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What's the best free software to animate models? Also, is it possible to import blender model into SFM, animate it and export the animation to Unity, or back to Blender? I never used SFM but I heard it's a really good tool, so I'm wondering if I should switch.
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why would you animate anything in sfm, rather than blender?

One of the few things that Blender does well enough to really compete with top-tier software is animation. Just animate in Blender.

Also, getting models from Blender to SFM is trivially easy, but unless you plan to leave the asset there, there's no point. Use Blender Source Tools (an addon) to get your assets from Blender to SFM, if that's the route you go.
Check out mixamo

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New to zbrush, professor went over zremeshing too fast. Any of you guys know a tutorial thats quick and covers it concisely?
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>dont use it for anything you want to take seriously
but why tho
because its shit and if you are just learning its not good to rely on it as heavly as most of the people on zbrush central or /3/

it make bad topology, wastes geo, creates spirals, dosnt hold details very well unless you make it way too dense.

>just do your topo by hand.

zremesher is fine for things like rocks or some hard surface stuff, something that isnt a character or hero objects... SOMETIMES

sometimes it works but most of the time it dosnt , its better to...
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Can someone give me advice on texturing? How would I paint leather for this? Trying to reach the style and level of texturing seen in games like skyward sword, kh2, etc.
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quixel, substance painter/designer
Google "hand painting texture" tutorials

Alternatively take realistic textures off cgtextures then pass them through eight million filters and shit until it looks cartoony, then tweak a bit

This. You had best unwrap that shit and not be using procedurals.

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Why do people say you need to learn how to draw to do 3D? I mean, I completely understand learning how to build, but if you know how to build well what's the point of knowing how to draw?
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Drawing incapsulates a lot of skills you need

If you're talking about shape recognition, light knowledge, anatomy and the kind that's a visual art skill, and it is definitely not tied to drawing.

For instance, I hear a lot of people saying that drawing is good for composition, but that doesn't make any sense because I can simply have a few simple 3d assets I use to prepare a scene.
Stop listening to what "people say" and just fucking get on with it you dumbass

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Hey guys I've visited 4chan sometimes but I've never seen this board before and I Train 3D for a while with a teacher but I want to know of you guys How do you Train for 3d?? like how do you guys practice?? often I do create hard surface objects in maya and put some textures on but it doesn't really seen that is actually helping me to get a pro at 3D. since I was a kid I've always wanted to work with games and I really want to be great professional at it and I would love if you guys that are already pro's or that know of what I'm talking about would...
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its simple for me
i choose something that i know is complex and challenging like a gun or a car and i simply model it, sometimes i run into problems and deduct certain features in the model but it makes me works faster and discover new things.

modeling is games is different, its an artistic job and technical. you can't model all the parts of a gun if its 200k polygons, you need to use normal maps and such. every piece you create you have to make sure the UV's are right and the texture are in the right size and its according the polygon budget you have.
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Thanks for the tips!!
Keep in mind that big 3D productions are always in a team. You're talking about pro's like they can do everything but those pro's are probably only good at a handful of things.
If you want to become pro you should specialise in a certain CG area so that you can justify getting paid for a role in a big production.

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Switching from 3ds max to maya
Any resources? Tutorials? Torrents (poorfag)?
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Gnomon, Digital Tutors, etc/theusual...

Can anyone take a moment to critique my motion graphic animation? You don't even need to watch the whole thing, just a few seconds of it. I specifically need to know if the lip synching seems natural or not. BIG THANKS!

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Mind to explain what that channel is about? Atm it just is some wierd poser shit(not meant in a derogatory way) selling some made up medication.

The production value is interesting(even though its poser shit you hired voide actors and even people to sing songs for your made up fantasy medication) So you make exaggerated impossible claims to heal every possible illness it gets stale and used up pretty quick(atleast to me) I think you need to do a bit more to keep up interest. Maybe include all kinds of wierd fetishes(like amputee, women with huge bulges in their pants...
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Hello, new architect here. I don't know if this is the right place to post this or in /p/.

I measured this church and designed it in AutoCAD (seven layouts).
I want to turn it into 3d in 3dsmax. I don't have any problem modeling, but when it comes to texturing I don't know what to do.
The inside of the church is full of curves that have hagiographies on them.

Is there in the market some kind of photocamera-scanner that can scan the curved hagiographies and make flat images of them so that I can place them on the unwraped surfaces.?
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In photoshop there's a lens correction tool in the filters menu that might help out.
Mainly it's for fixing barrel distortion and other lens effects, but you MIGHT be able to get it to work for what you want.
If you have the cash, a 3d scanner would be the best option.

However you could probably make do by stitching together a series of photographs of the interior surfaces. Set up a camera on a tripod and take the a series of photos normal to the direction of the surface at that point. Take these and use each photo for the part of the uv map. The more photos you take, the greater the accuracy will be.

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A long long time ago I used 3DPaintbrush to capture some 3D stuff, like a 3D screenshot. However it seems they discontinued it. What's the best alternative nowadays?
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So I've been wondering why one should buy zBrush if you can do awesome shit in Sculptris ( https://youtu.be/OIgBVSwjdd0). Doing the retopology in 3dsmax and projecting normal maps from the original sculpture can make a pretty damn good lowpoly model for game engines and you still have it for portfolio piece.
I know zBrush has a shitton of tools that Sculptris doesn't have but I wanna know your opinions on Sculptris since I'm pretty new to this 3D world.
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why use a lesser tool?
pixologic bought sculptris so they would have less competitors
So there's no big difference between the two?
top zozzle!

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Cartoon Try1.png
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I don't suppose anyone knows any good software to turn rendered images into comic strips/pages that you can add speech bubbles to.

I did this in MS paint but if I change the size of the image the txt is unreadable. Should I just stick with paint and make stupidly huge comics
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add the text after you shrink the image. As for software, I dunno. You could probably search up some good ones, make your own -if you're into that-, or just use paint.
Professionals use Illustrator.

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Hey guys. I am wondering? What would be the best price for charging a less tha 2 weeks mid to high quality character model without face and just body?
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I don't get it... why did you post a blank image?

and to answer you question, it depends, what format, what poly count, quads or tris, what's the topology like? Are your lines clean? Do you have ngons? Is it rigged, animated, textured?
Just a sculpt and retopo.
I worked with this small company back a year and a half ago. For 200 dollars without strict deadlines.
They want to present it to a major company.
They seem desperate. How much should I charge, since it is a business.
If they're desperate, charge them 2k a day

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Hey /3/

Anyone tell me how I can recreate this effect in C4D? I'm a graphic designer with very little experience with the program but I'm pretty sure it's a fairly simple task.
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If its a fairly simple task why don't you use your brain and figure it out on your own.
I just don't feel like using mine.
But i will try: spline with linear something, some modifier-thingy and balls on a spline with color things.
Good luck , graphic designer.
dl some projects from this guy you'll learn alot also try watching some greyscalegorilla vids.
Looks like a cylinder with sine / noise / twist modifiers, with spheres attached to the verts.
idk what kind of modifiers / deformers C4D is capable of though.

i want to learn how to draw/paint concept art.
both creatures and environments but i suck ass at 2D.

do you guys have any tips or any DVD suggestions?

i got this 1 DVD by nevil page where he shows how to concept using just sketching and shiluate, its the best 1 i found so far but its still not enough...
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Bump, I'm in the same situation
its amazing to me how i can sculpt a anatomically correct human but as soon as i pick up a pencil my brain goes "hurrrrrrrrrr" and i forget everything i know about anatomy, form or anything i can do in 3D

their sticky has a lot of resources on drawing models. Also, I recommend picking up Scott Robertson's book, "How To Draw". It's the best book if you're starting from scratch, and coming from a 3D background, since Scott Robertson is an ID guy. He walks you through the basics of constructing 3D forms from your imagination on the page, beginning with straight lines, 2D shapes in perspective, then finally 3D. You will be surprised...
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Can anyone help me with 3d modeling a character? Me and a couple of friends are planning to make a game. See attached Concept Art.
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Yo will have to provide other angles too if you want an accurate rendition of your concept.
I like his cape, it adds a nice touch. I am guessing from the cape and oversized left forelimb that this is a superhero game. You should make sure you are not infringing on Marvel's IP before you proceed.
Ok, I made a side angle. See attached file.

Yes, it's a superhero game. Thanks for noting the cape.

By the way, he is naked. So it would cool if you can make a skin-like texture.

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