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How do I go from 1 to 2?

Vray and Maya
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Eyebrows, you silly goose
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hoew's this
why is she wet?

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Okay, so I've always wanted to get into animation. I am 100% prepared to get my feet wet and dive in but I have absolutely no income to even think about going to school. I've gone so far as to make fake emails for Autodesk, downloaded all that, I've pirated a few other programs along the way.

I'm ready to try and make a career out of this. I know eventually I'm going to have to pay for this stuff, any income I get is going towards buying the programs, but is this a feasible idea? It's going to take me years anyways to get good at these programs...
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>Am I crazy or is this possible?

It's almost the other way around anon. It's possible, but only if you are crazy.
Yeah pretty much. I did it, and a few of my co-workers did it too. Everyone I've met who went to school has regretted it to some degree since they had to end up learning most of the stuff themselves anyway, and now have a shitload of debt to pay off too. I'd only really recommend school if you're trying to move to another country and need the student visa. If you're already in the US where most of the jobs are you may as well stay comfy living with your parents and grinding on your art all day, as...
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There is no limit to what you can learn without going to school if you are fully motivated to learning. Anything from neurosurgery to advanced aircraft design can be learned on your own if you are motivated to do so.

The question is whether or not you're going to get a job being self taught. You could end up being the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to medical science but there's no way you'll (legally) be able to work as a physician without the proper educational credentials....
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So I'm trying to learn Zbrush and have about a year's experience in blender. Anyone know how to set Zbrush's navigation controls (zoom, pan, rotate) to the blender defaults? Really having a hard time, googled the shit out of this and just found a bunch of autistic 4+ year old threads.

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Took one search.


Zbrush navigation makes the most sense for the program. Just practice it.
also rec to get used to it
zbrush isnt real 3d, its 2,5d and the way it works starts making sense in longer run
at lest the navigation, the ui is just fuck ass retarded and will never make sense

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How are my cogs /3/?
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Chamfer the edges to create better specular highlights.
you forgot to mention to chamfer them with a radius, a circular chamfer
>not using Cinema 4d R17's superior Cogwheel engine.


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How do you guys use ambient occlusion with your diffuse texture map?
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How sparin'ly?
use where?

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Helen Sunbathing.jpg
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Helen Parr thread continuing from : >>490393
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>dat nose

also, you might want to give the hands a little more attention.
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>those abs

I am working on an Unity game myself and I was wondering what kind of setup you use for the breasts and ass, did you find any scripts for it in Unity?
Yes, and I see that you've ignored anyone's advice in making her face smoother, and her nose less piggish.

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A question for the blender people

I wanted to fix some stuff in my mesh so deleted a smaller part of it and now I want to fill that hole again.
The thing is, I was pretty much done with the whole model with textures, UVs and all.

I thought deleting some faces and filling the hole wouldn't be a bigger problem but apparently it isn't as easy as I thought.

Do I really have to do the whole UV AGAIN just for a handful of changed polygons?
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just unwrap the new polygons you created
use the pin function in the UV editor and then unwrap. pinned vertices don't move when you unwrap. I'm sure you can figure out the rest.
OP here, saw you're interested in this, too.

I kinda solved the problem by making a loop around the clusterfuck and then merged at center/merged at several places to get a nice quad.
apparently you mustn't create a hole, otherwise your UV is fucked and you can UV again.

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wip 44.png
2 MB,
>>519948 bump reach
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why anime :)

this is my first fully complete character for a game im making called santa the molester.

it's just a learning experience, and I'm going to redo in the future.

Critic pls
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Why is starting from a 4000-something vertex cube to a high res character then back down to a normal mapped low poly so satisfying?

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I have gone through all the tutorials in 3dsmax and played around a bit, as well as practising some importing from sketchup stuff.

I am looking for tutorials on using vray with 3ds max or honestly just some general tips.

Rendering is pretty new to me, most of my experience is modelling on sketchup so I have been a bit overwhelmed with all the rendering options for Vray, but I want to get better at it. I know it will come with time but I would love some advice on just some general 'good' settings, maybe that I can even save as a template and then work...
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Buy (yeah right) Grant Warwick's vray course. If you're interested in how vray really works there is no way around it. None of the other tutorials out there come close.

Most of it deals with 3.0-3.2 and a lot of the advice concerning optimization no longer applies to 3.3, but the logic and reasoning behind it is still good to know.
Care you bring elaborate on why the optimization isn't as needed in 3.3? Was 3.3 a very large update?

Asking cos in using 3.2 at the moment but I might upgrade if it's worth it for starting out
Optimization is still needed (only if you care about render times, of course), but the process has been greatly simplified.

3.3 introduced an updated adaptive image sampler that only requires you to adjust the AA subdivs and the color threshold to optimize your scene. No more fiddling with the scene subdivisions and other settings.

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I've been trying to look for a straight answer for a while, but I understand.
If I pirate Maya as opposed to getting the education version, am I bypassing any difference? Any restrictions or weird things on the edu version instead of the full? I've heard that you're constantly connected to autodesk's servers with the edu?

Sorry, I know these are noob as fuck questions but I've been really thinking of pirating cause I'm going to be moving to a place for the summer/fall with limited internet and it would be nice to just dive in with no big...
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if you straight up sell anything online and get noticed you will be prosecuted. but it won't happen that quickly, you need to generate stable economy and have a company under your name for that to happen, and when it does you are fucked
I getcha. I have no intention to sell anything though. Just want to get better at the program
faggets still blark about student maya versions instead using blender or other better software.

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So.. I stucked in doing retopology (i was suggested by doing it on 3ds max but it was too tedious), so after scouring some, I found some candidates

>Blender (w/ or w/o Retopoflow)
>3D coat

Which one should I choose and why
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if you really dont want to put any work into your projects then just shell 150 and get unwrella

Isn't that for uv's.


auto Retopo is still not great for faces. Every studio will also want different topology depending on the project. Topogun and 3d coat are good choices.
Use topogun for anatomy

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san juan evermotion.jpg
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Hello, anyone know where I can get the download of this file (San Juan - Evermotion), I can not find it anywhere! I would be very helpful !. Thank you
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It's on cgpeers.
Unfortunately I have no access to this website! not if there is any way to share it here! and sorry!
git hud

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Hi! Can you advice me wtf is wrong with my skin tex? I render this in 3ds vray, textures baked in zbrush. Have no idea how to get this more realistic
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I think it lacks subsurface scattering, but also the color seems off, never seen a skin like that before
its not so much to do with your software so as the actual texturing work itself, look at more skin reference and understand what colors go where
skin is not pink
just get a skin mat

In this modern era, I've been trained to only be satisfied with high poly count, so when I try to do low poly art I end up feeling like it doesn't have enough detail, even though more detail is exactly what the model doesn't need.

Anyone else have this problem?
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delete this
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What is this acronym?

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Ok, /3/, here's a job for you. This is basically a whoever wants to do it type of job. It's not really a job, just a quick modelling type of thing. Let's see who can design the best stainless steel headphones in 15 minutes, that's the rule, you have only 15 minutes, we don't need materials. Just model it as fast as you can, here's what I did in exactly 15 mins. I couldn't even mirror it properly, but it doesn't matter. It was a fun 15 minutes activity. Do you, anon, have the balls to do the same and post your results? Anyway, I'm...
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File: ugly_headphones2.jpg (684 KB, 4000x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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15 minutes
Op here, looks like /3/ is full of ballless fags.


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