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Yuuki Yuuna
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I need my comfy Yuuki Yuuna Thread this week.
Post nice images of your favourite yuushas edition.
Why is YuYuYu the only recent seinen mahou shoujo that understands how to do a mahou shoujo?
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There isn't really much to fill a thread with until the game is out or something new is announced to tell us more about all the seeds and mass-production stuff, which probably won't be until the last BDs are out. The setting could get really interesting with magical pseudo-scifi themes depending on how they do it, though.
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We will never know how Gin's Mankai would have looked like
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The game can't come soon enough.
I bet it will actually be a sequel to the series, with Sonoko pulling a Homu on us and going back in time to prevent some post-ep12 tragedy
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but Anon, we can fill the thread with cute Yuusha Pictures.
Speaking of which, is there any hope for more LN chapters?
Also when are the rest of the BDs coming out?
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At least for a blue board there is not much new.
Speaking of BDs, I hope we get scans of bunbun's booklet from BD3 soon.

The fact that they kept the "mystery girl"'s sprite silhouetted despite the fact that it's obviously Sonoko from the very first trailers we saw makes me suspicious that it might be a double bluff and it's actually Shinju or some other god taking on a form they can comprehend.
in 2 days the next volume is released if I remember correctly.
It's been a good while, we could just have a slow thread like back then.
>Yuuna getting brainfucked

I never asked for this
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The cutest and mentally toughest Yusha!
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Fuu really is perfect, and Itsuki's cuteness is out of this world.
I wonder what their mom must have been like.
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sure! It's been a while, let's have a comfy thread
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All that happened to them and she only cried once, when they got back from the first battle, and only for a little while.
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>I wonder what their mom must have been like.

>I wonder what their mom must have been like.
I imagine she must have been like a pancake underneath all that bridge rubble.
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She is the youngest of the group, yet she is the most stable and centered. Even more than Yuna.
Anyone have the comparison chart between YuYuYu and KinMoza?
Itsuki missed the head day
I bet it was something more tame, like having her leg crushed and bleeding to death before help arrives or getting immobilized by the rubble and drowning when the water flooded in
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>>234.[Onee-chan, I'm not as fluffy but I can help keep you warm in the cold!]

I wonder if this artist drew this based on this line?
Itsuki is too good. I hope she doesn't end up as a tree. But I have the uncomfortable feeling that the original girls are going to become the "seeds" that Sonoko mentioned.
Her husband died with her too.
But they did get all of the civilians out.
I want to see an official picture of Inubouzaki-okaasan. Does she look like her girls?
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>Itsuki is too good. I hope she doesn't end up as a tree. But I have the uncomfortable feeling that the original girls are going to become the "seeds" that Sonoko mentioned.

...Jesus Christ, this sounds plausible.
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karin fixed.jpg
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Karin-chan Tsuyoi.png
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Post stuff to be translated.
Would it be cuter if Fu took after their mom and Itsuki took after their dad, or if Fu took after their dad and Itsuki took after their mom?
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>Father wanting to have girl power

I'm okay with that
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Yeah. It will start out that when the vertexes come back, the six of them will still be massively more powerful than all the new mass produced yusha and probably will get their fairies back.
But then they will start digging into why they are getting the special treatment.
And find out that while in the short term Taisha and Shinju want them to be public heros and leaders of the new yusha that they are raising up, they also want the girls to power up and essentially become gods themselves.
Yuna being the first because of the mysteries surrounding her dispersing or absorbing the vertex by touch.
And then the girls have to decide whether to give up their humanity, for humanity.
Even more dramatic, is that Sonoko pointed out Togo was special by being both a Miko and a Yusha, because of that she may not be able to become a seed herself but instead be stuck being a radio between the gods and humanity. She wouldn't be able to join them in becoming trees where even though they couldn't move anymore they would be immortal and could talk to each other.
when are the BDs coming out?
It'll even have Wasuyu's gang.

It really doesn't.
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I cant decide that. Both ways are too cute.
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>no Karin
So during their convalescence before they started recovering, Fuu must have been starved for conversation.
>Itsuki is mute
>Yuuna is log
>Tougou is too busy feeling guilty and doting over log
>Karin is almost log
Glorious leader must have been lonely.
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I bet Fuu cuddled a lot with Itsuki cyring while she comforts her.
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It should take a week for FLsnow release to happen
Please give me dirty Yuna-chan photos.
Tons of them.

!? Uwaahhh
My dirty voyeur photos of Yuna-chan are disappearing!

No! Yuna-chan! I don't want to forget! I don't want to forget about your dirty photos!

Forget them, Togo-san.
small:when did you even take those?
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>comfy Yuuki Yuuna Thread
Yes, please~
Have some botamochi.

I don't need any. Such a bother.

Hey, what are you doing!?
I wasn't asking.

You won't ever get me to yield just with that!
There you go again~ being all obstinate like that.
Gee, I sure can't wait to watch little girls get drafted into the fight to expand the Greater Shikoku Co-Prosperity Sphere.
>Picked up A-Channel since I liked Gokumi's SoL style
Holy shit, you anons were not joking when you said Gokumi loved those silly faces
Then I tried to pick up the atelier animu but it was shit, no silly faces and they were clearly saving money (maybe for yuyuyu?)
Can't wait for Sonoko to appear in the next VN.
The hero club During a cosplay session
(<- Yuuna)

>Yuuna-san's male costume is so dreamy
>Hmph...I...I guess it's okay (small:I can't look her in the eyes)
>I'm always here if you need support Yuuna-chan
>Ehehe...That's a bit embarrassing

>Next up is Fuu-senpai!
>A new look, different from my usual image...My charm will be once again on the display
>What outfit shall I use...?

>You should go for one with high girl power.
(even if only on the outside)
>What exactly is that supposed to mean...?

I hope they do a manga or LN spinoff or two about other groups of girls protecting newly-sprouted trees in other parts of the world.
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Kinmoza? Seriously? I didn't know there was one, I only saw the one with Gochiusa

Speaking of these charts though, this one really feels a bit legit on my view, a bit.
File: 1417130002809.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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only legit chart.
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This is the only legit chart.
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More Like "Yuki Yuuna: Beyond Shinjudome"
Era of the Gods-ish
National Foundation day
(on the Tapestry: 'Protecting the country' 2-3 Tougou Mimori)

>Y: A tapestry!
>F: This somehow leaves me worried, considering it's Tougou.
>K: Like you're one to talk!
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>People worried about Gokumi's schedule
They have already done two shows at a season, I wouldn't worry
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Thread replies: 71
Thread images: 48

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