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my game made it onto a list of "look at this" for a 3d class in a college. I just found out by looking at where some links to my page where coming from. Am I gud yet?
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That depends. Post it here.
I won't, I have too much of a good thing going.
Post it faget

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please help.gif
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how to do this and with what ?
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Scrolling texture + post effects. Use any 3D content application and use their built in post effect filters if present.
Alternatively use a program such as combustion, after effects or similar, or a combination of the two.
>needing a 3D package to make a scrolling 2D plane
the plane isnt scrolling. The camera is moving, thats why the sun shakes.

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I'm currently using Blender as my main 3D modeling for modding Arma 3 but also just for fun and for school

I really cannot afford a 3,000 dollar or even 900 dollar version of a software such as C4D

I plan on buying it when I can to support the developers and also for having it secure, but anyone know any reliable pirating for this program with minimum questionable sources?
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Why not get a student version?

If you need a DCC for modelling and game dev/ modding i would advice to not use C4d.
Maya, Max, Modo, Blender are better tools for that.
Register at Cgpersia.com (this might take a while since they don't allow registering everyday). But you'll get every available cracked 3d tool/plugin there.
Wait a fuckingh minute. I follow you on ifunny you fucking faggot

how can i bring 3D Camera Tracker information from After Effects to 3DS max and back to After Effects?

From what it seems like you can only export for C4D
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I've been trying to export to maya, and I tried, everything. The only way that worked for me was exporting to Cinema4d and then exporting again as an .fbx file. But you have to make up for the different ways programs read the project units. There's a lot of clipping with cameras that you have to adjust.
so what you're saying is.. the best way to do this is to just get nuke instead of AF
I couldn't tell, as I've never used nuke, but if you're trying to make 3d VFX then yeah I guess, as AE is not for 3d heavy scenes, only for basic stuff. I mean, exporting to c4d and saving as a fbx is not exactly a huge workaround.

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Do you guys do requests?
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For money, yes.
This. It's called working.
well if its something easy I don't mind doing it for free

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I was having some fun in MudBox. I'm trying to understand Zbrush, but is complicated :P. Watcha' think?
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but its ok if youre a first timer
its my second work in the Sculpting Area, now i'm working on a full body

Divot in the back of the head makes no biological sense even when using the "alien physiology" MacGuffin.

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How do i fix this? My normal's aren't baking correctly they have wavy lines on them.
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normal maps don't change geometry, only detail that's projected on faces of existing geometry
Your UV map and the edges on the object don't match the grid.
That's why you're getting the squiggles
no shit

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Why /3/ is such a shit place for Newcomers, Porn Makers, And SFM animators ??
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Your picture explains it quite well.
1. Your work is shit and you get butt hurt when told so
2. This is a blue board
3.SFM has had decent threads, you are just a retard.
4. This place is fine once you get past the trolls
5. so shut the fuck up and get off this website because 4 chan is +18
1. fucking with other peoples models is something anyone can do, so there is no point in asking critique or opinion about it

2.porn is just pandering, and everyone knows that. so if you make porn or have half naked animu girls as part of your art it only means you can't produce quality art without it or too scared what others may say

tga? why not png? discuss
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coz its the standard for uncompressed 32bit RGBA format and is readable by almost all programs.
well i mean .exr is the standard in production for 32bit, which also stores multichannel information for render passes
.png's are compressed, .tga's are usually not. What with how weak consoles are you don't wan't to be wasting precious processing power decompressing .png files when you could be reading some .tga raw.

Does anybody here rig?
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yes. why?
I want to see what people here can do
Ever seen "Mars Needs Moms?". Yeah, thats me.

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pic related
I have modeled this for a game now, but cant texture for shit, I have made the UV maps tho.
In the pic related theres a screenshot I used as reference. How do I make these scratches for example ? and make it look realistic ?
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Looks like shit.
u can bake that after u finish

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Star Craft Battle Cruiser.jpg
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>pic unrelated

I'm looking for a career change. I'm a cinematographer. Award winning, better than many. But I am anti-social as fuck. I can't network to save my life, literally.

I was looking at 3D animation for a while. I've noticed 3D animation jobs tend to have clients come to you, rather than the other way around. I also wanted to do something design oriented. As a result, I was thinking about doing jewelry design. I used to do this a while ago for fun as prop preparations. I figured if I learned how to do...
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If you want to see if you like jewellery start by making wax then attach a feeder and cup then make a plaster cylinder around that and you can pour liquid silver in that. Then just melt it and start another one to save money. Way cheaper than any other way to do it. Can even make your own centrifuge if you want
>I'm a cinematographer. Award winning, better than many.
for jewelry design, a lot of people use Rhinoceros, rhinoceros+zbrush, or rhinogold

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Heya, /3/.

I've been an on-again-off-again user in the 3d world, dating way back to 3ds max 6. By no means am I any good. I've just been messing with modeling for years with no real commitment, which has slowly been changing this year. I recently stumbled across Modo, but since I'm not really part of any 3d communities, I'm curious what the general take on Modo is. I saw some pretty neat stuff with it, but people have been making miracles with even the crummiest of software and making it look easy.

Any users out there? What do you think? Would...
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its only good if heavily modded with scripts.

My advice : use zmodeller until a good VR modeller comes out.
it's good

>Would you consider the workflow for hard surface modeling any better than Max


it takes longer to git gud though

I use max and Modo

If you don't heavily use the stack in max its fine to switch to.

It doesn't have splines really and I think the material editor in max is better. The next edition is going to be game focused and should bring a lot of improvements.

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What's the big deal about Mari?
How useful is it for PBR texturing game assets?
What's the major differences between it and Substance Painter?
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mari used to be good, then the updates turned it into noodle tier.

substance is low tier.

photoshop is the real shit, god tier
I went from Photoshop to substance designer.
Texturing in photoshop feels archaic in comparison.
>Not being able to see what you're working on as you make chamges across the albedo, metallic, roughness, normal, and emissive maps.

But Mari is
>Industry standard
And was expensive as hell for years.
Can I use Mari to texture game props, characters etc?

It's not good for pbr yet. Painting channels is super convoluted.

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Im, working on this Lowpoly schoolgirl what do you guys think?
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use alpha sheets for hair
fix the face
use flat shading
It looks like shit, anon.
face and hair looks bad, the rest looks mediocre but not bad

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