernatural origin. The energy propelling the coin was supernatural, so it gets stopped. That's about the only thing that makes sense, as far as I can tell.
It doesn't explain how Touma never gets shot in the face, but hey.
>I dont think he have ever stopped the railgun itself
It's literally the first thing that happens in the entire series.
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Best Girl.jpg
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Its as easy as Space CQC him somewhere other than his arm.
But it doesn't work on the coin anymore. It propelled it and stopped right away. Right after it leaves her magnetic coil there's nothing supernatural going on.
>implying his dick isn't imagine breaker 2.0
>"I... I imagined it'll be much bigger, Touma-kun"
His power is cancelling anything supernatural and its effects.

Its not based on physics, but rather magic. And its not even magic because magic is merely an emulation of Gemstones. Espers are artificially emulating Gemstones as well, but from a different base. Touma's powers are outside the Gemstone influenced powers, thus cancels all Gemstone related effects.
I kinda forgot, what hand is the one Sesshomaru is missing? but I could see him die while trying to steal IB

He never did in the LN
But the effect stopped. That's the whole point.
The effect was there, and then it stopped.
Origin of the magnetic field was supernatural, but the coin or whatever being propelled has nothing to do with the supernatural at all, thus they shouldn't be stopped by IB.
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It' a good thing I rewatched it because Pres will win.
Pres doesn't allow Touma to make a speech.
Well, well...
I guess Touma's insides are gonna be gently scrambled
Yeah, but the initial energy that launched the coin was supernatural. Look, I don't know how Raildex logic works, I'm just making the best of a retarded situation.
>He never did in the LN

>Afterwards, Mikoto had attacked Kamijou with everything she had, but Kamijou had stopped it all with his right hand. Her attacks did not end at that Railgun. She could twist together collected iron sand to create a whip-like sword of steel, send powerful electromagnetic waves to mess with internal organs, and she could finish it all off by sending real lightning down from the sky.
His left hand but I'm not sure how touman would fare against his transformed form.
Then why didn't he stop the shit Accelerator threw at him.
The coin stopping scene never happened in the novels
She missed on purpose the first time and it is never shown if she uses it again against him
Considering her fight style she probably never fired at him again, she prefers using her ironsand tricks
She's fucked.
Did you just ignore the LN quote?
The thing about IB (that doesn't come up until NT5 since the only people who knew about it didn't talk about it) is that it isn't "negation", but rather more like returning the world to how it should have been, as Ollerus hypothesized in NT5 " It acts as a lifeline that allows the world to be reverted to normal, no matter how far it has been distorted in any direction."
though there are other problems plot wise that probably sprung up from that that I can't think of.
No but > it is never shown if she uses it again against him
The railgun is not everything she has and the paragraph before that one should be the one describing the coin flying next to his head and the one after that the one where she starts throwing lightening at him instead of firing at him
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>that denial
I literally quoted the scene he used it again to him. They're not even the same day with the first time she showed him.
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There is no need for a fight. Fuura is already living her life correctly.

Touma can't fight 15 people at the same time anyway.

Judeau wins because he just throws knives and knows swordsmanship. IF Touma wins by precogging there's no real speech because Judeau lives his life correctly.
>lives his life correctly.
He just deals with being eternally friendzoned even when his two only potential rivals are out of the map. How is this even remotely close to living correctly?
He's not bothering anyone
Technically it didn't specifically say that the railgun was negated by his right hand. By attack it might just be referencing missing on purpose.
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Oh shit
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>Heiwajima Shizuo

Touma has zero chance. Not like Shizuo would want to fight him though, only if Touma keeps annoying Shizuo with his speech.
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>Your careless lust for invention has caused people to die and the world around you to bend If you think you can escape justice by running back in time, then I'll have to destroy that messed up illusion of yours!
I tried.
I think it was Accelerator who fought Shizuo in that Index-DRRR crossover. Not sure, though.
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Not sure what he would even fucking do. Beg for food and smoke a cig?
Touma would probably catch some freak disease from the mushi and beg Ginko to save him.
Thou hast perished.
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Touma is already dead
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nagato vs touma
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Guts cleaves Touma in half.
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Touma would lecture him about why his life shouldn't be wasted and why everyone's opinion on him shouldn't affect him at all, then he would proceed to break that hikkikomori shell illusion of his with a punch.
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he's fucked. nothing more to it.
Thread replies: 52
Thread images: 24

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