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turn back, cg is a mindfuck

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Ive had this question for a while and I wanted to hear your guys take on it.

Its kind of hard to describe so here it goes. Let's say you want to model a table. When you guys make a table do you make sure that the legs are attatched to the bottom of the table and its all one seamless model or is it okay to have the legs as a seperate object that clips though the bottom of the table a bit and you just merge it all together at the end.

Im asking this because im trying to do some modeling and I feel like it would be a lot easier to unwrap/texture a model if there was separate parts.

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You could do it either way you described it, personally I'd make one separately, duplicate it, then merge into the table. Then unwrap it.
if at some point you see the bottom of the table model it clean, else don't waste time on it
you're missing the point.

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Is Blender just a meme? I am not a professional 3D modeler, just getting into it and I thought Blender would be a good way to learn but it seempractises like everyone here shuts you down for using it. If so, what's good to learn/ on then?
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its free but being free doesn't mean that its shit
I personally like 3ds Max for creating models, and Blender for animating them.
Blender has very simple bone and animation systems, but when it comes to modelling, everything seems hidden under a ton of menus.
I don't like Blender but it's only because I learned everything in Maya. I like how blender handles fluid simulation tho.

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How can I improve this?
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by starting over
lol dead funny

I like it, obviously colour it and add more shit like barrels and stuff, but it's a good start.
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I like the concept. Keep it gritty and dirty and put small lights everywhere with reflective surfaces like a poorly lit industrial space. Use dirt and leaking on the edges and use atmospherics.

Also put lot more detail like cables, garbage and electronic equipment

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Which version of 3ds max do you use and why?
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did not bother to upgrade yet
Whats the difference between Maya and 3DSMax besides the interface? I don't get how two programs so similar work side by side. When Autodesk bought 3DSMax I thought they would just absorb it into Maya...
2016, idk why its just the one i torrented.

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How do you do landscape visualisation like this?
I've been tasked creating a couple of renders of river revitalisation project.
I have digital model of terrain in its current state and technical plans of the planned changes.

My best idea so far is Rhinoceros + Lumion. But there sure has to be some better software, dedicated specially to terrain modelling? Any advice for desperate anon?
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3ds Max and Forest Pack


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eigth render.jpg
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Hey, looking for some advice with this villa, lots to improve that im playing around with but as you can see the glass is not letting in or reflecting any light out of the building properly.

I just cant figure out what Im doing wrong
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what program are you using you fucking idiot.
how about you follow the tutorial you took the house from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktJMBxO-q5g
it seems you are using minecraft
if one row if glassblocks is not enough try using two

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Can someone help me with L4D2 Authorising Tools? I am trying to create a window with window frame, but all the entities on the entity menu are unable to be scaled, so appear much larger than the structure I am building.

Also, I cannot seem to find any tutorials for window frame creation (as in to produce a detailed frame with shading and such).

If anyone could help me, it would be absolutely great, and make my night.
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m8, we'll need a bit more details than that. Post a screenshot at least.
Are you using Hammer editor and trying to create a window frame in a level using basic brushes?
Im a hammer pro and youre not giving us much to go on..

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casa orchetti.jpg
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First project on Cinema 4d,
total noob on 3d modelling,
do you guys have any tips for improving my work?
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You have composition down. I take it you have a background in art. The bridhe /pils could use use some connectivity detail.
add more detail to the bridge and maybe try to get it to look like there are individual planks
I don't use cinema 4d so I couldn't tell you how to do it but looks pretty good so far, I'd be interested in seeing an update

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What are some good methods for creating a base to start texturing on? I already know how to get different maps (I use XNormal personally), but I want to know what kinds of maps I should be using and composting to get a good base for starting my textures.

Tips, ideas, and techniques are all appreciated.
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make base colors as polypaint and bake the texture map in xnormal, later add all the small detail in substance/quixel


Hey /3/, I haven't been here in a while.

I make game maps for tabletop games, 2D things in Photoshop. But I do use a ton of textures, including lots of stuff I get with the various depth, normal, spec, etc. maps for 3D rendering.

I want to make my work better, but I have no idea how to just load up the textures with their maps and output an image that, instead of being flat, actually reads with all the detail and stuff from the maps (pic related).

Is this simple to do with some rendering software, or would it take a bunch of time to output these? I have no familiarity with this stuff.
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Its simple if you have maps. Loading them in an 3d programm takes a couple of seconds/minutes at most. To set them up properly you need to do some steps and most probably you need some light to shine on your textures, but the overall process is straightforward and easy to learn (depending on the software).
Download Blender for example and learn a simple texture/light/render setup and you're good to go.

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Is anybody able to register for cgpeers? I can't even access the site unless I do it through TOR, but I always get an error when I try to make an account.
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Retard.. Saged.

hey /3/ can we get some zbrush tips and tricks thread going of shit we learned from sculpting/tutorials. ill post few that i can think off and contribute more when i remember more.

1. Clay brush with the imbed modifier set to 0 works as a grate cavity/hole eraser/blender (does not destroy topology and detail like smooth brush)

2. clay tubes brush with the alpha 48 at low intensity is a good way to add texture to your model if its too smooth or lumpy

3. the nudge tool is good for moving detail around on your model

4. inflating between a cavity is...
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Hard surface is a real bitch in zbrush. Is there a way to keep the cursor straight along an angle while using precision brushes such as pinch and damstandard?
you can click than hold shift and drag to create a straight line but i think there is even a modifier in the stroke manue that only lets you make straight lines
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yes. just checked go to your stroke menus, turn on back track than turn on snaptotrack and chose line, when u click and drag it will create a line when ur happy with the line just drag ur mouse back and it will create a straight line on that perfect line, this works on all tools

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need help, I just want to merge 3D shapes (e.g cubes and shit) into one.

Also Im not talking about 2 shapes only, im talking about like ten.

I am using Cinema 4D, but I also can get blender

Can anyone help???? :((((
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>merge vertices tool.
Try union boolean modifier in blender.
You can boolean it, but geometry will suffer from it.

If you want to do anything like vidya gays or animation you'll have to at the very least learn box modeling, so meshes deform properly.

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Any /modo/ fags here? What are must watch tutorials, techniques etc? Personally I'm trying to migrate from 3ds max.
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Richard Yot for shading and rendering, Vaughan Ling and Tor Frick for modeling.

They're on cgpeers if you're a cheap bastard.
If you asking something like that you where never proficient in max to begin with Op, so don't pretend like you're 'migrating'.
That you run from one of the strongest modelling packages, according to popular belief, to the strongest modelling package according to popular belief is reviling as to what's really going on ITT.

You can bullshit yourself Op, but you can't bullshit /3/. Our /3/rd eye isn't blind and it can see straight through you.

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