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I hope its not like a blizzard developed tool or anyhting.
To me that looks a lot like Houdini


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Hey /3/ Can you tell me how to improve my work pic related
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it could use some hands and feet

and hips.

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so /3/! I just recently started with 3d and I was wondering if I can use photo textures and sell my models with those textures?

images like pic related I mean

can I get sued for that? I mean, they are not my pictures and all that, or do I have to make my own photo textures, materials and all that

can you give me advice on this? or give your opinion, I'm really new at all the commercial side of selling models and all that
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If the licensing allows it then yes.

so I CAN get sued then

If that's the case then, where can I get free texture images like that? the ones that are free for commercial use
Just about anyone I know who work 3D for games admits to heavy use of google images for texturing. Especielly for heavy edits where the source wont even be recognizable.

For textures like the one in your Op if you own the texture library, or it is part of a free library; the typical license is for you to use it on your content as you please,
but you may not distribute the texture as part of a texture library - which is where you are more likely to run into trouble.

The odds anyone is gonna come after...
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Hey /3/, i need help about UV Unwraping. Look at the image, this is what i've done using UV Headus Layout and it was "just for fun".

But i want to know, since i'm noob, does this kind of UV works? I mean look at the numbers of stuff i cut just to make a UV of a simple model...

Does cutting the model a lot works fine for future works?
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Keep UV island sizes consistent and minimize seams. I can only make out the head and tongue on that UV map and you will have a hard time getting that mesh to have good textures unless if it's only just solid diffuse colors.

Think of UV unwrapping as skinning an animal.
Show os the model for us to make a fair observation. If it is organic, it is best to keep it in pelt formation like poster said above. If it is man made/mechanical, lots of cuts and islands are usually necessary.
make the most out of the UV space and focus on islands that carry the most detail or the detail that will be most visible in your renders. the bigger the islands the more defined is the texture on that island

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Where do you find sound files to your 3D games/scenes?

I'm trying to find a loop of a sound that a "floating computer screen" would make but Googling only finds shit sites.

How do you find SFX?
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I use youtubes sound library or freesound uk and the other.

thanks for the tips, anybody else got some?
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Anon pls, audio is important.

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Hi /3

We have to make a bike for an assignement (I don't think I'm the first to post one here) , but I have no sense of color.

Not asking to be spoonfed. Maybe just pointers in how to harmonize shape and color. Consider I'm at the level of a child grabbing wax crayons for the first time.
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Well, if it looks like a mess if you look at it zoomed out, then it's not working. Your colors (and values) should break up the motorcycle in an interesting way that helps the design and/or form read. this is design 101 so I don't know where you'd start, start reading up on color theory and reading some design books or something. Concept art books like Skillfull Huntsman are good for this stuff too.

But basically: Your camouflage is adding noise that makes the design hard to read. Your accent colors...
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Its supposed to be floating right? Looks more like a snowmobile atm tbqh senpai. Were you trying to make it look kinda like a dragonfly? I like that, keep working and make it look more like a flying machine and less like a snowmobile.
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Alright, I'm ready to jump the sinking ship that is 3DS Max.
Has anyone here switched from 3DS Max to Maya recently? What resources did you use to get used to it? I know there's a few "Maya for Max users" tutorials floating around, can anyone vouch for any of those being decent?

Inb4 >Maya
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For the last fucking time, stop trying to flag yourself with a single software like it's your identity or something. Max and Maya are used for different things. Use Max for modelling, especially industrial and architectural modelling, but it's good with spline modelling as well. Use Maya for animating, rigging, skinning and all that. Youtube has all the tuts you need.
I *don't* just use a single piece of software, but Maya seems to tick all the boxes that Max does while actually being developed as Autodesk's flagship product while Max seems to be edging it's way towards death so I want to phase it out of my workflow. Easy to understand?
OP is a traitor faggot.

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How many of you are going to school for 3D animation? If not, then what? Is so, then why?
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I've never been to a 3d school. Self taught myself 3d modeling and rendering since 2007. Now working for an architecture firm as a project designer. I make myself interested in the work that I make to keep going. The resource is endless out there to learn just about anything these days.
Software engineering.
I do 3D as a hobby, the industry is incredibly competitive, makes you work a ton and doesn't pay that well. If for some reason I wanted to be part of the industry I can do it from the technical side and get a lot more money for less work.
I live in a semi-socialist country, so the city's 3D school was only 600$ a year. Since I passed the entry tests, why not. The teachers are good and are all veterans of the industry.

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Headphones 001.jpg
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Hello, is there someone who has or could do a 3D model of there headphones? Their name is DFH.B. I can`t find them anywhere, and I am absolutely shitty with CAD etc. I can provide you with more reference pics.
Thanks, /3/
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I`ve been looking for those too.
Good luck, mate, I know some japanese company is doing replicas but it costs about 300 dolla
>Working for free
Only the mods do.

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Gotta new job in animation, pipeline requires that all maps r created in 32 bit. What the actual fuck, i mean, for displacements out of zbrush i get it, but even albedo, spec, gloss? Wtf would i want more dynamic range in textures painted or made from jpeg. Can anyone explain that?
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why don't you ask them why?
ask the senior animator
i asked, the answer was unclear bullshit, im not sure theres even a reason
only normals and displacement need to be 32 bit. tell them they are fucking retarded and get a new job. you dont need to work with scrubs

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Do photorealistic models with huge densities and that use procedural materials need to be UV unwrapped? Also, how exactly do movie models get skinned and weighted? I mean they're also very dense.
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Yes procedural textures still need UVs to know how to cover a mesh. as far as i know models in movies get smoothed at render time.
Sometimes they are smoothed. Other times they are modeld to be the highest res needed. Like way more detail in the face than people are used to, fucking tear duct wrinkles and shit. But then low ammount of quads on the chest and back
>what is displacement

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I've been messing around with these things for a while and I'm wondering if anyone has shared a library of particle presets to get started with.

Making a particle from scratch is pretty time consuming and I can't help but think someone has already made convincing looking water already.
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Look in the actual maya help files.
I found some example scenes in there. It doesn't look like they provide basic particle presets though.

I guess I could grab some of the parameters from these scenes but it would also be nice to have a preset library...
Why are you using nParticles when we have Bifrost now?

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Just downloaded Maya 2016 after years of not even touching it. Last time I used it was back in 2010 I think and it was the 2008 version of Maya which was buggy as hell. Has there been any major changes?
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No nothing at all.
you can do some limited sculpting now so mudbox is no longer needed but Zbrush definitely still is the king at free form sculpting.....if only it didn't have such a shit UI.

also upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 fucks up Maya 2016 royally.....Maya 2017 when?
funny jokes men, kek

Yes, the software has radically changed. The look of it should already be apparent enough. You'll notice the Viewport 2.0 and the options it has when you go to "Renderer" above the viewport. I can use DirectX 11 or OpenGL and thus doesn't need a workstation card to be accelerated anymore. There's the revamped modeling toolkit, revamped Hypershade, streamlined Node Editor to replace the connection editor. Bifrost...
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are the characters in the Fantasy War Tactics 3D? If yes are they low poly? Are they cell shaded? How do I achieve this type off style using 3ds max and Unity3d?

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how new are you?
Just click on stuff and eventually you'll get what you want

I don't get it.

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yo, I went to the art institute for 2-3 years in hopes of being into game art and design however the school was terrible and refused to teach us anything new and I taught myself basically everything I could while doing repetitive assignments about really easy things. I have been to nervous to post any of my stuff. So here it is tell me where you think I am I know im not professional but what do you think I need to do to get better at this?
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its pretty good, for a ps1 game
your colors and textures are a bit noisy and contrastey, like each texture is screaming "LOOK AT ME" and it makes them all look messy. the colors could be a bit more muted and you could use some color correction and postprocessing effects to make it look better. these look like videogame models as well, I'm assuming this is for a videogame? another issue is that you seem to be just putting rust and dirt flatly over all textures

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