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Having a small lighting issue of lights bleeding through mesh. Is this an easy fix?
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Don't know if you're still here but turn force 2-sided textures on in rendering settings and make the lights render raytraced shadows.
Even if you ultimately use neither it might troubleshoot your problem.

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Old QTDDTOT thread is dead.

Is using noise reduction filters generally frowned upon for stills or is it acceptable for some cases?
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What context? In most cases end result is all that matters.
>Is being efficient and saving time frowned upon?

Usually not.
Archviz. Is it really worth waiting the long hours?

Hey everyone, I'm looking for this file or an stl of this. However the one on the site you need to pay for, does anyone know where i can find it for free?
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This is the site

Here you go.

That was almost convincing

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What's the equivalent of 1 second shutter speed in V-ray camera settings?

This is the default shutter speed when making a vray camera in Maya.
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It's in inverse seconds, so 200 = 1/200 seconds. To get a shutter speed of 1 second, just set it to 1.
Ok, so 2 seconds should be .5 shutter speed, right?

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So /3/ seems much more focused on gaming side of 3d creation. Anyone know where I can go to talk about and argue over different architectural/urban design based programs?

Like autodesk, sketchup, lumen, vray, etc etc etc

What I am facing right now is a good way to take complex large urban designs into a good real time renderer. Currently testing and playing with LumenRT. I have tried unity in the past but it didn't play well with sketchup.

I used lightup in sketchup for a while but it just wasn't giving me the quality I wanted for larger areas....
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>stop using sketchup
this is not how you use greentext

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Hello! I'm new to Zbrush and 3D in general, I'm looking for a group to join where we I can learn more about 3D and maybe share ideas and collabs. I like Anime and Video game type stuff, mainly character creation.

It would be nice to make some friends in the 3D world, thanks!
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"we" "have" a chat and there is some steam channel for devs from /v/ called
"/v/'s Game Dev Crew"
Ah ok thanks, so I just have to join here? I never used Discord before

I don't see anything, the link only takes me to a blank screen @me, sorry for being a noob

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What is the best way to unwrap certain things, such as a cylinder, without creating seems?
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cylinder projection
seams are inevitable in most textures. What you want is to blend the textures on top of the seams, after creating a unwrapped map.
Exporting the model to Photoshop do the trick, but you can try Zbrush to handpaint the thing if you´re desperate.
not using standard 2-d mapping.
what you want to use is 4-dimensional tesseract mapping

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SCI-FI animated short film "EMPSILLNES" by Jakub Grygier. See What one person can do at home in 4 years on
single computer!

Empsillnes is a short animated film about survivor on destroyed spaceship who looks forward to be rescued and
return home. He does not know that the world he remembers has changed forever.
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3 years render time i'm guessing...
really good cinematography. This guy knows composition and light. However his animation is dogshit and apparently he's colorblind.
The story was boring, the animation was poor, and holy fucking christ what is up with the color? Jesus, man. I understand, you're trying to set the tone but do you have to dull the ENTIRE short with fucking blue and brown?

Not even for the action scene is it changed to something different. You link blue and action together? >>508918 I think this nigger is right, he might actually be color blind.

What does /3/ think of Mudbox? What are its advantages/disadvantages compared to say Zbrush? I work a lot with Max and figure since it is autodesk so I want something that is easy to use with those programs
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Poor mans Mari
Don't bother. I'm one week into Zbrush after 4 months of Mudbox and there's just way more functions and tools.

For basic sculpting I guess there's not much of a difference. But overall Zbrush is years ahead.

Go read the list of released features for Mudbox 2016 and you'll understand.
Mari got so fucked up and horrible in its last updates. Fuck mari.

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Sup /3/

I'm new to this board and 3D modelling in general, so forgive me if this question is too dumb

I feel stupid as hell for asking, but I'm starting to learn Zbrush and I accidentaly hit ctrl+F and it completly screwed up what I was doing... now my brush is creating multiple copies of what I am working on (my "tool"?), and it is like I'm stuck in a creating mode instead of editing/modeling as I'd like

I can't find out how to leave this mode. The brushes and alphas are locked. I've read that ctrl+F fills the canvas...
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Ctrl N to get rid of all the nonsense in pixol mode then just click and drag on the canvas to create your model again. After that just hit the edit button on the top left of the screen. This is all from memory so hopefully that helps.

Thanks for the help... today I pressed T trying to reach for the Move Topological and got into the same alley: the brush now makes replicas of my model.

I placed one, pressed edit and did ctrl+N to get rid of the rest.

Just for my knowledge: what the hell is this mode used for?
It' some avant garde 2.5d zbrush bulshit, don't worry about it.
I've seen people using it, but it's not really that useful.

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Working on a project for school. Have to write my name on a brick wall using a flamethrower, essentially charring my name onto the wall. I'm having trouble figuring out how exactly to go about the charring. Making it look like it's actually being written with the flamethrower.

Any tips? Suggestions?
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Well, what program are you using?
3dsmax. Sorry should have specified that.
switch to XSI and use ICE

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Iblis Infernalis.png
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evolutionary contradiction/10


>evolutionary contardiction
fedora swordsman/10

It's well done, but demons and fantasy creatures are start to become boring subject, if you want to depict a demon try a more original approach.

Once upon a time, different DCC applications were the standard for different types of markets that used them. For instance, Lightwave was the go to program for television CG work, because of the very fast workflow, while Max was the one people used for games most often. There was crossover, of course, but the trends were definitely visible.

I'm wondering which programs dominate which parts of the market now. I ask because I am thinking about focusing my efforts these days toward getting as good as I can with one package, rather than having so-so skills with a lot...
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Bumping this because it is a good question, and I don't know the answer.

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I need something done.

>inb4 this is not a request board.

I know very little about 3d modeling, but I also need an animation of the male genitalia, specifically the testes rising up into the body and lowering back down again, like what happens when the temperature changes. Preferably with a dick hanging there too. It doesn't have to be SUPER realistic, although it should very much resemble a penis, maybe something like what a diagram in a medical book would look like, but 3d. A cross sectional view of the scrotum would be cool...
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So go post a job on fiverr or something. Anyone that is half decent at this stuff expects to be paid.

The only ways most would do anything for free is if it's a personal project of their own, or if it's for a small charity without the money to hire someone.
Couldn't this be done very easily by using morpher targets?

Anyway, getting something done for free to you is probably not gonna happen.
You can do this quite easily in Blender using shape keys. I have a Makehuman figure with male genitalia and can control an erect member. I don't think it's wise for me to post it on a blue board (as I have warnings already and can't risk a ban as I can't change my IP )

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Hi /3/, I'm wondering what is the best way to learn character art?

Should I be focusing on box modelling or should I be focusing on zbrush?

Should I be learning 2D and traditional sculpting?

Help me /3/. The sticky has only broken links for the character section and something that was written in 2003. Enlighten me /3/, I feel like I'm in Plato's cave.
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>Should i be focusing on box modelling or should i be focusing on zbrush?

Both of them actually. Box modelling is good for some 3D models you want to createl but theres also poly by poly, wich is way better than box modelling if you want to model a car for example.

Zbrush is something really good as well. You can create organic stuff "easily". So it would be cool if you study a 3D poligonal program and zbrush.

>Should i be learning 2D and traditional sculpting?

I dont think its...
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Unless your drawing skills are kindergarten-tier I'd jump straight into digital sculpting. They are complementary skills, sculpting helps understand form and vice versa a talented 2d artist can pick up a sculpting program in a few afternoons and produce AAA work.
DO worry about 2d and sculpting. They are important skills. Software comes and goes, but those fundamental skills are what will carry over.

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